- I am not going on that!
- Oh yea, you're getting all chicken on us?
- It's not that…
- Yea, see, she just doesn't have the guts.
- Yes I do!
- Come on, then.
- I don't want to, I don't feel so good.
- Oh, let her be, it's all the same if she comes or doesn't have the guts.
- I would totally have the guts.
Erica glared at the both of us and took off towards a nearby bench. The same thing happened every time we went out together, the three of us, be it to an amusement park or anywhere else. I glanced at Andrew and dragged my tired bones to rest next to Erica on the bench that probably once had thought to be blue. Andrew stood stubbornly by the line and gave me a bunch of impatient looks. I knew exactly what he was thinking. Traitor. I shot a couple of nasty faces towards him, until he finally sat down on the bench with us.
- So we're gonna sit here for the rest of the day, huh? Andrew asked, directing his words more to me than Erica, even though she was the reason we were stuck there. It seemed that the two of them had really never managed to play the same tune. Almost everything that ever happened between the two was either pointless name calling with a side dish of cursing, or then the information when through me.
- Well, Erica, will we sit here for long? I repeated Andrew's question.
- I don't know, the girl hissed, and started kicking some dull rock she had noticed.
- Yeap, look Alex, I've pretty much had it with that dumbass, so I'm gonna go and do whatever I want, with or without you, Andrew stated. I gave him a look worth a murder.
- Erica is not a dumbass, just happens to be the little sister of one. Get going then, like we cared.
Andrew got up and took off to queue to the same machine he failed to persuade Erica to go to. I turned to look at the girl, and saw that she was biting her lip, so as not to start crying.
- Hey, don't mind him…

A couple of hours later, we had managed to locate Andrew again, and were sitting at the amusement park pizza place having lunch. With the use of cautious movements and expressions I tried to signal him that would be good if he apologized to Erica, but unfortunately he had never been too sensitive to read these signs correctly.
- Do you have something in your eye, or what are you making faces for?
- Nothing, I sighed for the failed effort and settled for stuffing my face with some pizza. For some reason I didn't seem to have any patience for Andrew at all. Somehow he always managed to find exactly the one thing to say that he knew would piss people off the most. He looked at me incredulously, and a brief glance at Erica proved my suspicions correct, she was doing exactly what her brother did.
- Stop staring and eat your damn food!
They both rolled their eyes at me and continued eating.
I couldn't understand them. They acted in the same ways, and were copies of each other, inside and out. Or as much as a brother and a sister can physically be alike. And still they couldn't get along at all. They both had straight, light brown hair, sparkly blue eyes and noses always pointing upwards. A sneaky smile turned into a stubborn pout, and rather rarely could you see other sort of expressions on their faces. Had Erica been as tall as her brother, people would have most likely thought they were twins. The reality was a bit different, since me and Andrew had just turned 17, and Erica was just about to turn 12.
- He's daydreaming again… I heard Erica sighing, and turned my sharp stare to face her.
- And does the little miss have something to say to that?
- No… The girl lowered her eyes to her plate after giving me a playful grin. I nudged her gently on the side and grabbed the last slice of pizza from my plate.

- Should we go? I mumbled with my mouth full of the delicious vanilla ice cream I had bought myself for dessert. My two siblings walking one on either side of me stared at my piggishness and looked rather disgusted.
- I apologize for being the pig of the family, I snarled and threw the wrapping papers to the garbage can we were passing. A drop of water fell on the uncovered wrist, and soon the whole sky opened up and rain poured all over us. We took shelter in the game hall, which soon filled up as others used it as a safe zone as well. I tried to take Erica's hand, so I wouldn't lose her in the sudden mass of people, but noticed I was late already. Both of them had disappeared. I circled around the whole of the hall, even though I was almost sure where I could find what I was looking for. Erica stood next to a machine filled with horoscope stones and dug her pockets for coins. I remembered having saved the change from the lunch in my pocket.
Erica looked surprised at me, when I suddenly took her hand and placed there a coin suitable for the machine. I examined the machine for a second, and the little pictures of stones glued to the side.
- Which one would you want? I asked the girl and nodded towards the images. She glanced through the line and pointed to a slightly striped, almost black stone. Under the picture a blurred text named it a Hawk's Eye.
- Let's get you one of those, then, I stated and followed Erica's hand with my eyes as she pushed the coin to the small slit on the metal, and then turned the little lever on the side. We heard a hollow thump as the stone hit the box from where the girl's hand then picked it up. Erica held the stone in a tight fist and closed her eyes. When she finally opened her hand, she let out a disappointed sigh.
- It's yours. Spectrolite is the stone of Sagittarius.
Erica placed a rough, rather beautiful stone in my hand. Beautiful or not, though, it was still a stone, and I quietly hid it in my pocket, with the intention of throwing it away as soon as a trash can entered the range of my vision. I took out a new coin and shoved it in the machine myself.
- If it's not yours this time, I'll smash the whole shit and you'll get to keep them all, okay? I looked at her wearing a crooked smile, and she answered me with a typical sneaky grin. I took the lever and twisted until I heard the stone cling on the metal. I dug it out and examined it thoroughly.
- Looks about right to me, I said mostly to myself, and handed the stone to the girl smiling happily by my side.
- It is. Thank you, Alex! She giggled and hugged me.
- Come on, let's go find Andrew.

