A person must understand that fear is unnatural. Human beings were not born with the ability to fear anything. Why is it that small children don't run from stray animals? Why do they climb things that they could possibly fall off of, and die? It is because they do not know fear. Fear is something that people pick up as they live their lives. A person learns fear from all of those who say 'that is impossible' or 'you can't do this or that'. fear also comes from death. If a person didn't know that death was hanging over their shoulders, waiting, they would fear nothing.

All hesitation and fear comes from death. Fear of loneliness comes from not wanting to die alone. That is why a person may cling to those whom cause them to be weary and depleted. Fear of opposition is cause by not wanting to live a life of turmoil, and find out that in death there is nothing. Death controls most of our thoughts and actions, whether we realize it or not. Is there a way to end a world that is ruled by fear? Perhaps there is. Two different things may happen, that can cause us not to heed death. Either we begin a world where everyone has abandoned fear, and have begin to live life to the fullest, or we create a world where there is no death.