Silence – Free Verse

What is silence if not the absence of words,
the absence of sounds,
a complete oasis or hell of the mind.

But is there something more to it?
The outcry of the mind for attention – to barricade itself in thought
The yearning of the heart – between sighs…
The pure emptiness of space – an echo in the universe

The unsaid words floating treacherously through the air
absorbing one into its solemn meaning …
Making one contemplate the infinite
of the now, then and afterward.

The limits and extremes to which it takes us
as if in a state of wonder and trance
or passiveness and Nothingness in the somethings of being
which hangs forever in the air entering our lungs and catching our breath
suffocating us in the anxiety of being.

With every fiber of our being we resist it.
If not, succumbing to it, we are doomed.
Doomed to dwell upon things meant to be forgotten
Or, at most, things not to be dwelled upon.