A Night to Remember

Sharp, stinging air of an April night,

Under a brilliant sky of stars so bright.

Alone and left to die, quietly, innocently.

The deck growing steeper and the lights weaker,

Women and children scream and the band keeps playing.

Many gather on the stern and start praying.

Boats bob about in the frozen froth,

Surrounded by bodies and life jackets.

There is nothing they can do.

No one had expected it, nor did they believe it.

The unthinkable was happening to the unsinkable.

Never again to hold the world's breath.

This beautiful ship, a floating pinnacle of opulence

Was succumbing to an end of unimaginable violence.

Her hull torn in two, sparks fly and the lights go out.

There is nothing now but the stars and black water

Swallowing the ship of dreams and burying it in the depths.

Her legacy now marked by so many senseless deaths.

Why did they survive, make it till the dawn?

Why were they here when so many were forever gone?

Sitting in their lifeboats as life moved on.