A Different World

Lush rolling green of exotic plenty,

The land new to our eyes.

Like nothing that could be imagined,

An expanse unexplored and unsettled.

All is new and full of enticing promise,

Opportunity given by the grace of God.

A gratifying revolution of the spirit,

To be where it is said Kings can only go.

By the sweat of one's back and strength of his spirit,

Trees fall and tilled fields appear.

Cabins rise with the smoke from their chimneys,

Split-rail fences stake claim to life and liberty.

From the land comes the bountiful harvest,

Collected by one's own soil-stained hands.

Bread on the table and corn out back,

Venison courtesy of the Kentucky piece.

To hear and feel and smell a log of hickory,

Joined with the song of cicadas.

Fireflies twinkle amongst the grass,

All under the watch of the Big Dipper.

All this beauty and plenty is life,

One's own by divine right and grace of God.

Something worth defending,

If not for yourself then for your children.