What is a hero?

Do you know? Is a hero someone who puts out fires for strangers? Someone who removes criminals from the streets? Helps others for no reason? Do any of these things describe a hero? Who saves those who are bullied?

Tekie is a young girl who didn't had many friends nor did she ever care for personal objects. She only had ten friends and loved them like family. Better than her family in fact because her family is very violent. She is a very outspoken type but never lashes out, but when the day arises, and her friends are being harmed, she would become like a mother bear, fighting for her cubs. Also, being captain of the kendo club helps protecting them.

Well to get to the point of all this.

It all started when the foot ball team didn't like the Goth kids hanging around the football field.

Draco was hanging with Luna, Ethan, Kiron, and Sabith by the tree near the field just laughing about next to nothing. They were having fun watching the team while they practiced. Is this wrong? One of the jocks jogged over to them.

"What are you doing over here? Putting a curse on us? Get out of here you freaks!" The brute waved his hand as if he was shooing out an annoying pest. Draco was the first to retaliate to the jocks comments.

"Who are you calling a freak, you retarded barbarian!" The rest of the group busted out laughing when the jock turned red from Draco's retort.

"Seems like you need to be shown you place freak!" The overly large high school boy turned around, "Hey guys, let's take out the trash!" The entire team left their spots and slowly walk up to the group.

Draco was the first one hit. The same brute that he called retarded punched him in the jaw, sending him flying into his friends. Sabith was the next on his feet.

"What do you think you're doing!" Sabith charged the jock that punched his friend. He pulled his arm back and let it loose. His punch landed right over the jocks heart. Well, little did that do, Sabith wasn't strong enough to even hurt the kid, never mind winning a fight with him. Also considering the fact that he is the smallest kid on the field. One of the jocks picked up the short kid and shook him like a rag doll.


Shiki was dropped and the 'dimwitted troll' that was holding him. Spinning around yelling out stupidly, "Huh? Someone else need to be shown their place?"

"Yeah, YOU!" Everyone looked up towards the school building where the voice of the girl was coming from. Tekie had just come from practice and charged at the football team with her two other friends who are also in the kendo club, Tsuzuki, and Shiki. All still had their wooden swords and gear on.

The football team didn't even see it coming, the three were on them like a pack of angry wolves. Tekie took her sword and swung it like a bat into the face of the brute who hit Draco and shook Sabith. Pure furry was in the eyes of everyone involved.

The fight broke out. Outnumbered, plus less manpower, the group of ticked off Goths had to stick it out against the stronger crowd of dimwits. By the way the team fought it seems as if they didn't have any fighting skills, only brute strength. The Goths were friends, no more like family. They knew each other weaknesses and could back them up in a fight. The team acted as if their motto was, "Every Man for Them Selves."

When security guards arrived, they had extreme difficulty pulling anyone apart. They even had to resort to using tear gas on the angry teens. With each one of them blinded, they were all wrestled to the ground. But then the worst thing happened to them. The principle came out while whistling a happy tune. What he declared next would surprise everyone in the field.

"Your entire fight is caught on one of the cameras. And it also shows me exactly who started this pointless fight. And I must say I am very disappointed in the football team for enticing this fight. Your practice time is now doubled, now get out of my face!" They all groaned, heads dropping down as they ran back to the field.

The principle turned his eyes on the group of Goths, "This fight should of never happened and for that I am sorry. And after a stop to the nurses office you will all be headed to the kendo room and practice as well, Dismissed!" The entire group scurried away like mice, happy with the punishment they had.

Tekie laughed when they neared the dojo, and as she did this the others gave her weird looks. "Hey guys"

"What?" Everyone spoke up in unison.

She started laughing harder, "Didn't you know? The school doesn't have a camera pointed at the field."


Ha, anyone ever think that a principle can be a hero too?