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"Sister come on, it's time to get ready." A sweet voice said next to a sleeping body. The sleeping girl blinked and looked up to see the bright blue eyes of her sister staring down at her. "Thanks Hazelle, the elder sister laying in bed said. "I'll be right up." Hazelle nodded and turned and walked out of the room, her blonde locks bouncing with each step.

Trista got up out of bed and stretched. It was the first day of school, she was a junior and her sister was a sophomore. As she walked over to her closet her stomach rumbled. She frowned. She grabbed her best clothes, a green v neck t-shirt and some dark blue jeans. She went to her bathroom and got dressed quickly knowing that her sister was waiting. She grabbed her brush and ran it through her chocolate brown hair. She brushed her teeth and grabbed her glasses from the cabinet and ran downstairs.

As usual her older brother Doug had left early in his car to go and get his friends and so Trista and her sister were left to walk to school. She walked over to the pantry and opened it, hoping by some chance it would be stocked, but to her knowledge, it was barren. "As usual." She said slamming the door and walking over to her sister. "You ready darling?" She asked the girl sitting on the couch. "I guess…" Was her sisters solemn reply. "Hey, don't think that way, be positive, this might be a good year you never know." She said hopeful and ruffled her sisters hair making her scrunch her face in dis-pleasement. "Hey." She stuck out her tongue. "Come on, we don't want to be late lets go."

The walk to school was long and quiet. Neither sister was in the mood to talk, because they had a faint idea of how their days would pan out. Sooner than the two of them wanted they had reached the school. Trista grabbed her sisters hand and handed her some money. "For lunch." She smiled, but Hazelle protested. "No, you need it." She replied. "I'm fine, and not hungry. Please don't worry about me. Now go off and have a good day." She smiled. "Can we meet in our spot?" Hazelle asked hopeful. "Of course, why would we not. Now go." She said as her sister waved and walked off to class.

Trista began her walk down the corridor to the junior hall where all the classes were. As she turned the corner she was slammed against the lockers. She winced as the ridges of the locker stuck out and dug into her back. "Well look who came back." A voice she knew too well said with a sneer. "You know no one here likes you, so why do you stay?" Samantha better known as Sam said hitting her in the stomach. Trista closed her eyes and bit her lip but didn't make a sound. "Why don't you do us all a favour and just disappear." She took the glasses off of Trista's face and snapped them in half before dropping them to the ground and stomping on them. She let go of Trista and she fell to the ground holding her stomach. Sam just laughed and walked off.

Trista reached around blindly for her bag and what was left of her glasses before standing up. A bell behind her rang. "Fuck." She muttered wandering down the hall looking for her class. When she finally made it, she went in. "Nice of you to join us Trista." The teacher said. A few kids in the class laughed. "Now hurry and take a seat." Trista kept her head down and did as the teacher said. The only seat that was open was in the back in the corner. She put her head down and listened to the lesson, but soon it was over and the bell rang. She made her way to the rest of her classes like this. No one stopped to help her, or guide her on where to go. Finally lunch arrived.

Trista knew her way to the lunchroom and was able to make it without crashing into anyone, or anything. She made her way to her 'spot' her and her sister shared. It was next to a broken vending machine in the lunchroom. Hazelle was already there waiting for her. "Tris, what happened to your glasses?" She asked noticing that they were gone. Trista shook her head, nothing don't worry about it." "Ok, well I got you some food." She said handing her sister a honey bun. Trista frowned. "You didn't need to get me anything…" "No, no it's ok, I got something for myself, so don't worry, and you need to eat too." Hazelle smiled. She two of them sat down in the shadow of the vending machine. "She slowly tore off part of her honey bun and she had to stop herself from devouring the rest. It was delicious and, curing the stomach pains she had.

Soon they had both finished eating and their trash was thrown away. Hazelle yawned and lay her head on her sisters shoulder. Trista frowned. "You need more sleep." She muttered before gently leaning her head on top of her sisters. Her eyelids slowly drooped shut. Soon after she heard the cafeteria get quiet and someone laugh. She opened her eyes and was able to move her sister before an open milk was thrown at the two of them. She wiped her eyes and saw Sam standing there snickering. She had pushed Hazelle out of the way and so she didn't get hit by and of the milk. It was all in Trista's hair and on her favorite shirt. The bell rang and her sister helped her up. "You okay?" She asked. Trista nodded. "I'll be fine, it's just milk. School is almost over, I'll clean up when we get home." Hazelle frowned but nodded anyway. "Get to class." She told her sister. "I'll see you after school."

The rest of the school day went by slow and uneventful. Trista found her sister and they walked out to the parking lot to get home. They saw their brother and his friends all piling into his car. He didn't even give the two of them a passing glance as he got in his car and drove away. Trista sighed and grabbed her sisters hand. "Lets hurry home, so you can tell me all about you day." She smiled. Hazelle nodded happily. "Lets go then."


"You had a good day right?" Trista asked her sister and they sat next to each other on the couch. Trista had changed and thrown her clothes in the wash. "I did. I had art today. I love art." Trista laughed. "I know." "And my friend from last year, I saw her and she missed me. She says she wants o hang out lots this year!" Friend. The word sounded so foreign to Trista but she smiled. "I'm happy for you." Hazelle stood up "I'm going to go to my room." She said walking backwards to the stairs. She hit a table that had been displaying a vase and the vase fell to the floor and crashed into a billion pieces. The both of them gasped. Trista took action. "Don't worry, I'll clean it up. Go to your room." She said. Hazelle just ran off to her room.

Just as Trista bent down to clean up the glass her brother walked into the house. He saw Trista bent over the glass getting ready to clean it. "Trista, what the fuck did you do?!" He yelled. "I didn't…..I mean I wasn't looking where I was going and ran into the table and made the lamp fall and crash. I'm sorry." "God dammit Trista!" He yelled. "Your such a fucking klutz! And you know what? I'm taking away your lunch allowance until you can repay me for the vase." She bowed her head. "Yes brother, I understand, I'm sorry…" He just sighed and rolled his eyes and walked off. "And you better clean up your mess!" He yelled over his shoulder before slamming the door to his room shut.

She had soon finished cleaning and made her way to her room. She locked her door and went and sat on her bed. She let the tears she had been holding in all day fall from her green eyes. She was hoping that this year would be different. She had gone her entire life being bullied and ignored and picked on. Her parents left her when she was ten. Doug always told her it was her fault and that they didn't love her so they left. She had been hoping that maybe this year she would make some friends at school. Or that her life would get better, and she would get a job and be able to get money for her and her sister to eat. She had hoped to get on her brothers good side, but the way this day had gone, she could tell that this was going to be a terrible year. She fell backwards on her bed and cried herself to sleep.

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