Indifference has become a habit.

It is my self-preservation mechanism.

If I care, my feelings will be crushed.

It is better to have never had feelings at all.

Caring about myself is worthless.

There's nothing special.

Other people don't care.

Why should I care?

Caring for others leads to relationships.

All relationships will end eventually

Isn't it better to have never had relationships in the first place?

Relationships hurt.

When people get close, I will get hurt .

Misunderstandings, fights, eventual separation.

With every relationship broken, a part of me dies.

Everything's better when I don't have feelings.

I will never lose myself in other people.

Other people can't affect me as strongly.

I will never get hurt.

I am indifferent to the world.

I don't care.

Not one bit.