Love in a Day

Jushiro Ukitake, fifteen year old sophomore, couched into his fisted white hanky as he walked down the halls of Soul Society High School. He was on his way to the nurse's office for his medication; having another small episode during soccer in gym, caused by a bad hit to the gut. Of course, this would cause Dr. Unohana, Principle Yamamoto, and Coaches Kenpachi and Yachiru to ask him to drop gym for something else; as always, he'd deny the offer because he wanted to be equal with the other students.


Jushiro silently gasped before looking at the classrooms closest to him. As Kami would have it, he was nest to Professor Mayuri's room, biology. The students poured out but Jushiro was only trying to avoid three.

"Hey Jusicho!"

Jushiro slowly turned his head with his hanky still to his mouth and fear in his eyes. Watching him with scary smirks were Izuru Kira, Gin Ichimaru, and Renji Abarai, his tormentors. Once Jushiro and Renji had been friends, even with his sickness, but when Jushiro accidently let it slip that he was gay; Renji left him. Now Renji and his gang, Zabimaru, tormented him every chance they got.

"Hey spazz, having an episode?" Renji sneered and Kira pushed Jushiro to the ground.

Jushiro gasped when he landed painfully on his already bruised tail bone and he began to cough more violently. The boys laughed at his pain before Kira lifted Jushiro and then dropped him to the ground harshly; making Jushiro groan in pain. As Jushiro's anxiety grew; his dry coughs became wet.

"Pathetic," Renji sneered. "Bet it was that disease that sent your mother away," after he said that, the three left.

Tears pooled in Jushiro's eyes at the last remark because it was true. When Jushiro was twelve, he was diagnosed with his disease and though it wasn't deadly, his mother was upset. Jushiro thought it was normal until a week later when his mother left after giving birth to his brother without a word. His brother, Toshiro, never got to meet his mother, and his father, Kensei, had been heartbroken but Jushiro was the worst, having thought it was his fault.

Jushiro shook his head and stood up quickly before speed walking down the halls; his tears blinding him. Jushiro was rubbing his tears from his eyes and coughing into his handkerchief when he hit something hard with a grunt. His head was down to hide his tears and coughs.

"Hey, watch it," the object, a young man, said softly; he noticed Jushiro's sniffles. "Are you okay?"

Jushiro finally looked up, tears still in his eyes to see the person he bumped into. The teen was tan with way brown hair in a low pony tail and he had brown eyes as well as brown whiskers on his chin and sides of his jaw. The teen was taller than Jushiro and also more muscular. He was wearing a pair of black loose jeans that hung on his hips and sneakers as well as a white shirt under a pink zipper jacket that as covered in a flowery design; more colorful than Jushiro's black jeans and blue shirt and jacket.

"Oh," the teen said softly t Jushiro's sad and teary face.

Jushiro didn't know what processed him… Something about the teen made it ok. This teen that Jushiro had never met before… for Jushiro to just stand there, crying like a baby, his face buried in the stranger's jacket. How did Jushiro know that he wouldn't push him away?

"Shhh," the teen whispered soothingly and lightly rubbed Jushiro's back while petted Jushiro's, almost, shoulder length snow white hair.

Finally, from all the crying and panting, Jushiro's lungs couldn't take the anxiety. Jushiro pulled away sharply and coughed into his hanky, the stranger rubbing his back s the wet coughs racked through Jushiro's body. Thankfully for Jushiro, his body finally hacked up a clot of blood and mucus into his hanky.

With the obstruction finally out, Jushiro began to pant, despite the flem in his throat, to try and bring hair into his ill lungs. Exhaustion took over and Jushiro's body slumped forward, about to hit the ground, but the other teen caught him. Jushiro gasped and blushed when the teen lifted him bridal style and began to walk down the hall with him. Jushiro looked at the teen's face which held a gentle and layback expression.

"Where are you taking me?" Jushiro asked in a slightly hoarse voice.

The teen smiled down at him. "To the nurse, and Yamamoto-jiji," he replied. (Jiji means grandpa or old man)

"Jiji? Are you related to him?" Jushiro asked.

"Yeah, he's my granddad," he replied before looking down at Jushiro. "By the way, my name is Shunsui Kyoraku."

Jushiro blushed; realizing he forgot to introduce himself as well. "I'm Jushiro Ukitake," he told him.

Shunsui smiled. "I know, Yama-jiji said he got a call from the gym coaches and he sent me to get you," he said.

