This is the first chapter of the second book in the Trilogy of Dreiger.

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Chapter 1

There was nothing but the sound of hooves beating against the cold ground of the packed dirt below. The sound echoed deep within the woods as the carriage continued on in total darkness. Hanging out the back of the carriage was a young woman with white hair that was tipped black.

She wore a bored look on her face as she stared out into the dark woods behind them. She would follow the occasional beast that would come within sight until it'd disappear back into the shadows. A loud chirp sound came from the top of the hooded carriage.

She twisted her sight around to see a bird perched right above her. Its wings were a silver color that glinted in the little light that passed through the trees. As the light bounced off the feathers it revealed that the last three feathers were sharpened to a point.

The birds feet were like that of normal birds with a cross of a dragons hind feet only with three toes. While its beak twisted up and met in the back like one stretched out grin. About halfway down the grin large feathers stuck out like ears or old Greek reed crowns. It's black eyes were set right at the edge where at the beginning of the crown. The tail feathers were straight except for the two on the sides that twisted down like a hook.

"I'd watch out for that bird if I were you Vieta, they are known to attack travelers once their guards are down."

Vieta looked into the cabin of the carriage where the voice was coming from. The one who spoke was a young man with spiky black hair and tan skin. He was sulking as a little girl clung to his arm watching Vieta. The little girl had long black hair with one white strip on the left side of her head. Her eyes were a sharp green color that seemed to see everything. Although her features were fairly similar to that of Vieta herself.

"I'll be alright Race, but thank you for your concern. The question is why are you so down in the dumps? I mean you get to see your family after what, five, six years?"

Race narrowed his eyes making it almost impossible to see the unique blue coloration. "I know but I left that house for a reason and I really don't want to be taking my children there. It's not a place that welcomes the females so easily. I don't want anything to happen to Via, Ran, Rin or Shade."

"I can understand your uneasiness about visiting your family, but Race we need those maps that your family uses for their busyness."

Race turned to look at the young man next to him. He looked exhausted like the long trip to Yuranu was taking its toll on his body. His dark silver hair was long just barley past his shoulders in the back while the front went a little past his chest. His eyes were a dole metallic color to match his mood.

"Uncle Faine give Race a break. His family's job isn't something he is proud of even though it is revered by many."

Faine screwed his nose up, closing his eyes as he sat back to relax in his corner. The boy that had confronted Faine seemed younger then him. He was playing with a pair of near identical twins. The only difference between the two boys was their eyes. One had a left blue eye with a right violet eye while the others eye colors were vice versa.

The twins looked to Faine as they moved more into the light to reveal their white hair color with black tips. It was cut fairly short but spiked in the back with their bangs hanging on the side of their face till the tips touched where their mouth was.

The twins showed little to no expression as they stared making Faine somewhat uncomfortable. They wore matching outfits that were fairly similar to Vietas. They had on black gloves with the fingers cut out of them. Their shirt was a sleeveless turtle neck with form fitting pants, and flats on. The only difference was that one wore a white and gold belt over the outfit while the other had a black and gold belt on.

"You know Rin I think great uncle Faine is jealous."

Rin seemed to the one dressed with the white belt and left blue eye since the boy tilted his head in recognition of his brother.

"I think you're right Ran. Great uncle Faine is Jealous of mommy because he and uncle hawthorn haven't done anything in the bedroom."

Choking laughter erupted from Vieta who was now fully in the carriage. She wiped a hand at the tears streaming from her eyes. She looked between Race and the twins mother as they gawked at their sons.

"Well it seems my little Shade has been getting more action in the night then I previously thought."

A chuckle came from beside Shade as a young man with long black hair and piercing black eyes emerged from the shadows with a white beast at his heals. From behind him came another beast only this one was black that went right for Vieta. Vieta welcomed it with open arms as the beast snuggled up against her placing its head on her lap for comfort.

Another set of twins appeared from behind the man with the black hair. They were smiling at Vieta who just smiled back.

