It was never hard for me to understand

This place called Neverland

"Second star the the right,"

And countless sword fights

Pirates, fairies, and mermaids,

A boy whose never afraid,

And lost boys who need a mom

So Peter, I'll come.

I can tell you stories

And our life would never be boring

I might never grow up

But if you would just show up

I don't think I'd miss becoming a woman

No, I wouln't miss it at all if

I just lived in Neverland

With you Peter Pan

Because if I lived in Neverland

I'd take millions of walks on the sand

And if I saw Hook or his man Smee

I'd take up a sword and

He'd never put a single scar on me

But most of all, if I lived in Neverland

I'd never ever grow up

And the subject of death

Would never come up

I'd play each day

And never have to worry

What I should or shouldn't say

I'd go on a treasure hunt

And do all kinds of crazy stunts

I'd laugh, and giggle, and just have fun

So Peter even though I'm older now,

I know you can still come.

I have faith and I have trust

But what I'm lacking is Tink's pixie dust.

So take me away to Neverland

Take me away to just be childish

And to fight that old codfish

Because if I had just one wish

I wish it tonight

On the second star to the right

Because if I lived in Neverland

I'd probably kiss Peter Pan

And if I lived in Neverland

I'd relentlessly tease the man

With a hook instead of a hand.

In Neverland

Nothing would go as planned

In Neverland

I'd never grow up

And that might just be grand

Peter I'm you're biggest fan,

So I beg of you,

Take me away to Neverland

Take me to Neverland

To Neverland