"While you were in class?" Jushiro asked in surprise.

"I'm not a student until tomorrow," Shunsui replied as they walked into the front office. "Yama-jiji? Doc Unohana? I got Jushiro!" he called.

Out from the nurses' office walked out a motherly woman. "Oh Shiro, I swear you do this on purpose," said Dr. Unohana and she led Shunsui with Jushiro to the bed.

"Yes, but only because I liked seeing you every day," Jushiro replied with a smile.

Dr. Unohana returned the smile before noticing the bloody hanky; she held up a biohazard bin. "Throw it away," she said and Jushiro complied with a frown.

Shunsui watched from a corner as Unohana pulled out a vial and syringe. She easily pushed up Jushiro's thin blue sleeve before gently rubbing alcohol over a spot in the soft of his elbow. Unohana filled the syringe before delivering the dose of medication; Jushiro's muscle flinched a bit from the prick but he showed no pain in his face. By the many pin scars on his arms, Shunsui guessed he was used to it.

"Hello Sui-chan, good afternoon Jushiro and Unohana," said Yamamoto as he walked in.

"Hey grandpa," Shunsui replied with a smile.

"Afternoon sir," Jushiro and Unohana said in unison.

Yamamoto sighed as he sat in a seat next to the bed. "I told your father of what happened, as usual, and he asked me to switch your gym class for gardening class," he told Jushiro.

Jushiro frowned before nodding with a sigh. "Should of know it was coming," he said.

"He also asked that I send you home; something to do with a coughing fit this morning," Yamamoto said with suspicion.

Jushiro blushed slightly. "It wasn't that bad," he muttered.

"Who will take him home?" asked Unohana as she helped Jushiro sit up.

"His parents?" Shunsui asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No," Jushiro replied. "My mom isn't around and my father is working and my brother is out of the question."

"I could take you," Shunsui said with a shrug.

Jushiro blushed. "I can't ask you that," Jushiro replied as he stood, supporting himself with the table.

"You didn't," Shunsui said with a smirk before supporting Jushiro with his shoulder; he looked at his grandfather. "You don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all, just make sure you call Starrk," Yamamoto said with a smile.

"Alright, later Doc, later Jiji," Shunsui said with a smile and helped Jushiro out the door.

"Bye!" Jushiro called over his shoulder.

Half-way down the hall to the front doors, Jushiro got his things from his locker; which Shunsui carried for him while Jushiro walked on his own. Once outside, Shunsui left Jushiro to a black hummer with red rose stencils on the back windows. Before Jushiro would open the passenger door, Shunsui did it and closed it behind Jushiro; making him blush.

"So tell me about yourself," Shunsui suggested as he followed Jushiro's directions.

"Well… my name is Jushiro Ukitake, I'm fifteen and in my sophomore year, my hair was black before I became ill but no one notices since my father's hair is silver. At him, I live with my young brother, Toshiro who's three, my father Kensei, my nanny of six years, Hanataro Yamada, and my father's lover Shuuhei Hisagi," Jushiro summed.

"What does your father do for work?" Shunsui asked; truly interested.

"He, and Hisagi, are combat trainers for the FBI Academy and hour away; they're both retired from the FBI themselves," Jushiro said.

"Why?" Shunsui asked.

Jushiro hesitated. "My mom left after I became ill so my dad retired to be with family and Hisagi followed after so my dad would have a friend," he replied. "So, what can you tell me about yourself?"

"Well," said Shunsui thinking, "my name is Shunsui Kyoraku-Yamamoto, I'm a sixteen year old sophomore, and I like to garden. I was fourteen when my parents died in a car accident. My brother, Starrk, was 24 and in his third year of college. We lived with our granddad until last year when we got a house together with Starrk's husband Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. The deal is that my brother works while Grimm and I go to school," Shunsui finished.

"I'm sorry about your parents," Jushiro said quietly.

"That's okay, my brother and Grimm are more than enough," Shunsui relied before looking out Jushiro's window. "Is that it?"

Jushiro looked out the window to see a blue house. "You," he replied and looked at Shunsui. "Come in; I want you to meet my brother."

"Okay," Shunsui said and got out with Jushiro.

When they got to the front door; Jushiro held out his bag with a smile. "Hold this; I love this part," he asked and said and Shunsui complied with curiosity.

Jushiro opened the door with a big smile. "I'm hooooome!" he called.

