The Journey of Chase Leo was without a doubt, a challenging one. He faced many battles, met many friends, and many secrets were revealed. With his friends, Tia, Terrance, and Goki, Chase met with fate, and battled the Goddess Felis, setting off a chain reaction that would forever change the very fabric of reality...

One of these changes...was a different reality being manifested all together. A alternate reality, a separate universe, born from the very essence that Chase and Felis released into existence. This is the story of a new reality, a new Chase Leo, and a new life that could once again change the very fabric of reality that all must live...

Chapter 1

Ethereal Divide

Blinding light.

He was surrounded by blinding light. The sensation wasn't typical though. He felt calm. The light gripped him gently, holding him like an infant. It made him feel like he was floating. A soft breeze blew over him and made him shiver. He didn't know where he was.

Chase Leo.

That was his name. Someone had called him. His eyes slowly slid closed, plunging him into darkness.

You aren't going to listen are you?

The voice spoke again. He didn't want to answer. This was the best feeling he had ever experienced. If he could stall, to make the feeling last him for as long as he could, he would try.

You are forgetting about Rashe.

Chase's eyes snapped open. He leaned up and his feet touched to the ground. He was still in a completely white plain.

"I'm not forgetting about Rashe. She's all I've got." He spoke sharply, eyes narrowed at the unseen being around him.

Do not get upset. I am only stating that you are holding this calmness for yourself. Does she not deserve peace as well?

"Of course Rashe deserves peace." He stopped, not knowing what else to say. It was weird enough he was talking to empty space.

That is what I am offering.

Two walls rose up on both sides of Chase. They were paper thin and extended into the distance. They looked like film reels. On the wall to his left, a scene of a city began to play. It was his home, or at least, what he could call a home. It was a city in California named San Josen. It was probably one of the worst places to live.

On his right, a lush field in the night appeared and then switched to a futuristic city. After that an old town like something out of a western movie lingered on the wall. In the distance sat a castle and a bell tower.

"What is this?" Chase wondered, observing the right wall.

This is a possibility. This is an option. You can give Rashe the peace she needs if you work for it. Choosing the left wall will be the same as giving up hope. You live in that city with not hing to look forward to but wasting away while trying to survive. If you choose to fight for you and Rashe's future, then you will be reborn.

"Reborn?" Chase wondered. It was confusing. Whatever was going on had to be a dream. There was no hope. No future. He and Rashe would forever be lost to the streets of San Josen. They lived on the streets, worked for the streets. Why would they look forward to a future. The most they could ever hope for was waking up the next day. "It's not that simple…"

You are right. Nothing ever comes without a price. You will be forever leaving behind the life you are living now. You will also be fighting for the future you want. However, you will have the means to do so. All you have to do is want it.

"Want it…to be reborn…to take care of Rashe is what I want. I don't have time for false hopes or dreams that put them in my mind. As long as I can protect Rashe…" Chase looked down as the lights began to fade.

Can you truly protect her as you are now?

Chase's head snapped up, however everything was black now. He felt himself falling, breaking through a glass surface. No pain came, and instead he felt himself slowly sinking in water.

ase? Chase?


"Chase? Are you okay Chase?" A soft voice called to Chase as he slowly blinked his eyes open. Light poured in, however a figure cast a shadow over him. As his eyes finally adjusted to the light, he saw that it was his little sister Rashe. Her light brown hair framed her face and fell over her shoulders like waves. Her older appearance hid the fact that she was only 14. Tears streamed down her face as she kneeled over her elder brother.

"I'm fine." He groaned as he sat up. A headache suddenly struck him and he held his head. "Ow…what happened ?" He asked, a pain slowly building in his back and legs as well.

"You slipped on black ice and fell down these stairs! I was so scared bro!" Rashe called and jumped onto Chase with a hug. Looking around, he saw snow all around them. Of course, it was mid-January. They were at a large park. In front of them were ice covered stairs and behind them was a large frozen lake. Standing up on shaky legs, he looked around. There were few people walking around but none had seemed to see him fall.

'Didn't I fall into the lake?' He thought to himself.

"You're so lucky bro! You didn't break your neck or anything!" Rashe looked up at him, worry and relief both in her eyes. She was short, being only 5'4. It wasn't a bad height, and compared to Chase's 5'7, she wasn't far behind.

"I'd be lucky if I never fell." He groaned and began to limp towards a bench in the park. He sat down and took off his skull cap. His messy brown hair fell to his lower neck, just above his shoulders. The ends were spiky but the top was smooth, making his hair look neat while it truly wasn't. Rashe sat down happily next to her big brother.

Chase and Rashe were orphans. They lived together in an abandoned building in the less than safe part of San Josen. Their parents had been murdered by a group of thieves that had snuck into their apartment two years prior. Thanks to their mother, Chase and Rashe were able to run away. Chase was smart enough to run to the police station but of course, the police didn't believe two children. So after an hour of crying and convincing the cops that something was wrong, they were driven back to the apartment in a squad car.

