Dear Ms. Amber Dawn. No I'm not giving Arianna a back story...yet. I'm not one of those cookie-cutter authors who comes out and say in their stories, "Hi my name is Arianna. I am seventeen. I like purple unicorns, blah, blah, blah..." She'll get a back story later. If you picture her as African American then go ahead. See her the way you want to. This story is mainly about THE PROJECT not Arianna's life. So until or don't ^_^ Also a Beta would be nice. Just throwing that out there *wink wink*


Okay I only have twenty seven days, seven hours, 23 minutes, and twenty nine...twenty eight seconds left with Drew. Haha. But who's counting. Good gracious he was driving me insane. And not because he was being a total ass either. Because Drew Knightly, I have learned, is a total smartie. THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE! Hot, douchy guys can't be smart! God would never allow that to happen. But here we were seated together at the picnic table outside at lunch, him teaching me Advanced Math.

Would you ever have predicted it? Yeah, neither would I.

"Okay," he said gesturing to the variable, "square that and you get your answer."

For everything he just said he might as well have been speaking Gibberish, because I didn't understand one word.

I rubbed my temples. "I don't understand."

Drew sighed for the umpteenth time that day. We've been going through this for the past twenty minutes.

"Listen Arianna. Are you listening?" He looked at me to confirm this. I nodded. "Good. To make both sides equal you do the opposite thing to both sides correct?" I nodded again. "Okay you have a squared equals to the square root of a. Come on Arianna it's basic Algebra."

"Hey," I said snippily. "I suck at math okay?"

The corner of Drew's mouth tilted up into a crooked smile, his light violet eyes bright with amusement. "I see that. Square root the a squared what do you get?"

"A," I answered.

He clapped his hands. "Good. Now square the square root of a what do you get."

"A," I said with glee. I looked down at my homework and facepalmed myself. "Oh my god it's that simple."

"Duh," Drew said grabbing his booksack. He looked over spotting some of his friends. "Let's go."

"Go where exactly."

He gestured to the inside of the building to the raised portion of the cafeteria, also known as the VIP section. Literally it had a red rope barrier and everything. Reserved for the popular clique only. And now was my chance to walk straight through. My ticket to the in crowd.

"I'll pass," I said sweetly. Like hell was I gonna hang out with the snobby, preppy, stuck-up, stick-in-the-ass bitches. Drew shrugged and made his way over, all the swagger and confidence permeating the air around him.

"Someone's gawking," came a chipper voice from behind me. I turned to see, Little Miss American Indian, Piper.

I smiled to myself. "I am not gawking."

Piper rolled her almond brown eyes. "You were totally gawking. It's okay I totally get it. the guy is hot with a capital H!" She exclaimed just as Kyle came up to us brows lifted.

"Who's hot?" he asked Piper bitterly.

She winked. "You're hot."

He looked down at his sculpted body and grinned. "Yeah I am hot. So Arianna how's your marriage?"

I shuffled from foot to foot biting my lip. "My husband is smarter than I am," I admitted begrudingly.

Once again Kyle lifted his dark eyebrows in confusion. "I could have told you that. Didn't Drew's mother show you his ACT score? He's like a certified genius...just doesn't give a damn about school. Such knowledge completly gone to waste." Kyle sighed and looked toward the sky. Hmm, he and Piper did that often. Were they consulting the O Mighty Creator?

I folded my arms across my chest and bit my lip hard enough to draw a drop of blood. "I don't exactly hang out with his mom," I said bitterly. Face it I was mad. To be smart and not give a damn was exactly what Kyle said. A complete waste. Through gritted teeth I added, "What. Was. His. Score?"

Kyle took several steps back. He said something inaudible.

"What was that?" I spat getting closer.

"Thirty," he coughed loudly, grabbed Piper's hand, and hauled both of them in the opposite direction.

Why that little...I stomped into the cafeteria and jumped over the barrier rope. Drew grinned.

"Decided to join us after all huh?" he asked with an off-hand smirk patting the red plastic chair next to him.


I was about to continue to rant, but Drew hauled me into the boy's bathroom, knowing perfectly welll I wasn't allowed in there. One Freshman boy saw me, yelped in surprise, and ran out their with smoke under his butt. Drew glared at me. Did I mention their bathroom is nicer than ours? Really it is. It's all clean with blue and white tiles. It even has a couch. Since when do boys get couches in the bathroom. What are they supposed to do? Stand on it and see who can make it into the toilet bowl first? Yeah they probably do do that. I wouldn't put it past them.

"Don't you ever," Drew hissed, his violet eyes burning, "ever say anything about me being smart ever again. Do you understand?"

I noticed he was clutching my hand pretty tightly. "Why?"

He sighed walking over to the couch and crashing stretching his entire body on it. "Because it would ruin my reputation. You can't be cool and smart at the same time."

I cocked my head to the side and folded both arms over my chest. "You know if Kyle hadn't have told me your ACT score I would say you're a complete idiot for thinking that."

Drew shrugged. "Don't care."

I walked over sitting on his back since he took up all the space on the couch. I crossed my legs. "You know you shouldn't worry about what other people think of you."

He flipped over until I was straddling him. "Yeah? Well you don't have high standards to live up to." He ran a hand through his dark hair groaning.

I peered down at him. "Who says you have to live up to those standards? Wouldn't you be happier if you made the grades you wanted to make? If you did the things you wanted to do? No one wrote in stone saying you had to be an asshole." I whispered the last part just barely audible, "You can date who you want to date, not the little sluts of the school."