Jushiro's call was answered, first by a meek 'Welcome home', and then by a shrill scream. The scream was a small boy in blue jeans and a blue dragon shirt, dragging a blue blanket with white hair and teal eyes ran towards Jushiro with a huge smile and arms up. Jushiro quickly crouched down and fell back with an 'omph' into Shunsui's legs as the small boy hugged Jushiro's neck.

"Hel-wo Juju!" the three year old said.

Jushiro kissed the boy's forehead. "Hello Shiro-chan," he said and Toshiro giggled.

"You're home early," Shunsui looked up to see a small man with short black hair and black clothes walked into the room while drying his hands.

Jushiro smiled. "Sorry Hana-chan, I got another attack," he said with a nervous chuckle while Toshiro gave a dramatic gasp.

"Oh noes! No worry, Shiro make it butter! Toshiro said and gave a sloppy kiss to Jushiro's cheek while placing a corner of his blanket on Jushiro's other cheek. "Butter?" Toshiro asked innocently.

Shunsui and Jushiro smiled at him. "Mhm, Shiro-chan and Hyorinmaru have the best kisses," he said and stood up with his brother in his arms.

"I'll make some onigiri," Hanataro said and walked into the kitchen with a smile.

"Thank/Tank you!" Jushiro and Toshiro called; it was then that Toshiro noticed Shunsui.

"Hey ankii, who's dat?" he asked while pointing.

Jushiro smiled. "That's my friend Shunsui," he told his brother as they walked to the kitchen.

"Shu… Su…?" Toshiro asked confusion and Shunsui chuckled.

"How about trying shun," he told the boy and Toshiro smiled in response.

"Are you allergic to anything Shunsui-san?" asked Hanataro; he had heard Shunsui's name as they walked in.

"No," he replied with a smile.

"I'll make some tea," Jushiro said happily and put Toshiro in Shunsui's arms. "Want some apple juice?" he asked his brother.

"Yes pwease," Toshiro replied with a smile and Jushiro returned it before going into the kitchen.

Shunsui sat at the table in the chair near the booster seat with Toshiro in his lap; Toshiro laughed in pure joy as Shunsui began to bounce him on his knee. Jushiro and Hanataro smiled at each other before continuing to make the snack of green tea and fish onigiri. Just as Hanataro put the snack down and Jushiro was about to list Toshiro, the front door opened.

"I'm in the house!" a deep voice called.

Toshiro screamed like he did for Jushiro as he hopped down from Shunsui's knee and ran/hobbled to the front door. The next noises were a thump, a groan, and then a verse of laughter.

"He was in the house!" called a second deep but childish voice.

"Welcome home Pa, welcome home Hisagi!" Jushiro called with a smile.

Two men wearing navy blue uniforms and guns under their arms walked in. the taller one had brown skin like Shunsui's as well as black hair; he had a 69 tattoo on his face which Toshiro was tracing since he was in that man's arms. The second man, who was slightly shorter, was rubbing his head with a playful scowl on his face; the man was pale with silver hair, his shirt was open to reveal a 69 tattoo under his rib cage. They both looked at Shunsui confused.

"Who's he?" asked the pale man as he sat down.

"I'm Shunsui Kyoraku-Yamamoto; a friend of Jushiro's," Shunsui replied with a smile.

"I'm Shuuhei Hisagi; please call me Hisagi though," Hisagi said with a smile as he put Toshiro his booster seat.

"I'm Kensei Ukitake, these brats' father," Kensei said with a smirk as he ruffled Jushiro's hair.

"Nice to meet you," said Shunsui and took an offered onigiri.

Everyone went into a comfortable conversation about themselves and their day as they ate the onigiri and drank the tea. Suddenly bird calls filled the kitchen and dining room; everyone looked around confused before stopping on Shunsui. Shunsui chuckled sheepishly before pulled out his cellphone; his glanced at the Caller ID, his eyes widened and he quickly answered.

"Helloooo?" he asked; trying to play innocent.

"Shunsui?!Where the hell are you?!" Shunsui had to pull the phone away from his ear.

Shunsui chuckled. "Hello Starrk-nii-san; how are you?" he asked; still trying you play innocent.

"How am I?!How about where are you?!School ended Hours ago!" Starrk shouted back.

"Really?" Shunsui asked in surprise before checking the oven clock. "It's 3 o'clock, school ended 25 minutes ago. You're just panicking for nothing," Shunsui said calmly.

