An Idea I've had for a show. Maybe later on in your lives, you'll see this show and think, ( hmm. That looks familiar..) My first original post! This is my idea for the first episode.


Setting: ( Dragon-fire , Phoenix's home town)

The night in the town is noisy as a man yells, "Dragon in the far side of town! Run! It's a Mage!"

A young girl runs against the crowd, sword in hands ( which is obviously too big for her stature) she stands in front of the view of a growling creature.

A pair of purple eyes open and a grey haired girl awakens from a dream, panting. The girl shuts her eyes and mumbles " well, that was new,"

The scene then fades to a dry road. The road is still, a tumble weed rolls in and out of view. All of the sudden, the ground begins to shake. A pair of dark brown eyes look up in surprise to see a faint dusty cloud up along the road. The character is a dark haired teenage boy. By the time he sees a cattle dragon stampeding toward him, he attempts to run but is snatched up by the collar and brought up onto a cattle dragon, face to face with a stranger ( who by his opinion looks like a boy) in a hood. The gravel tone voice apologizes and says " you were gonna get squished" the character looks at the mysterious figure and shouts over the herd " are you crazy!? You can get killed by these beasts!" the figure makes a taunting gesture and says " well guess what, wise guy, so can you!" the figure looks ahead and shouts playfully " this is our stop!" the character is pulled off, and hits his head, making himself unconscious.

The character wakes up to a voice shouting, " hey! You okay buddy? Wake up!" he focuses to see an angry dragon fox in front of him. He quickly wakes up and shouts. The fox calls over to a girl by the stream, "Phoenix! He's okay!" the girl looks up and smiles " good!" she shouts back as she runs up to the dragon fox. The character looks at the young girl and says angerly, " where's your friend, little lady?" Phoenix looks at the boy irritably and answers, " it's just me idiot. AND Do Not call me little lady, my name is Phoenix! By the looks of it in fact, I may be older than YOU!" the boy laughs and says " no, I'm talking about the boy who rescued me, he must be nearby, you're washing his cloak." Phoenix turns red and shouts, "BOY?! No, the person in the cloak and on the cattle was ME." The boy looks down and blushes. He says smiling, " huh, a girl with obvious mental problems saved my life! What a day! Im sorry," he says, straightening up, " name's Shadow, apprentice blacksmith at your service, ma'am." Phoenix laughs and replies, " I'm Phoenix, and this is my fox dragon, Quinn." "'sup" Quinn quickly says after Phoenix's introduction. Shadow scoots back a bit after Quinn's greeting and says stuttering, " th- the rodent talks?" Quinn tackles Shadow and yells, " Hey! I am a fox!" Phoenix grabs Quinn by the scruff of the neck and apologizes. Shadow ignores the previous event and smiles, in attempt to show forgiveness. He speaks regrettably as he says, " so.. What are you guys doing here anyway? You sure as heck don't look like tourists. " Phoenix looks down, and mumbles, "I don't think you'd believe me" Shadow smiles and rubs the bruise on his head as he says, " I think the previous events have really made me think anything's possible, so shoot." Phoenix utters a few slightly understandable words, still looking down. Shadow says questionably, " come again?" Phoenix mumbles again in a louder tone, " Quinn and I... Study dragons" Shadow covers his mouth, laughing. He then says, still chuckling in between words, " Really? A girl, and a fox-dragon hiding along dragon's dens like knights?! No way!" Phoenix looks up clenching her fists and blushing with a stern look on her face and shouts " I'll show you then! Lead me to the nearest dragon's den and I'll stay in there WITH you until morning! I don't care if it's a rip-roar lich! Unless, of course, YOU 'RE too scared to." Shadow smirks slyly and half laughs, " hmm, you're on, kid." The two grab hands tightly and shake once before the scene fades to them walking along a rugged path. " rarely anyone comes around here anymore, not even the knights. This is Rip-roar territory, you know." Shadow says, stepping over a torched skeleton. Quinn looks back at it and shudders. Phoenix follows behind the two and says in a trivial way, " hey, blacksmith, you know WHY they're called Rip-roars?" Shadow looks back and answers, " I don't know, catchy name?" Phoenix smiles grimly and says, " Nope. A R.r's roar can rip through the sound barrier. A juvenile can make your ears bleed from a mile away" Shadow looks back and says shuddering, " and... An adult?" Phoenix, knowing he obviously was paying attention to her information, says to Shadow, still smiling, " I don't honestly know. No one has ever gone into adult Rip-roar territory and LIVED. Some say don't even get an opportunity to get to adult ages anymore. The knights come in and get 'em while they're young" Shadow sighs, relived. They soon approach an old, slimy, hollow rotted tree, nearly torn apart by the passings of its massive owners. " ladies first," Phoenix says, smiling and bowing. " just shut up and get in here" Shadow says to the echo of the cave. Phoenix runs up to him, Quinn by her side, wincing at the sight of the gloppy mess on the sides of the cave. Shadow attempts to light a match to light a small lantern, but it keeps going out. Phoenix doesn't even look over when she replies to his attempts, " that ain't gonna work. And if it does we'll be just like that guy in a matter of seconds." she gestures to another burnt skeleton. Quinn again shudders at the look of it. Shadow quickly puts the matches in his pocket, shuddering as well.

