The only thing I own is my OC's

Terry: Hello People! It's time to start an OC Truth or Dare!

Tekie: Why are you being loud today? And what the hell is an OC?

Terry: We are having a truth or dare. And OC's are original Character's

Tekie: Are you on pot?

Terry: Maybe, not sure what these pills are

*shows pills*

*Draco, Julian, and Luna enter*

Draco: Terry, can we have this another time?

Terry: Draco you just mad because you awake during the day?

Draco: damn right

Tekie: Wow, shut up.

Julian: How are we supposed to take sides?

Luna: Well they can't fight or we will all get a headache

Tekie: Fine, let's get started then.

Terry: I'm glad you see the need for this!

Tekie: I don't but Draco looks like he is falling asleep.


Tekie: And he's gone …

Terry: … let's bring in Hopey-chan! She is a close friend of mine

*Tekie looks around*

Tekie: Who in the hell are you talking to?

Terry: The people who might read this!

Julian: Don't call her, Terry she always brings "Them."

Tekie: And yells odd things

Kiron: She pulls my wolves ears when they bite her

Terry: when did you get here.

Kiron: I was behind Luna…

Luna: Luna likes her! Yup she fun! Yup!

Ethan: One of her them is hot in a dress.

Shiki: … Ethan, all of her them are guys…

Ethan: what? Did you not know I'm Gay!

Tekie: Shiki, announce when you arrive.

Shiki: Why!?

Tekie: Because I said so.

Shiki: That isn't much of an answer…

Tekie: Don't care.

Terry: … Changing the topic. Luna, did you find the sugar bowl after we hid it?

Luna: Uh … no.

Tekie: she will find out if she looks for the bowl.

*Luna runs away*

Julian: …

*Draco wakes up*

Draco: I felt something stupid. What did I miss?

Terry: It was only Luna.

Draco: She found the sugar. I was wondering if I should tell you.

*Tekie and Terry slap Draco*

Draco: what the hell was that for?

Terry and Tekie: For Absolutely Nothing.

Draco: huh?

*Hopey enters followed by Yami and Elizabeth*

Hopey: I'm here! Where are the waffles!

Elizabeth: Sorry, Yami and I only made pancakes.

Hopey: No waffles?

Yami: Do you want me to make waffles?

*Hopey nods*

Yami: I'll be right back.

*Yami leaves*

*Corona appears*

Hopey: Marshmallows!

Corona: I don't know how to deal with this.

Tekie: what the hell is he… she… what the hell is that person doing here? This is an OC truth or dare! Go away!

Hopey: Corona!

*Jumps on Corona*

Elizabeth: you're scaring him!

Terry: This is going nowhere! KD, help out please!

*KD enters*

KD: Who's Hungry!

*Terry slaps KD*

KD: That's the third time today and I'm sick of it! You must commit hara-kiri!

Yami: That's not right way to solve your problems…

*Terry commits hara-kiri*

*Yami heals wounds*

KD: Awww, why'd you do that, Yami?

Terry: Thanks Yami, and KD you need to feed Black Cat!

KD: Train!

*KD leaves*

Terry and Tekie: That was pointless. *Tekie and Terry burst out laughing*

Terry: Where do we get the dares?

Tekie: How the hell am I to know?

*Hopey bites Kiron's wolf ears*

Kiron: Stop Now! *grabs Hopey's hair*

Hopey: Owieee!

*Tekie and Terry burst out laughing*

Terry: Okay, someone send us some dares!

*calls KD*

KD: What?

Terry: We don't have anything fun to do!

KD: I'm sick so leave me alone.

*KD hangs up*

Tekie: Did she just hang up on us?

Terry: I think so… Should we call her back?

Tekie: Well no, she clicked the hang up button without saying goodbye is all.

Julian: …

Yami: That's not nice

Elizabeth: you think? Give me the phone. She can't hang up on a blonde!

*Elizabeth calls and gets no answer*

Draco: well at least she did not hang up with you.

Elizabeth: shut up!

Terry: Okay, let's stop this here!

Draco: NIGHT!

Julian: … *can't talk Hopey is on his chest*

Kiron: Okay time to leave!

*Hopey is thrown out*

Ethan: Damn. No one came with Hopey…

Every one left: Time For You To Leave Too.