Author's Note: Sorry the chapters are so short. By the way, I'm falling in love with Gabriel. Anyone else?

Chapter 4

"So, how are things going with James?" Ettie asked, taking a sip of her tea.

"Well, things are going, um, fine." I responded. Ettie raised an eyebrow.

"Don't lie to my Lily. James isn't a good guy and I personally think that you should break things off with him."

"I know and I want to, believe me, but so many people want me to marry him."

"Lily, you could have anyone. You're beautiful, smart and kind." Ettie told me, reaching across the table and giving my hand a gentle squeeze. "On another note, did I tell you about the new boy?"

"The new boy?" I asked. Ettie's face brightened.

"Yeah. There's a new boy in town. He's so handsome and all the girls are all over him, including Victoria Browning." Ettie told me, rolling her eyes.

"Is there anyone she isn't over?" I asked, causing Ettie to laugh.

"I'm with her on this one, though. This boy is just stunning."

"What's his name?" I asked, getting more and more intrigued.

"Gabriel Gladstone." she answered, dreamily. I almost choked on my tea. It couldn't be Gabriel, I mean, there were other Gabriels in the world and he never did tell me his last name.

"What does he look like?" I prodded, panicking.

"He has curly shoulder length black hair and sparkling blue eyes." Ettie explained, blushing and cupping her face in her hands. Well, shit. It was Gabriel. I couldn't tell Ettie about what happened last night and I couldn't tell her that I knew him, so I just pretended not to know he existed.

"Sounds handsome." I muttered.

"Oh, he is. But every time a girl approaches him, he always tells them he's in a relationship..." Ettie told me. She looked like it bothered her.

"That's unfortunate." I said. Now I knew he was just like James.

"It's just so sad!" Ettie whined. "We would've just made the perfect couple." Looking at Ettie, I could actually see them being a couple. Ettie had short, curly blond hair and light blueish, grey eyes. She was shorter than me, but always wore very high heels. She almost looked like a porcelain doll. "He would have been my knight in shining armour! My Prince Charming, but alas!" she said dramatically. I laughed.

"Ettie, there are other men living in London, you know."

"I know that! But Gabriel and I would have just been perfect. We would've been the talk of the the town!" Ettie sighed. "Listen, I think I'll be going home now, but it was fun talking with you, Lily." Ettie told me, leaving my garden.

"I'll talk to you later." I shouted after her. As soon as she left, I heard a voice from the bushes.

"Is she gone?" I heard a male voice ask.

"What? Yes?" I answered, confused.

"Ah, good." The voice said and Gabriel emerged from the bushes.

"Great." I muttered.

"So, I heard your little friend talking about me." he told me, sitting in the chair that Ettie was, smirking.

"Yes she did. She said something about you having a girlfriend?" I asked, crossing my arms. I wasn't angry that he had a girlfriend and I couldn't be with him, I was angry because he would betray her like that just like James would do with me.

"Yeah, you." he told me, looking confused that I didn't know.

"What? We're not in a relationship. I'm engaged." I told him, but I could feel myself blushing.

"But I thought you didn't like your fiancé..." Gabriel said, sounding disappointed and tilting his head down.

"Of course I do..." I told him. He lifted his head up and grinned.

"Don't lie to me, Lily." he told me, mimicking Ettie's voice. I was starting to smile so I turned away from him.

"You're a murderer." I randomly said to change the subject. Gabriel sighed.

"I told you already, I'm a demon hunter. I don't kill people because it's fun, I kill demons to keep humans safe. I just don't like cleaning up." I shuddered when he said 'I don't like cleaning up.' "So, about that kiss..."

"Gabriel, why would I give you a kiss? You called me a crazy bitch and followed me home."

"Because you told me you would." he sang.

"Come on." he whined, getting up from the table and walking towards me. Gabriel stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me. "Please?"

"No." I flatly told him, struggling to escaped his grip.

"I'm so much better than What's-his-name."

"His name is James." I told him.

"But you didn't say I wasn't better than him." he pointed out.

"That's because..." I mumbled. I was a terrible liar. I could feel my heart pounding and my face heating up. Was I feeling attraction towards Gabriel? He was quite attractive and so much more romantic and nice than James, but I was an engaged woman and I couldn't just betray James like that. But he betrayed me, so I had the right to do the same.

"I am better than him." he whispered in my ear, interrupting my thoughts. I looked down, embarrassed and noticed a small brown cat staring up at us with bright blue eyes. It meowed and Gabriel immediately let go of me and went to the cat. "Oh, you pretty baby!" he squealed, picking up the cat. It made a noise that I assumed meant 'Jesus Christ, help me.' Gabriel started rubbing the cat on his face. "Look at it, Lily!" he yelled, shoving the cat in my face.

"Shhh!" I yelled, clamping a hand over his mouth. I didn't want Maria or any other one of my help hearing him.

"Look at it." he whispered, his eyes glowing.

"Cute." I said, glaring at the cat.

"It can be our child." he said, cradling the cat in his arms.

"Our child?"

"It's name is Jeremy." Gabriel said, extremely serious.

"Jeremy?" I asked, kneeling down beside him.

"Yes. It's a regal, sophisticated name." he told me, bringing his face close to 'Jeremy.' Jeremy meowed softly and licked Gabriel's nose, causing him to giggle like a child.

"So, you like cats?" I stupidly asked. Of course he liked cats.

"Yeah." he answered quietly staring at Jeremy. "Ever since I was a kid, I liked them."

"Why?" I prodded. Gabriel sighed.

"When I was a beginner demon hunter, I found it really hard to kill the demons because of the way they take on human forms. It felt so morbid killing them. I felt like a coldblooded murderer, but I did it every time. Every time I would watch the blood slowly drain out of their bodies and onto the street. I eventually told myself that the things I was killing were hurting others, so it got me me through, but that was until I was sent to kill a Katze named Charity."

"Katze?" I interrupted him.

"A cat demon. Anyways, her name was Charity and she never hurt anybody. They just wanted me to kill her because she was a demon and when I saw her, I fell in love. She had the silkiest brown hair and most gentle, bright blue eyes. I would be with her almost everyday although it was illegal in both of our worlds, but we didn't care. We were blinded by love. Eventually, the head council men of our worlds found out. Because I was a demon hunter, I was spared, but she was... she was lynched right in front of me. In front of both of our worlds. Treated like nothing but a piece of meat, a puppet. This cat reminds me of her, but if I name it Charity, I won't be able to look at her and not feel guilt." I stared at him. I had no idea he was that sensitive and that being a demon hunter was so emotional. Gabriel turned and smiled at me. "But now I have you and there's nothing against the law about falling in love with a human." I tried saying something back to him, but it was moving so fast. We had only known each other for two or three days, and he was already talking about falling in love with me. I nodded.