Phoenix comes up to a series of caverns and begins to walk down one, when all of the sudden, she is grabbed by the collar by Shadow. He laughs and says, " I don't think so, little lady, your bet, MY choice." he drags her into a mysterious cavern and into a cave. Phoenix looks around and commands, " Quinn, lights." the small creature hops into her backpack and pulls out two lanterns, both glowing a bright red. "I thought we couldn't light fires." Shadow complains. A bright light is shoved in his face and he focuses to see several small, blind creatures flying around. Their tails seemed to be set aflame. " fairy dragon hatchlings, I call 'em star flyers." Shadow stares blankly at the small creatures in awe. Quinn stands on his shoulder, doing the same.

Phoenix holds up her lantern and looks terrified. She looks back and says, " guys, we have a problem." Shadow smiles and mocks, " Don't tell me you're chickening out," Phoenix moves her lantern to show a large room, covered with hot coals emulating a faint red glow. On the coals are some multicolored eggs. All the size of small boulders. Quinn however, looks dazed and focused on the far side of the room. He burrows back into Phoenix's backpack and jumps out with two pairs of small leather boots on his feet. Phoenix, realizing what he's doing, reaches after him shouting, "Quinn! What are you doing?!" Quinn doesn't answer, but focuses on his objective. Phoenix slips on her leather shoes and chases after Quinn. Both hop across the coals, trying not to get too close to the eggs, which looked molten hot. The fox jumped back up on the girls shoulder and made a strange motion into her backpack. She grabbed him by the scruff and pulled him up, nearly growling, " just WHAT exactly were you thinking?! Gosh, what's up with you lately?" Quinn apoligized, and went back into her backpack, wincing like a little kid in trouble.

Shadow looked around, dark figures surrounding him and an ear splitting cry in the distance.

Phoenix came back and grabbed Shadow by the collar of his shirt. " Come on!" she yelled over the echoing cries, which were now surrounding them. Shadow hastily recovered from his shock and followed her.

They ran out of the cave and forest, panting when they stopped, a long way away from the

cave. " I think, we're good here" Phoenix gasped. Quinn perked up his ears and turned. " are- are you sure?" he trembled, looking at a large black figure in the trees. Shadow looked terrified, but Phoenix just focused. A pair of clear eyes looked back in a sad fear right back at her. She felt her pack shake. " Quinn, quit that, it's a mage, and merely a baby at that." Phoenix taunted him, the black dragon jumped on her shoulder. It was definitely a dark colored dragon and not a shadow. It was around the size of a horse, which met a terrible day for Phoenix's shoulder, but was lanky. Almost like a juvenile dragon. Obviously it hadn't eaten in a while. Shadow was still shaking while Phoenix was being crushed by the massive beast, "th-th- THAT'S a baby?!" Phoenix winced and said, winded by the pressure of the dragon, " Yeah. Hey big fella, can you get off? You're a little heavy.." the dragon obediently removed himself from Phoenix, grumbling in an apologizing tone. " it looks like he hasn't eaten in a while, huh big guy?" Phoenix spoke to the dragon in baby talk, rubbing his thin hind leg and patting it afterward. The group sat and ate. " By the way, welcome to FairyTail territory." Phoenix looked at Shadow, who was questioning the outcome in his head. A howling roar pierced the distance. " And the group, for a while at least." she patted the now healthy looking Black Mage on the forehead.

As they lied down, Phoenix cuddled up against the dragon, she looked up at the sky. " Huh. I wonder what tomorrow will bring into our group, huh Mage." The dragon grumbled sweetly and they both drifted off into sleep.