But Drew seemed to hear it anyway snapping up so fast his forehead bonked into mine. I don't think either of us noticed. He stared at me moving closer-

"WOAH! WOAH! WOAH!" Will backed into the wall, eyes covered tripping over toilet paper and landing on his butt. I supressed a giggle. He was so cute, even when he wasn't trying to be. "Can I look now?" He said hands still placed over his eyes.

Drew eased me off of him pulling himself up into a sitting position. "We weren't doing anything."

Will peeked from between his fingers and grinned. "Just making sure." He winked at me. "Hey Arianna."

So cute, so very very cute. His blonde hair was in his eyes and he was sporting a blue long sleeved t-shirt with faded washed out jeans that clung in all the right spaces. His eyes seemed brighter today, gleaming practically. My mouth watered.

"Yeah she's too busy staring at you."

That brought me back. I looked at Will who was giving me an ohhhhkay-maybe-she's-not-right-in-the-head sorta look. I was staring at him. Hell I probably drooled too. I swatted Drew's arm for stating the obvious.

"Well," Will sighed glancing back at the bathroom door almost as if he were ready to bolt, "just came to make sure you were okay. Bye Arianna!" He walked out, quicker than normal the door slamming on him...and my heart.

Drew tsk tsked me. "You dirty little cheater," he said grinning.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about." Drew gave me a look. "I don't!" Even to my own ears I sounded defensive. Grrrrrreeeat. I got a real look for that one.

"See," Drew said touching the tip of my nose, "this is why men beat their wives. Because they openly eye rape their best friends, but it's okay honey I'm not the abusive type."

I twirled my finger in the air and rolled my eyes. "Whoopee for me."

Drew sighed heavily. I felt the fresh minty hint of toothpaste whip past me. When I looked over at him he was staring at the stalls. "You want me to set you up with him?" he asked not looking at me.

I gripped his arm tightly. He looked at me then his brows furrowing in annoyance. "You would do that for me?"

Drew shrugged making my hand move up and down with his arm. I felt him flexing thick bands of muscle almost strong enough to break my hold if he were really trying. "Sure."

I kissed his cheek and blushed. "Thank you," I whispered then ran out the bathroom.

P.E was no different. Wait scratch that. Some chick got knocked up and couldn't stay on the squad so I had to have tryouts during P.E tomorrow. Lucky me. At least it wasn't someone from Section A. It was C. Amber's little section, aka the Slut Section. From P. E it was to my locker and to Psychology where Piper was at her table head downcast. "Hey Pipes," I said grinning jamming my duffel bag underneath my seat. "What's new?"

She flipped her long black braid over her shoulders and pursed her lips.

"Piper?" I asked worried now. She wiped her eyes. I got up from my seat and grabbed her shoulders. "Piper what's the matter?"

"I had a miscarriage," she said tearfully.


She held up a card that read, "Miscarriage: Sorry for the loss."

I breathed a sigh of relief sending up a silent prayer that she wasn't really pregnant, and that she didn't really have a miscarriage. I hugged her, rubbed her back, and headed back to my place beside Drew who was hunched over on his desk doing homework.

"Hello class," Mr. Dean's voice broke through the buzz of chatter. "As you can understand not all couples have a good life. As Piper and Stanley have demostrated-good emotions by the way you two are getting bonus points because you're treating these situations like it's really happening to you-everything good won't happen to you. There will be bad things too. You may lose your house or your dog may die. Something along those lines. Piper and Stanley come on up."

Piper headed to the front of the class along with a tall boy with wispy hair, glasses, and highwaters. Mr. Dean laid a hand on both their shoulders. "Piper pulled the miscarriage card. Many a couple will go through these things. Piper may not be able to have children or her body might not be able to carry a child. Stanley pulled the cheating card. Jasmine over their had an affair with his brother. Stanley was angry, but he paid out of pocket for them to have a counseling session with me. This is what you guys should be doing. This is how you should act. Take these things seriously guys. I'm not just giving this project because I'm in a desperate position to get some grades in. It's to prepare you for life. Not everything is gonna come easy. Now here we go," with that he started passing around the Situations bag.

When came for our turn I let Drew pull. He looked at the card and gasped. I snatched it out of his hand. "Wife's Aunt Dies: Sorry for your loss. Funeral to be held after school today." Tears automatically pooled in my eyes. Even though I knew it wasn't real I couldn't help the fact. I loved my Aunt Stacy. I didn't even want to think about her in that situation. Drew tentatively put an arm around me, rocking me slowly while the whole class pulled from the bag.

Mr. Dean glanced over at us and looked at the card. He shook his head and patted me on the back for a few seconds before moving on. It seemed Mr. Dean was trying to teach us a very hard lesson that day. Only 5 couples had good things. Most had to stay for group therapy again, including Drew and I to get over our loss.

The funeral was pretty straight forward. We scanned our credit card to pay for some of the stuff and he made us stand in front of a miniture casket while I soaked Drew's shirt. In the end we got bonus points for me acting the appropriate way instead of throwing the card and going, "Pshh my Aunt Stacy is at home baking cookies," like some of the others would.

Group therapy wasn't that bad either, and Drew didn't even complain once. We talked about the problems we had in our marriage and Mr. Dean made us do some excercises. Like for one excercise the girls got to shoot water guns at the boys and another excercise was when the boys got to put makeup on the girl's face. Some of us would go home resembling clowns, me, Drew took some purple lipstick and smeared my face with it making me laugh for I looked like a purple striped zebra. I actually enjoyed myself. Maybe, just maybe this project wouldn't be so bad after all.