Destiny – Free Verse

If our futures are set,
bound forever in a well-kept secret of the universe,
where is our present taking us?

Is it laid out in front of us
As large deep footsteps in the snow
Ones we are unconsciously meant to follow
One after the other until they lead us where we are meant to go.

We are aware of the past
Something that is defined in our brains
Revisiting us in our time of need
To carry out a task or dwell on happier times

It makes us who we are
being our core and being our curse.
It is all a part of this undeniable road we must take

One of pain and sorrow
And happiness and fulfillment
And inevitability one we must endure
And that at times we contemplate with wonder and joy.

It is a journey we can determine,
If none are the intervening powers.
Choices we do not make for fear of consequences often haunt us,
Leading us to die a bit inside,

Making us more or less than we are.
But following us throughout our lives
Bring about thoughts of how it could have been.

Haunting us forever with their vivid images
Of the wrong we caused to others
And the wrong we brought upon ourselves – Never truly leaving us,
Causing us pain and remaining with us as our mind's means of torture.

But in this life which is one riddled with regrets and consequences
None is greater than its fruits, our goals achieved, the end resolve.

It is better to have lived a life infested with turmoil and love
Than to have not experienced any of it at all
Secluded in the safe boundaries of the Unknowing,
The security of ignorance in the face of the Truth.