"I am not!" Starrk shouted. "Where are anyway?!"

"The Ukitake household," Shunsui replied. "They live four houses down from us."

"We do?" Jushiro asked in surprise; he did remember any moving trucks.

"Yeah," Shunsui said, covering the mouth piece before uncovering it. "Do you want me home?" he asked his brother.

"Yes," Starrk replied calmer. "I gotta get Grimmjow so I need you to fee Lobos, Pantera, and Kyokotsu when you get there."

"Yeah, yeah," Shunsui replied and hung up. "Sorry about that but I gotta go home and feed the pets," he said with a sheepish smile.

"That's okay," Kensei said with a shrug.

"Mind if I join you?" Jushiro asked with a small smile.

"Not at all," Shunsui replied with a smile and stood with Jushiro. 'It was nice meet you all."

"Come back anytime Shunsui-san," Hisagi said with a smile as he fed Toshiro.

"I'll be back later," Jushiro said and the two walked outside.

"We gotta take my car," Shunsui muttered. "My brother won't be happy if I left it in front of your house."

"Okay," Jushiro shrugged.

Jushiro blushed as Shunsui opened the passenger door again and helped him in with his hand before closing the door and then getting into the drivers' side. Shunsui didn't bother buckling up as he drove pass three houses before parking into the driveway that went to a yellow hose. They both left the car and walked to the house; Shunsui fumbling for his keys.

Finally unlocking the door, Shunsui and Jushiro were greeted by a large and old brown and grey husky-wolf mix with a Russian blue cat on its back. Suddenly a medium size, black, purple, and yellow parrot of some sort flew on Shunsui's shoulder; facing Jushiro. The bird opened its wings and raised one foot.

"Hey stranger," it said, making Jushiro jump. "There isn't room for the both of us in this house."

Shunsui chuckled at the bird and Jushiro as he walked in. "Don't mind her; she's just playing with you."

"So these are your pets?" asked Jushiro as he let the dog sniff his hand.

"Actually, the three of use have one each," Shunsui said and he pointed to the parrot. "This is Katen Kyokotsu but we dropped the Katen since it was a hassle to say both; she's mine."

"Pleasure," said Kyokotsu at the sound of her name.

"And the other two?" Jushiro asked after smiling to Kyokotsu.

Shunsui pointed to a picture of a man with brown hair, slightly tan skin, and brown whiskers on his face like Shunsui's. "That's my brother Starrk, and the wolf-dog is his, named Los Lobos, or Lobos for short."

"So that cat is your brother's husband's, right?" Jushiro asked as he petted the blush-grey cat, which was purring.

Shunsui smiled and nodded. "That beauty, not compared to my Kyokotsu, is Pantera-hime, Grimmjow's cat," he replied.

"Can I pick her up?" Jushiro asked; he loved cuddling with cats.

"Yeah, just watch your face; she'll lick you," Shunsui said over his free shoulder as he walked into the kitchen.

Jushiro lifted the cat off of Lobos's back and giggled when the cat licked his chin; he kissed its forehead before following Shunsui into the kitchen with lobos following. When in the kitchen, Shunsui was already putting a plate of steaming dog food on the ground (from, like, the fridge) which Lobos began to eat. The microwave beeped then and Pantera hopped onto the counter where she began to eat heated tuna from a bowl. Shunsui opened the fridge and replaced the log of dog food while also pulling out a bowl that was filled with chopped fruit of all kinds, granola, and nuts.

"Come here," Shunsui said with a smile and Jushiro complied with confusion and curiosity.

Jushiro made a noise of surprise when suddenly there was a slice of banana between his lips. Just as sudden, Shunsui was holding Kyokotsu in front of his face; Kyokotsu hesitated before taking the banana in her mouth and eating it. Shunsui smiled at Jushiro in a teasing way.

"Kissed by a bird; who would of thought," he said and Jushiro blushed with a pout.

"No fair, she totally stole that," Jushiro whined; playing along and Shunsui chuckled.

Suddenly they heard the front door slam open. "Hime! Come to daddy!" a masculine voice shouted and Pantera dashed out of the kitchen.

"Lobos? Come here and give your old man some love!" a lazy voice drawled and the old dog padded out.

"Welcome home guys! We gotta guest so try to be nice!" Shunsui shouted as he fed Kyokotsu a piece of strawberry.