The building was burning down.

Chase and Rashe watched wide eyed as the building collapsed. They stood in the same place as the fires were extinguished. They didn't move as the bodies of those that couldn't escape were brought out. They only moved when they heard the names of their parents and saw medics standing over two stretchers with the sheets pulled over. Rashe cried harder so Chase did all he could think of.

He ran.

He grabbed Rashe and ran, ignoring the calls of the police and the medics. He didn't stop running until he lost feeling in his legs. They were alone with nowhere to go to. Everything had been taken from them in just one short night. For the next two years, Chase tried to take care of his little sister. From the age of fourteen to sixteen, he lived on the streets and by the streets rules. He did everything from stealing to selling narcotics. Everything except murder.

So once he found an abandoned building that still had working appliances, he began to start completely over. They would steal from people who they thought deserved it. Sometimes Chase came across a few legal jobs, but once they found out he was technically homeless, they always fired him. They were still living in the worst parts of the city, but it couldn't be helped until Chase could find a legal steady job.

"Chase, if you're that tired, maybe we should head home for today." Rashe stated. Chase smiled at her. Rashe had proved that she wasn't helpless, being the one to calm down Chase whenever he was upset. It was often because Chase's temper was very short. She was mature for her age, and had promised herself that she wouldn't be a burden to her brother.

"It's alright, I'm fine." Chase reassured her. She made a face and pouted, making Chase chuckle. "Hey, don't do that! Besides, after one more we'll have enough to get that game you wanted!"

Rashe smiled weakly. "That games not more important than your health."

Chase sighed. It was times like that when he had to remember that he was the older sibling.

"Rashe, I'll be okay. We've got enough for the house for the next two months. I promised I'd get you that game for Christmas so I want to get it as soon as possible."

"I guess…" Rashe conceded.

"Stop pouting. You'll never get a boyfriend that way!" Chase joked making Rashe blush.

"Sh-shut up! Idiot…" She turned away, though it was too late to hide her reddened cheeks. They sat in the park for a while longer before heading back into the city.

Chase had made it a habit to scout for a person who seemed like they were making others miserable. It wasn't hard in their city. Within an hour, they had spotted someone who seemed like a grade-A asshole. It was a man who looked to be in his mid-twenties. He had short black hair, blue jeans and black blazer. They had just watched him curse at two old ladies that had asked him a question. Following him into a small quickie-mart, they watched his actions and observed how much money he had on him. Seeing his wallet full of bills, they knew he was money ready. However, they couldn't label him as a 'wrong-doer' just yet.

However, at the counter, the clerk tried her best to be happy and smile at the man. The man in return seemed to get angry.

"What the hell do you got to be so happy about, bitch?" He spat.

"Ugh, how rude!" Rashe whispered to Chase. Chase nodded in agreement.

"Excuse me?" The woman asked, honestly put off by the outburst.

"You heard me! What the hell are you so happy for? By the looks of it, you've been working this crappy ass job for a few months, probably got some low pants wearing asshole as a boyfriend that you fuck every night in the back of his van! Am I right?" The man's response was the young clerk crying as she ran to the back. "Tch, bitch." He threw the money on the counter and walked out.

"Looks like we got a target." Chase said. Rashe nodded, fuming from what she had just heard.

"That bastard! We're gonna get him good!"

Outside, the man got into his car and sighed. Leaning his head back, he looked at himself in his rearview mirror. "What the hell am I going to do?" He wondered aloud. The truth was, the man had just lost his corporate job of six years earlier that day. On top of that, his wife left him, taking almost all of his money. To add insult to injury, his home was being foreclosed. His life was falling apart faster than he could handle. Just an hour earlier, he had contemplated suicide.

Pushing the thoughts from his mind, the man tried to start his car. The engine stalled.

"Oh come on! What else could go wrong today?" He cursed as he tried several more times. He gave up after five more tries and put his head on his wheel. A knock on his window alerted him instantly.

"Excuse me, but if you're having engine problems I could take a look." Chase said to the man through the window, Rashe standing beside him.

"Beat it kid!" The man harshly called. Chase shrugged and began to walk away. The man groaned. "Wait!"

Chase stopped and turned around. "Yeah?"

"You look young, but I don't have my cell phone on me. If you really can figure out what's wrong with it then be my guest."

Chase nodded and walked in front of the car. The man popped the hood and Chase pulled a small part out of his pocket. He had sabotaged the man's car before he had ever left the store. He reinstalled the part and then dropped a smoke bomb into a small crevice of the engine. A quick glance at Rashe and she slowly moved to stand behind the man. Suddenly Chase turned around with wide eyes.