"I'm glad you boys are awake. Eri, Toki it's dangerous to stand inside a moving carriage. I'd feel much better if you two would sit down."

The twins complied to their mothers wishes and sat down joining the circle. The twins had their fathers dark black eyes but they had their mothers snow white hair. They both wore somewhat baggy, black tunics with silver embroideries. They had on tight black and silver pants and a simple pair of brown boots. Eri wore a silver necklace with a angel wing pendant while his brother wore one with a demon wing pendant.

The man that had appeared with them walked over and settled himself down next to Vieta who welcomed him and his beast. The white beast flicked its three tails around its large paws and settled down letting out a small huff.

"It's good to see you in good spirit Rasker. I thought you were going to sulk in the shadows forever."

Rasker smiled to Vieta and pushed back her hair to kiss her forehead lightly only to be interrupted by the sound of a bird. The two looked over to see a red hawk glaring at them as it changed from a bird into a man with short brown hair and green eyes. Rasker just let out a soft chuckle as Faine pulled the young man to his side.

"Hawthorn if you keep changing between bird form and human form one day you're going to become stuck in-between."

Hawthorn struggled and flailed as Faine held him down by his side. After a few moments of intense struggling Hawthorn finally caved in and sat still next to his captor.

"Well I can help it. After we practically destroyed the city of Lain I've had more then enough time practicing my transformation skills." It was true. After causing such an uproar and so much damage to Lain Vieta and crew had to go into hiding until the bounty on their heads came to the end of its mark. It takes a total of five years for a bounty to become void thus the group had to stay in hiding for five years.

Although in all truth Vieta had welcomed the five years hidden in the shadows of the old woods that grew around the major cities of Dreiger. It was a welcome peace to allow Ran, Rin, and Via to grow somewhat before tearing them away into the harsher realities of the world itself.

Rasker nudged Vieta softly catching her attention. She looked into her loves pitch black eyes and smiled at him telling him to speak.

"So how's the little Bengal doing? It's been five years since his divorce, has he recovered any?"

Vieta couldn't help but sigh somewhat exhausted at the notion. The Bengal that Rasker was talking of was the one that was previously married to the man who chose the son of a good friend of hers. His hair had grown out a to go a little past his shoulders with long layers in it. He had spent most of the five years sulking and feeling sorry for himself.

Vieta just shook her head sadly as she cast her gaze towards the drivers seat where Silver was sitting with the elderly couple that stopped to help them out. As she opened her mouth to speak the carriage lurched as the beasts that were pulling it cried out.

Everyone covered their ears and closed their eyes as the sound echoed deep inside their skull. Vieta was the first to jump out of the carriage and walk up to the front to see what was going on. As she made her way to the front she could see the old man brushing his hand through the main of the creature.

It was an unusual beast with the body and head of a horse except for the ears. There was a long elastic tube that ran from the head down the neck that connected into the shoulder blade of the beast. If you were to touch the tube you would hear the vibrations of every sound within miles echoing through them. Another big difference was the fact that the beasts eyes were a pure golden ball in its head. They were that color so it could take in what little light there was at night.

On a closer inspection Vieta could see little silver strands through its main and tail that were as sharp as a well kept sword. The legs were similar to that of a horse but the hooves were divided into four and went up the calf only to stop at a dewclaw. The claw was sharp and fairly large on the back calf most likely used for defense if the beast was ever attacked. It had little natural growing armor above its tail and around its shoulder blades heading down its chest. The plate on the chest stopped just past the front legs in a V pointing down to the other end of the creatures body.

The beast let out another yelp which sounded like a cross between a horse's whinny and a elks bugle. Vieta kept one eye open to watch as the sound literally made the beasts whole body vibrate as refused to budge even an inch from its spot. It seemed its partner wasn't to keen on moving either.

"Blast it Derid what is wrong with these things?"

Derid looked Vieta with his milky eyes and wrinkled face twisted in a scowl. He pat the side of the beast that was making most of the noise to calm it down before he turned his full attention to her.

