Everything is Fine

It seeps like truth to your consciousness,

But it doesn't enlighten; it only destroys

All that is left of your faithfulness,

Your reason and well-crafted poise.


The thunder leaves trembling in its wake,

As our breaths are separated one by one:

A pebble thrown, a million ripples in a lake –

Skimming stones used to be fun.


I remain stoic in the eye of the hurricane,

As my imaginings trickle around me,

Gradually dripping like autumn rain

And the calm that flows through my psyche.


Tears run ruined tracks down a withered face

And I tightly grip a wrinkled hand;

With weakness I run a tightly won race,

Reaching breathless for the shore of dry land.


But the beach there is the victim of time;

It slips through my fingers with each grain of sand.

She says she's sorry like it was her crime –

I say it's fine and pretend I understand.


And the waves they tug at my shore,

Disintegrating the sand forts built in vain.

The liquid whispers what it did before;

It went and will return as rain.


I take deep breaths and order my mind –

Stand my emotions up in a line.

To the question I am all but blind,

I have my response: Everything is fine.


I promise.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

Eleantris. :)