The princess gripped the railing of the balcony, looking up at the cloudy sky. The full moon hid its brilliant glow behind the clouds, darkening the land. She had wished she could float in the sky, just like the weightless clouds. She dreamt of flying with them, feeling the wind blow against her hair and watch over her people from above. Hearing her mother's call, she began to turn back, until she heard a flutter of wings. Turning around, she found

*snap* Her pencil point broke, stopping her from finishing her sentence. "Alice," the teacher called to her. "Will you solve this equation?"

Sighing she shut her notebook and came to the front of the classroom. She felt the stares of her classmates brawling up her back as she stared at the whiteboard. Her body shivered as the air conditioner blew at her; she finished the problem as quickly as she could in order to retreat back to her warm, sunny corner of the classroom. Walking back, she noticed boys wink and girls wave at her.

She was not interested in having a boyfriend, and her best friend was in the class next door to hers. In the middle of notes, the door creaked open. The first thing she noticed was the boy's outfit; he wore a blue striped shirt, along with tan pants. His hair was messy, like he didn't have time to comb it in the morning. Unlike the school's uniform, he stood out from everyone's plain clothes. Alice was against the dress code, which was skirts for her, but she had to obey it.

The boy rushed to the teacher, handing her a piece of paper. After a moment of reading, she placed it on her desk, announcing, "It seems that we have a new student. This is Parker."

No one greeted him. The teacher cleared her throat. "Welcome to Section 10 High School, Parker. You should go to the main office for your uniform after class. Why don't you sit over there, next to Alice? Wave, Alice." She obeyed. Catching her face, he immediately froze. Walking towards his seat, he tried to speak to her, but was cut off by the bell. Finally, she thought. Time to eat lunch.

"Alice," the teacher motioned her to stay. Reaching her desk, she replied, "Yes, Mrs. C?" Her teacher took her broken pencil and reformed it. Handing it back to her, she cautioned, "Don't let me catch you doing that again." Alice silently nodded, gripping her notebook tighter.

At the entrance of the door, Parker stood there, looking at his schedule. "Hey, um, Alice?" he caught her attention. "Can you tell me where the main office is?" At the corner of her eye, she noticed her friend leave his classroom. "Take a left and then a right turn," she explained quickly. "Just make sure to sign in before you go inside." She tried to avoid his warm olive green eyes. He smiled at her. "Thanks." Turning away to her friend, she thought of his smile.

It seemed strange, but so familiar. Where had she known it from? Pushing the thoughts away, she followed her friend to the lunchroom. "Who's that?" he asked. "New guy," she replied.

Her only best friend in the school was Sam. He looked like one of the popular guys, which many of her classmates thought, but he was one of the quiet types, like Alice. His black hair shined brown in the sunlight, with his sharp sky blue eyes looking like a wolf's.

"So what do you think of the new policy?" Sam questioned, his face serious. She shrugged. "I guess they just don't want us running around. But really, the curfew is now 7?" She began to talk about it with Sam, who loved to ask her questions about the changes that were occurring that she believed was disagreeable.

Once they made it to the cafeteria, they sat at their usual table. When they bought their lunch, Alice spotted Parker looking for a place to sit. He looked over at us and began to approach. "Can I sit here?" he asked awkwardly. "Sure," Sam mumbled with his pizza in his mouth. She noticed his sleeves were up, his tie off, which made her cautious with Watchers standing around. "You better wear it like the rest of us," Sam advised. "Why?" Parker dared to ask.

Who is this guy? She pointed behind her. "They'll be the ones who'll catch you looking like that." Sighing, he straightened out his clothes. "You know a lot about this school, Alice. Were you here for the past two months?"

Alice stopped chewing. His emotionless face made her nervous. What did he mean by that? "What are you talking about?" she replied puzzled. Her tone was beginning to sound hostile. Parker looked at her surprisingly, and waved his hand. "Never mind," he said quietly.

The lunch period passed slowly, silence dividing the two. Once the lunch ended, she walked away as quickly as she could, tossing the rest of her lunch into the garbage. Her friend tried to catch up with her, but was blocked by crowds of other students. The rest of school seemed to pass by quickly. Although Parker was in a few of her classes, she managed to avoid him. At one class, he had managed to sit next to her. She asked to go to the bathroom, her best excuse at the time.

Washing her face with cold water, Alice looked at her reflection. Short blonde hair, side bangs that hid one of her ocean blue eyes, and perfect soft skin. Drops of water rolled down her rosy cheeks. She wiped the rest off.

Taking her time, she went back to class slowly, noticing that the bell had rung when she entered the room. She dodged her way to her bus after the last bell had rang. She hoped that Sam had saved her a seat. Hearing the engines of the buses roar, she watched helplessly as her bus drove away without her. Muttering, she decided to take her usual shortcut home.

However, when she stepped out of the forest, she was immediately caught by two Watchers. "Stop!" one of them ordered.

Across the street, Alice noticed Parker walking down the sidewalk, and caught her eye. "Where are you coming from?" the same man demanded. "Section 10 High School," she answered with a strong tone. "Why are you here?"

"I missed my bus."

"Have you contacted your Guardian?"

"No. She's busy with her job."

"Where is your ID?"

"It's right here-" she pointed at her side pocket. Her ID was gone. Searching herself, she swallowed slowly, noticing their dark expressions. Part of her just wanted to fly away, just like her princess wanted to do in her story. "We'll have to take you to the-"

The new student came by to toss her a card. It was her ID. She glared at him, while thanking him in her head, which was easy to do with her ability. We're going to have a nice chat after this about why you took my ID, she thought. Parker seemed to receive her message, flinching at her surprising power. She gave it to the Watchers, who scanned it.

Handing it back to her, the Watchers walked away, saying, "Go home! You know the new policy!" Relieved, she turned to Parker, who was startled at her reaction. "Why did you take my ID?" she hissed. He suddenly hushed her, pulling her into the neighborhood. "Not here," he whispered. "Let's go to your house."

"What?" she shrieked, but controlled herself and whispered. "You may be new here, but I'm definitely not bringing you back to my house!"

"It was the best way to get your attention," he shrugged. She set a cup of water on the table for him to drink. "By the way, how did you do that with my mind? I've never seen you do that." Alice began to become annoyed with him. "Listen, stop acting like we've met before-"

"Yes," he interrupted her. "We have. Alice, last name unknown. Age sixteen, no siblings, no Guardian. You're favorite food is cupcakes, and you love to play soccer. You're a member of the Resistance, one of the vice-commanders."