"The Henus don't wanna go any further. They is used for smugglin' people out of bad places since theys' can hear down near everythin' that goes on arounds them. So's if theys dun wanna continue forwards then we is stuck here until the dangers passed."

Vieta just scratched her head looking back at the rest of the group who were now approaching them with a look of bewilderment. Non knew exactly what to say considering they absolutely had to make it Yazuru before the sun set. Or else the gates to the hidden village would be closed until the next full moon. One could leave at any time they wish but one could not enter at any time they wish. So was the laws of the town on the boarder.

"Well everyone it seems like were walking from here. It shouldn't take us to long right Race?"

Race looked up at the sun in the sky realizing that it wasn't to long after it had risen. He looked back at Vieta and nodded once.

"Yazuru is just over this hill and past the bend in the road. Its not hard to miss. Once we get to the top here we should be able to see it off to the left."

Vieta nodded and turned to the elderly couple giving them a grateful bow as thanks for their hospitality. The old man just grunted as he continued to brush the Henus' neck in an effort to calm the beast as it snorted and grunted.

Vieta motioned for everyone to begin moving towards the top of the hill and watched as the old mans wife grasped Silvers hands in his own.

"Now boy remember there is a reason for the path we all must take. All you need to do is keep you eyes, ears, and heart open to our lady goddess Vieta."

Vieta reacted slightly as she could suddenly hear the elderly wife's prayer and what he was speaking to Silver. She closed her eyes to get a better listen in on the warm, comforting words that were coming from the depths of his heart.

"She may have a cruel and mischievous way of going about things, but in the end the lady goddess will always do what she feels is best for her creations. May the lady goddess Vieta guide you and protect you along your journey."

Silver cast his eyes over to Vieta who still had her own eyes closed listening in on the conversation. He knew that all the couple could see was another boy among-st a group of young men traveling. That was the perks of having great power, to be able to hide when necessary.

"Erin how can you be so certain that what she's doing is in ones best interest? Have you ever once questioned the will of the gods?"

Erin shook his head slowly and calmly as he gripped Silvers hands even tighter then before. He pulled Silver close to him so he could look the young boy dead in the eyes.

"The ancient ones never once doubted the will and power of the goddess so neither shale I and neither shale you. That is our law as followers of the origins pact."

Vieta physically reacted as she recognized the name of the pact that Erin was talking about. She gave a toothy smile as she jumped up onto the front of the cart behind Silver. Silver twisted around to face Vieta, startled by her sudden appearance.

"I see, no wonder you were so willing to help us. I'm glad there is still some of your kind that know of what happened back in the past. You can see my true form can't you old man?"

Erin nodded a smile still softly placed on his lips. He then bowed in recognition of his and every other androgynous' deity. Slowly he let go of Silvers hands and looked to Vieta once more, speaking to her with much formality.

"Be sure to protect this scared young lad. He is nothing more then a child in this world. Also the further you travel into the sinister side of Dreiger the more you'll see of us. My lady you must find the ancient kin. There was one from each main family of the seven high classes that took the brunt of responsibility for the curses. That person not only gained the root of the curse but also gained immortality in an effort to wait until you made your appearance once more. Please my lady find them, flush them out and free them from their eternal prison known as immortality."

Vieta gave the Erin a coy smile as she slipped to sit on nothing but air. She still held Silver close to her chest as she stared down at the elderly man before her.

"No need to worry wise man. I've long known about the ones who sacrificed much for the survival of the races. Even though I was gone I still kept a close eye on my precious creations even though I couldn't do much of anything from where I was. I vow to you though that I will do my best to free everyone from the darkness that has rooted itself on Dreiger. You can count on it."

Vieta then leapt from the front of the carriage making the Henus become distraught for a moment before calming down as she past by them dragging Silver with her. The group then turned once more to the elderly couple and gave one final goodbye. Then turned towards the hill to climb up its steep slopes on to the town of Yazuru.

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