500 Channels of Braindead

By: Emily Hidley

Buy a box, buy a dish

Get HD if you wish

But only for a price

Everything has its price

The golden age of Egypt

The golden age of TV

The only difference in them both

Is one should never be

We reminisce

The day, long ago

When the plot had a twist

A friend or a foe?

No one really knows

But still we watch the show

300, 400, 500, more

Paying the cost is becoming a chore

But without it

No doubt it

Life would be such a chore

The real wives of Manhattan

The real story of a teen

It doesn't take an expert

To see the gap between

TV and reality

Both offer real fun

But when the day is said and done

Only one gives pain after the run

500 channels of everything

500 shows filled up with nothing

But still we waste our time away

That big, black box is here to stay