It was then that a man with spiky blue hair and a tattoo of a skull jaw on his face walked in while rubbing a purring Pantera on his chin and neck; he was purring as well. Behind him walked in a man that looked like Shunsui but taller and paler; he was carrying Lobos in his arms with Lobos's head under his chin. The older man was wearing jeans and a white shirt while the other was wearing a black college uniform.

"Jushiro, meet Grimmjow and Starrk," said Shunsui with a smile.

Grimmjow looked up from Pantera and smiled at Jushiro. "Hello Ukitake-sempai, how are Kensei and Hisagi-sensei?" he asked Jushiro.

Jushiro smiled. "Probably arguing on what pizza to get for dinner," he said with a chuckle.

Shunsui and Starrk looked between Jushiro and Grimmjow in surprise. "You know each other already Grimm?" Starrk asked in confusion.

Grimmjow smirked. "Not only have I lived here the six years Ukitake-sempai has but I also met him some time ago during combat training; when Kensei and Hisagi-sensei taught martial arts for kids and teens," he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah, he's a good person," Jushiro said with a smile.

"Well, that was a surprise," Starrk muttered before putting Lobos on the ground and then holding his hand out towards Jushiro. "Starrk Kyoraku-Yamamoto, the annoying and lazy older brother."

Jushiro smiled and shook his hand. "Jushiro Ukitake, oldest son of Kensei Ukitake," he replied.

"Hey, want to stay for dinner?" asked Grimmjow as he scratched Pantera's rear; he had just noticed the time.

Jushiro smiled sheepishly. "I wish I could but Thursday is family night; I have to go home," he said.

"That's too bad," Starrk said.

"I'll walk you home," Shunsui offered with a charming smile.

Jushiro blushed and Starrk and Grimmjow glanced at each other with knowing looks; having noticed. "You don't have too," Jushiro weakly argued.

"I insist," Shunsui replied and grabbed Jushiro's hand before pulling him out of the house.

Starrk and Grimmjow glanced at each other with smirks. "Who do they remind you of?" asked Grimmjow and Starrk chuckled before kissing his husband's forehead.

When Shunsui and Jushiro were outside, Shunsui never let go of Jushiro's hand. Jushiro was still blushing lightly but secretly enjoyed the warmth from the other, along with the warm smile he wore as he spoke to Jushiro about everything he could think of. When they reached Jushiro's home, Shunsui led him all the way to the door. Jushiro was slightly disappointed with himself when he pulled away from Shunsui's hand and opened the door; Jushiro turned to face Shunsui in the doorway with a smile.

"Thanking for walking me home," Jushiro said with a slight blush.

Shunsui returned the smile. "You're welcome," Shunsui turned to leave but stopped when something grabbed his sleeve; h turned to Jushiro in question.

Jushiro was looking at the ground with a frown and dark blush. "I only met you today but I already like you," he whispered and before Shunsui could say anything, Jushiro kissed his lips briefly before slamming the door closed.

"Everything alright?!" called Kensei from the living room.

"Yeah!" Jushiro called with a red face; happy his voice didn't crack.

Jushiro sunk down to the ground with his back against the door. "I didn't even know if he was gay," he whispered to himself while subconsciously touching his lips.

On the other side of the door, Shunsui was staring at the spot Jushiro had been with a red face and a dreamy expression. Robotically, Shunsui turned and walked home with blood leaking out of his nose, his face still red, and a happy smiled on his face to add to it. That was when Shunsui knew, he could live Tokyo.

~The Next Day~

"Jushiro-san, it's time to get up," said Hanataro and turned on the lights before leaving the room.

Jushiro sighed and stared at the ceiling; he probably lost Shunsui yesterday, and he had really liked him too. Jushiro was silent and frowning as he got dressed, white jeans and white long sleeve shirt, and while he ate breakfast, Honey nut Cheerios, and when he loaded his things into his book bag. He thanked Hanataro for making his lunch and kissed Toshiro's forehead before walking to the door and opening it; he got the ultimate shock.

"Shunsui…" he whispered in shock.

There stood Shunsui, at the door, smiling brightly at the shocked Jushiro. Today Shunsui was wearing a dark red button up shirt and black slacks on his back was his jacket, unzipped and hanging snuggly on his shoulders. Jushiro gasped when Shunsui pulled him out of the door way and the closed the door.

"I like you too Jushiro," Shunsui said and, to Jushiro's shock, kissed his lips.

