In the beginning, plants grew uncontrolled into immense forests. Animals ran free in these forests. For an unknown amount of time, circumstances stayed this way. One bright day, four beings came into existence.

Two of these beings were a man and a woman. They made a home and started a family together. The man would hunt and the woman would stay with the children, take care of the family, and occasionally forage for berries and herbs.

The other two beings were shapeshifters, also a man and a woman. They started a family away from the humans, having many children. The man would stay with the children to defend them from dangers while the woman hunted and foraged to feed the family.

The shapeshifters were humans who possessed the spirits of different animals. They had only two forms, human and whatever animal spirit they possessed. Their human forms had characteristics of their other form. The only way for them to gain other forms is through capturing the spirits of other animals.

The man shapeshifter, who possessed the spirit of a dragon, had fiery blue eyes, talons replacing his fingernails, and a dragon tail covered in azure scales as his animal characteristics. He disagreed with the idea of capturing the spirits of animals for more forms and taught his children not to do it.

The woman shapeshifter, who possessed the spirit of a cat, had black cat ears, a black cat tail, and cat claws as her animal characteristics. She wanted to capture as many spirits as she could so she could be the most powerful force, making the humans become her slaves. She hated the humans' existence, thinking that they were weak beyond repair, and she tried to convince her children to work with her.

The woman shapeshifter started collecting animal spirits through trapping animals and absorbing their spirits, but the man shapeshifter stopped her before she could capture too many. She scratched his face, leaving four long scars, and swore to carry out her beliefs one way or another.

On a dark and cold night when the moon was hidden behind the mountains in the east, the woman shapeshifter snuck away while everyone was asleep and headed for the human home. She was completely silent as she stalked through the forest.

The man shapeshifter, who was pretending to be asleep, got up and followed her. He was silent except for the occasional twig he stepped on.

When she arrived at the humans' home, the woman shapeshifter murdered their youngest son, and then left a bloody trail leading to where the man shapeshifter would be. Instead of waiting to see what occurred, she shapeshifted into a black cat and stalked off.

When the man shapeshifter arrived, he roared with anger at the murder of the human child, then shapeshifted to an azure dragon with jet black streaks running up and down his back, then unfurled his wings and took off into the air to search for his mate and take his revenge.

The humans, having woken up from the roaring, see their son dead and the dragon flying off into the distance. The humans swore revenge on the shapeshifters and dragons for what they had done.

This event started the dragon hunting and put the two species into hiding. It is also this event that corrupted the humans' purity and separated the shapeshifters into two factions.