I wonder when the humans will find out my sick little game. At the moment I am free to do as I please. They don't know the secret I hide behind these walls. I have so much fun here. I get what I need and I cook! Did you know that I like to kill people? Oh yeah, when humans come to my home they don't always leave. Well, that is not completely true. Sometimes they do leave in a trash bag. Most of the time I cut them up in little pieces, and make jerky out of them! Cooking is so much fun, don't you think? I feed them to my pets, some wildlife, and sometimes my neighbors. They always tell me how good it tastes! Do you want to know how to play?

Everyone trusts the kind and sweet girl. I'm the one who offers to help all the time, and "likes" to take care of the younger kids. People were keener to keep me around when people started to disappear. It made my job even easier! Some people don't even have the right mind to look at everyone like they could turn on them at any moment. I think that I am just proving a point. Even the quite ones can be VERY dangerous! I lure them in, invite them into my home, and show them around. I become the nicest person. Sometimes I get close to the family of my victims just to see their pain. They always want to know what has happened to their family. Do you want to know what I do to them once I get them?

They are no use to me alive. I kill them by slitting their throat. Sometimes when I'm cleaning up the blood I wonder if they even saw their death coming. I like to think they did. They have one second to know how wrong they were about me. That I was the monster who has been taking people, the moster as others have been calling the murderer. I can never control the giggles that come when I think of these things. I start by stripping the skin. This is the hard part, and I never like doing this part, but it has to be done. Next I have to remove the bone and cartilage from the muscle. This part is my favorite! The bone makes the funniest noise when I rip it out. Kind of like a popping sound. When all of the bones are out, including the skull, its flat and I can bend anything! You thought something weird… This is when I cut the muscle into sections. When I start to cut the sections into strips, I make sure they are about the same size. Want to know something funny? I break the bones up and use it as if it is coal! I saved so much money that way! When I have all the strips ready I hang them in my smoke shed. Do you want to know what happens afterwards?

I sell the meat! It is in high demand too! People love it. I wonder if they will still like it if I tell them what it is. They haven't even noticed that I sell more after once someone disappears. I even play the nice card with the victim's family by offering them some free jerky! They always say that it taste better than normal. Maybe they like the taste of their family the best! I once cooked this lady's husband. She was very sad and called me over. I brought her some of him, and she said after she ate my jerky she felt much better. In the back of my head I could hear him screaming at me. I could also hear him crying. I had to bite my tong so I wouldn't burst out laughing! I'm so happy I could hear him. She asked if I thought that she would ever see him again. I told her that she will see him again one day. I could hear him wailing. Another stifled laugh later, and I left. Do you want to know what I do when I'm bored?

When I'm bored with an area I just tell them I want a change of scenery, and I leave. They are always so teary eyed. I may be moving from my home and smoke house, but I have to stay close enough so I can kill some more without people noticing it was me. Oh, and before anyone asks, yes I killed the lady with the very upset husband! It was really funny to. Do you want to know what I did to her?

I wasn't getting much sleep because of her husband. Every time I closed my eyes to try to sleep he yelled at me to leave his wife alone. I was so mad I kidnapped her from her home and took her to my house. I used a sedative to keep her asleep. When I let her wake up I have her strapped down on a metal slap. It was the table I use to cut up the meat. She would have start screaming if not for the gag ball. I could hear him bagging me to stop. I started telling her that her husband wouldn't leave me alone. After I killed him he started haunting me, and that right at that moment he was begging me to spare her life. This is when I started laughing very hard. I placed my cleave next to her head, and that is when she started struggling even harder. I was nice enough to tell her I wasn't going to hurt her. I told her that I would make it painless. This was only because I liked her, and that she was like a mother to me. He started asking me why I wouldn't let her go if I liked her. I didn't tell him that this is another reason I had to kill her. I killed my own mother, so why not this motherly type woman who was kind to me. I stuck a needle into her arm, and started draining her blood. She lowly be eventually stopped struggling. Seeing the life leave her body was the coolest thing ever. It was as if the fear she was going through, the fear in her eyes mainly, made this kill so much fun! That batch of jerky was good to. I think it tasted better than normal. Kind of like other families. Hey what do you know, I cared about her, but she was tasty! Do you want to know when I will stop my game?

Do you want to know? It will NEVER end. I will keep playing until I lose! When I stop it will because I have died. See you soon.