Jushiro's arms went slack and he was frozen stiff as Shunsui kissed him. Shunsui opened his mouth and nibbled on Jushiro's lower lip, making him gasp which Shunsui used to insert his tongue; it was then that Jushiro began to kiss back. Jushiro shyly touched Shunsui's tongue with his own; Shunsui lightly sucked Jushiro's tongue into his mouth, making the other gasp but understand. Jushiro began to lick everywhere in Shunsui's moth; making the other moan quietly. They finally pulled away with a gasp and began to pant.

Once their breathing evened and their kissed high was over Jushiro looked at Shunsui shocked. "You really like me?" he asked quietly with shock.

Shunsui chuckled and cuffed Jushiro's cheek; Jushiro leaned into the hand with a small smiled. "Yes, like you said, we only knew each other a few hours but I felt something, the minute you hugged me in the hall and cried into my shoulder," he said softly and kissed Jushiro's forehead.

Jushiro smiled and hugged Shunsui tightly; happy to have not only a friend but a boyfriend. "We better get to school," Jushiro murmured.

Shunsui gave Jushiro another squeeze before pulling away and the leading Jushiro to his car by his hand. As usual, Shunsui helped Jushiro into the car and then Shunsui got in himself; Shunsui smiled at Jushiro and the house window before starting to drive them to school. Shunsui had smiled at the window because in it was Hisagi in Kensei's arms; both were smiling their congratulations.

"So what's your schedule?" Jushiro asked to start conversation; he and Shunsui were holding hands.

"Same as yours," Shunsui said with a shrug.

Jushiro looked at him with a frown. "Why?" he asked.

Shunsui smiled at him. "After yesterday. I called my granddad and got him to make them the same so I can always be with you," he replied as they pulled into the school parking lot.

Jushiro blushed and looked at his lap. "Thanks," he mumble; he jumped when his door opened, revealing Shunsui.

Shunsui chuckled at Jushiro's surprise. "You're not very good with your surroundings," he told him and helped Jushiro out of the hummer.

Jushiro gripped Shunsui's hand as they walked through the crowded parking lot; some people were staring and whispering, making Jushiro nervous. Suddenly the grip on Jushiro's hand tightened and he looked up; Shunsui was looking down at him with a reassuring smile, Jushiro shakily returned it. As they entered and walked down the hallways of the school, Jushiro kept his focus on Shunsui.

They stopped and Jushiro noticed they were near his locker. "Get your things while I get mine. I'll be back soon," Shunsui said and kissed Jushiro's forehead before walking down the hall.

Jushiro watched Shunsui's form until it disappeared into the hoards of students. Jushiro sighed before dialing the combination into his locker and then getting out the books he'd need for English, geometry, and biology II. As Jushiro was standing with his books, he was pushed into the lockers, dropping his textbooks on his feet with a quiet shout of shock and pain. He slowly turned to see Renji and two others of Zabimaru; Yammy and Nnoitra Espada.

Renji sneered at Jushiro. "It's already bad enough this school has one fag; we don't need another or a fag couple," he hisses and Yammy shoved Jushiro to the ground.

Jushiro bit his lip to his pain of his bruises before glaring at Renji. "Leave me alone Renji," he demanded.

Renji looked shocked at Jushiro's retaliation before he growled and pulled his fist back. "Don't tell me what to do," he growled and swung forward.

Jushiro closed his eyes in participation of the punch but instead he heard a gasp and a sound of skin against skin. Jushiro slowly opened his eyes and stared in shock at what was in front of him; Shunsui's back. Shunsui's body was locked in a defensive stance; his arm up with Renji's fist in his hand. Shunsui's expression was very livid and Renji looked scared while his posse ran away.

Shunsui pulled Renji forward by his fist so their faces were inches apart. "Want to rethink that?" he asked in a livid tone.

Renji wretched his hand Shunsui's and staggered back in shock. "Who the hell are you?!" he damned, trying to sound brave.

"Shunsui Kyoraku-Yamamoto. That boy's love and the principal's grandson," said a feminine voice.

Shunsui lanced back while Jushiro looked up; it was Unohana and man did she look scary. Unohana carefully helped Jushiro stand while glaring at Renji who faltered in bravery at her stare. Renji jumped with a gasp when a firm hand grasped his shoulder; he turned to see Yamamoto.

"You're in a lot of trouble Abarai-kun," Yamamoto said; his usual smile gone as well.