Andrew wasn't as easy to find. We didn't see him anywhere during the first round, but since it was still raining outside, I didn't think it probable he'd left. Poor boy was so afraid of getting his hair messy from a simple little summer rain. We decided to walk around the place again, and this time we spotted Andrew playing Tetris with a boy we didn't know. I tried to get his attention when we reached the two, but in vain.
- Andrew… We should probably get going –
About half of the people standing in the hall turned to stare at us, and Andrew himself got so startled that the pieces in his game fell wherever they pleased and finally formed a haphazard pile in the middle of the screen.
- Look, Alex got me this! The girl giggled to her brother apparently unaware of the fact that she had just caused a mild heart attack to everyone standing within five meters from her. Andrew glanced at the stone resting on the girl's palm, and turned away grunting something probably even he himself couldn't decipher. He inserted more coins to the machine and started a new game. The boy, who had been accompanying him, seemed more interested.
- That's one of those horoscope stones, right? I've never gotten mine, even though I've tried how ever many times…

Having had enough of the conversation of two stone addicts, I walked past them to watch Andrew's game.
- Who's the guy? I asked, as if in passing.
- Why don't you ask him himself, was the rude answer. Andrew seemed to be concentrating, but on the screen the pieces started piling up again. I figured better not to continue on the subject, and stood for a while watching how Andrew carefully cleared the screen from unnecessary pieces. Then I turned my eyes to look at Erica, who had suddenly appeared on my side, and was now pulling on my sleeve, as she so annoyingly had a habit of doing. I glanced behind her, hoping that the stranger had left us, but to my disappointment he was still standing there, smiling widely. I lowered my eyes again, and felt secretly glad that the hall was as dark as it was, so no one could see the slight red that suddenly rose on my face.
- Give me the stone, I heard Erica's impatient voice. She pulled on the sleeve of my hoodie again, and stared me right in the eye.
- You were gonna throw it away anyways, give it to me so I can give it to Jesse! He's a Sagittarius too, just like you and Andrew!
I pulled out the small stone from the pocket I had abandoned it in, and watched it. It glimmered slightly in the dim lighting of the hall, and a voice inside me told me to put it back. With my free hand I scratched the head under my dark wavy bunch of hair, swallowed my disappointment and handed it to Erica. The girl turned on her heels and passed the stone on to the boy, who seemed to be more delighted than was appropriate over that worthless item. He looked up and our eyes met for one brief moment. Realizing what was about to happen, I desperately scanned the area around me for possible escape routes, but the boy got to me before I had a chance to move.
- I'm Jesse, he smiled and offered me his hand for a shake. Hesitating a little, I finally took his hand and smiled back.
- That's Alexander, he's a little shy, and he's my brother, just like Andrew, and they're twins, even though they don't look like it, Erica introduced quickly before I even opened my mouth. I noticed Andrew had stopped playing his game, and let go of Jesse's hand.
- We should probably go, and the rain seems to have ended, too, I suggested shyly, and started backing up towards the doors. Andrew and Erica sighed heavily, but eventually followed me. I turned and started on a faster pace. I only managed to take a few steps, though, when I felt a hand slide in the pocket of my shirt. I turned around to see who had had the nerve to come grope me so publicly, but saw no one. I slipped my hand in the pocket, and felt a small stone scratch the skin of my fingertips.