Chapter One

Catalina walked over to her friends, Jenifer and Maria. She smiled at them.

"So, do you guys have any jobs?" she questioned. Jenifer and Maria shook their heads. Catalina smiled and pulled out a paper. Jenifer and Maria gasped.

"No way! Who?!" Maria wondered. Catalina slid the paper in her pocked.

"Jamie, the football jock. Turns out he wants a girl to do a one night fling with without needing foreplay of anything," she replied. Jenifer whimpered in jealousy.

"Why do you get all the good jobs. Last time I had some nerd who needed to take some honry-pills," she huffed. Catalina laughed.

"Well 'parently Jamie has quiet the large dick," she taunted. Maria scowled.

"Stop taunting us! You better be getting paid at least something for this!" she huffed. Catalina nodded.

"Well, I've got to get going! He wants me there soon," she cooed before leaving. She hurried home and dug through her closet. "Lets see, sexy kitty, Pervy maid or farmers daughter," she pulled out an outfit. "Pervy maid it is," she smirked. She got dressed into her outfit. It was a black thong with a skirt-like cape on the back. The bottom of the cape had white lace and was attached to the strap of her thong. She then had a fabric on her chest held up with a black string wrapped around her neck. It wasn't connected in the back and barely covered her tits. She then grabbed a long coat and put it on.

She eventually reached Jamie's house. She rung the doorbell and waited. He opened the door and looked at her.

"Bout time you came, my parents won't be home 'til tomorrow so I thought we could have a little fun," he cooed. Catalina held out her hand.

"I will need 60 dollars up front," she urged "Then it will be twenty dollars every hour." Jamie scowled. He pulled out his wallet and handed her three $20 bills. She put them in her coat pocket and walked in.

"Where's the bedroom?" she asked. She felt Jamie spin her and then push her onto the kitchen table.

"Like I said, my parents aren't home. So everywhere is the living room," he replied. Catalina smiled and sat up. She pulled off her coat and tossed it onto the ground. Jamie eyed her body and smiled. "Strip me." Catalina grabbed his belt-loops and pulled him close.

She began undoing his pants button. He reached under the cloth on her chest and gripped her breast. Catalina smiled and moaned as he messaged them. She pulled down his pants then his underware. "Want me to drink you?" she asked. Jamie's eyes widened and he nodded. He undid her top and watched it fall to the ground. She placed her hands on his bare hips and ran them down. She got to her knees and stroked his cock. He moaned in pleasure.

He gasped when she licked it. He placed his hands behind her head and pushed her face into his pelvis. She took in his cock and began sucking it. The rumors were right, it was big. He groaned in pleasure. "Come on, suck it bitch," he hissed. She sucked harder and he began cussing. She occasionally bit playfully until he went erect. Soon she began to drink his liquids in. Soon she pulled free and he gasped.

She ran her hands back up his body. She lifted his shirt off and kissed his neck. He slid his hand down her thong and pulled it off. He then pushed her onto the table again. He kissed her pussy and she moaned with pleasure. He began licking it and soon slid his tongue in. She gasped and pressed her eyes closed. "Jamie, you're pretty good at this," she panted. He pulled back and stood up.

"And you're pretty damn sexy," he grinned. She tossed her head to the side.

"In my jacket I have some protection," she said. He pulled it out and placed it on the table. He climbed on top of her and kissed under her chin. He licked her neck then began kissing her collarbone. He made his was down to her breasts and kissed between them. She moaned in pleasure as he ran his tongue across her breast. He licked her nipple and she bit her lip. He began sucking her breast. She began panting and moaning loader. Eventually she released an orgasm, mostly on purpose. She knew how to force it; it was part of her job.

Jamie went erect. He tore open the condom package and slipped it on before plummeting into her. Catalina cried on in pleasure. He pulled her close before lifting her off the table. He pressed her onto a wall and began thrusting his cock deeper into her. She began panting as he repeated his pelvic-thrusts, increasing speed and strength. She pushed against the wall, making him fall onto the ground. She grabbed his shoulders to make sure he didn't leave her body. She began bouncing up and down on him. He began cussing with pleasure.

"Oh Catalina, you're great! Ah, more! Give me more!" he barked. When she felt his erection fading she released another fake orgasm. He instantly re-erected and she gasped. He was so large and seemed to fill her. It had been a long time since she enjoyed paid-sex. She looked at Jamie to see his pleasure and exhaustion. She lied down on top of him and began kissing him deeply. Almost instantly they began coiling their tongues around each other. They passionately kissed, savouring his flavour. She eventually allowed his erection to die. She pulled him out of her and stood up. Jamie was left sprawled across the floor, panting and heaving.

"Wow, oh my god. I've never had that much fun having sex. I am going to remember you," he panted. She chuckled.

"Well good, cause that's an extra 60 dollars," she cooed. She walked over to her clothes and slid them on. Jamie stood up and walked over to his pants. He pulled out the wallet and handed her $60. She slid them in her coat pocket before kissing his cheek.

"If you ever need another round, give me a call," she cooed. She left his house and began walking home. Occasionally she placed her hand on her crotch. It ached ever so slightly. But she made $120 so it was worth it.