"GET BACK!" He screamed and dove forward towards the man. The smoke ball went off in the engine, causing a black smoke screen. The man fell back on top of Rashe. While falling, Rashe used the momentum to quickly pick-pocket the man for his wallet.

"Cough, dammit, I knew you didn't know what the fuck you were doing! Damn kids!" The man yelled standing back up. Chase dusted himself off and looked at Rashe. She slid the wallet in her pocket as she was standing up.

"Actually, that was it. There was a clog in there. It should work now!" Chase said. The man narrowed his eyes but tried to start the engine anyway. When it clicked on his eyes widened in amazement.

"Thanks I guess." The man snorted and pulled off.

"What a dick." Rashe said.

"Watch your mouth. How much is it?" Chase asked as they began to head away from the store. Rashe pulled out the wallet and began syphoning through the bills.

"Wow! 630! This is way more than we needed!" Suddenly, they heard tires screech. "Looks like he knows!" Rashe laughed and began to run. Chase did the same, a devious smirk on his face.

Afterwards, they stopped at a small restaurant and waited until they thought the man had given up looking for them. The sun was setting as they began to walk towards their make-shift home. Since the game store was on the way, they stopped and picked up the game that Rashe wanted. Chase snatched the game from her as she began hugging it like a teddy bear.

"Trinity?" Chase said aloud. On the cover there was a picture of three shadowy figures. Two were males and one was female.

"Yeah, and it's the one that's for three players!"

"That would be interesting if we had a third person to play with." Chase chuckled.

"Not my fault your personality scares people away." Rashe joked.

"You're still here aren't you?"

Chase laughed with his sister and turned the case over. He rose an eyebrow at the pictures on the back of the case.

'Hmm…a grass field, a futuristic city, and a…western-like town…where have I seen this before.' Chase's eyes widened in realization. They were the places he had seen in his dream. He stopped walking, mind going in circles. He never heard Rashe screaming.

"Chase move!" She yelled at her brother. He was standing in the middle of the street. A car that she had seen earlier that day screeched as it sped at Chase. It was the guy from earlier. Nothing but fear in her veins, Rashe watched as her brother seemed to not hear her. Her gut falling, her legs began to move on their own. She dashed for Chase, each step pushing her faster than the last. At the final moment, Chase looked up. Rashe pushed Chase out the way, but the car was already on them.

"RASHE!" Chase yelled as the car and his sister left his view in a blur. The car's tires screeched and suddenly left the ground, the entire vehicle flipping end over end as it tumbled down the street. Chase's eyes widened and his voice caught in his throat. The cars horn flared as it lay on its top down the road. Chase stood on shaken legs and took slow steps towards the wreckage. "R-Rashe?"

Chase stopped walking. His mind completely stopped. A trail of blood led down the street to the wreckage. His sister lay unmoving, her bottom half pinned under the car.

"RASHE!" Chase yelled and began to run towards her. His leg gave way after one step. "No…no, no, no, NO! It can't end this way! I…won't let it end like this!" Chase's voice echoed in the darkness, his tears leaving dark circles on the ground. Chase held his breath as a thought entered his mind. Pulling the game out, he turned it to its back. Opening it, he found the disc glowing.

"Fine! You win! I'll do it! I'll go to this place, I'll fight for our future! I won't give up! I promise just bring Rashe back! GIVE ME MY SISTER!" Chase screamed and everything froze. The snow that was falling stayed stationery in the air. The wind stopped blowing and the car's horn silenced.

Your wish shall be granted.

The voice from Chase's dream spoke. Suddenly, the car atop Rashe faded. The ground beneath him and the trees around them began to slowly dissolve. As the dissolving sped up, the buildings and the sky began to vanish. Everything turned to dust around Chase until he was standing in the white space from in his dream. Tears still streamed down his face but they never touched a surface as they fell. Looking up, he saw Rashe's body. She was in perfect condition, though it seemed as if she were sleeping. He slowly strode over to her and picked up her body. The two walls rose up again on both sides of Chase.

"Will she be alright…if I go there."

She will be perfectly fine. But to stay that way, you must-

"Fight. I know." Chase stood still for several seconds, looking down at the peaceful face of his sister. "I wish you can be peaceful when you're awake too."

Chase turned towards the wall to his right. The wall showing San Josen froze and cracked.

'I can't turn backbut…' Chase walked into the wall and was engulfed in a soothing light. The wall of San Josen completely shattered. 'I don't want to! Thisthis is for Rashe!'

If you take hold of your inner strength,

The path will be revealed.

If you let that strength become your weakness,

Chaos will take over you.

Forge on ahead,

The next door awaits you.

Be strong for others,

Let others be strong for you.

"Yeah. I want to free myself. To get away from all the crap that's been going on. I want life to be like a video game, where I can choose where I want to go, what I want to do."



Let all that shines fade back into the darkness of eternity...