Convex Cover-up

We look down in the rain

'Cause our eyes can't handle the drops

We turn away in the movie

Till the embarrassing scene stops

We shy away from the stares,

The sun, and the glares

The cares they roll away

The shades are here to stay

At least for the summer

Do you feel important

With those things on your face?

Here to protect the president

When you only need to guard the place


Here to make a scene

Got the whole world to see

Well, you're not fooling me

With that imposing stance

That turns away others

With just a glance

I'm here to stay

I won't shy away

From you and your cheap sunglasses

Do you feel important with those things on your face

A detective of CSI

Well you ain't even got a case


Here to make a scene

The whole world's in view

But I guess that's nothing new