She closed her eyes and basked in the sun's radiance. The sun is a medium-sized star. Yellow, and blah blah blah. She tried to study the facts for today's test.

A shadow loomed over her and boomed. "You don't plan on skipping class today, do you, Autumn?"

Autumn opened her eyes and frowned. "God, Adam, you freaked me out for a minute there."

He chuckled and sat down next to her. His eyebrows crinkled, worried. "You might fail this grade and not make it into a good college."

"Ah, you're such worrywart. We're only in the 8th grade, chill." She playfully kicked Adam and laughed.

Adam laughed along with her. "Whatever, just get into class with me now."

Autumn cocked an eyebrow. "We have want me to come into the boys' locker room with you? Oh, so I can see you in action~!"

Adam's face reddened. "N-no. I just meant...we gotta get to class..." He looked away, unsure of what expression to show in front of Autumn.

She threw her head back and laughed. "Loosen up, you're so serious. I wouldn't take a step in there unless I had to!" She then abruptly stood up, arousing Adam. "Even though it's just physical education, don't you think we should go to class?" She tried to imitate his voice and then she thrust out her hand to help him up.

He chuckled and took the offer. "First of all, that's not my voice, it's a horrible imitation of it," They both had a stare down. Adam started making funny faces.

Autumn laughed and lost the stare down. "First of all, you have pretty eyes, and second, you cheeaattteddd!"

Adam gave a huge grin and teased her. "I'm the only one who could make you laugh~!"

Autumn giggled, grabbed his hand, and ran back towards the school gym. After 45 minutes of that class, it was time for lunch and the bell rang. Adam normally waits for Autumn, but she never particularly took this long. He leaned against the wall, because he knew that if she got out before him, she would have waited.

Several minutes later, the door pushed open and Autumn came out, with rumpled clothes, skin glistening with sweat, and her auburn hair was pulled into a messy bun. Adam sighed, she looked so beautiful no matter what. "Come on, Adam, we're already late for lunch."

He nodded and walked with Autumn to their usual lunch table. After Autumn bought some chips and a soda for lunch, they sat down together. She snacked on that and Sabrina smiled. "So, Adam, have you told her yet?"

Autumn cocked an eyebrow. "Told who yet?"

Sabrina shook her head and gave a scolding look. "So you haven't, Adam. She'll figure out sometime."

Autumn pouted. "I wanna know! I'm betting it has to do with me, so I have the authority to know!"

Sabrina smiled. "But, you don't, so, hush about it."

Autumn frowned. "B-but, c'mon, Sabbie!"

"Autumn, no. He'll tell you when he has to. That's not anytime soon, so shut up about it."

Autumn was close to tears. She pushed away her "lunch" and laid her head against the table.

Adam frowned. "Come on, Autumn, don't be upset! It's just a secret about something, and we promised not to tell."

Autumn sat up from her position and stared at Adam. "Why didn't you just say so?"

Adam looked down sheepishly. "Well, I didn't know how to put it earlier."

Autumn smiled and gulped her soda, Sprite, which was her favorite. "Agh, gotta throw away trash, I'll be right back."

Autumn turned around and went to throw away her trash and Sabrina looked at Adam. "How could you just look at her straight in the eye and lie? Why can't you tell her the truth, Adam?"

Adam looked down. "I...I'm afraid she'll say no."

"Who'll say no?"

"Ms. Rogers. To my science project. I know it's just, messy."

"Okay..." Autumn looked down at her watch. "Aw, god. I have band next. I'm gonna run for it, goodbye Adam! See you before science!

"That was close, Adam. Now tell me the real reason."

"That is the reason."

"Come on, you've known her longer than me and even I know she won't give you a horrible rejection like the other girls normally do."

"I...I know. I guess I'm just too scared or not ready yet."

"Considering you, it was probably both."


The bell rang and Adam and Sabrina went to their next class. Adam's mind kept wandering to Autumn.


Of course Autumn was trying her best to play her Bb Clarinet. It was just...what are Sabrina and Adam hiding? They're her best friends, and oof! A baton hit Autumn on the back of her head.

"S-sorry! I'll do better to focus."

Mr. Haymitch shook his head. "It's okay, just practice more Autumn's time for dismissal, shoo kids! Hurry you've got 2 minutes until the bell rings!" Autumn quickly packed up her instrument and locked it up.

She ran to her class, or at least the place where Adam and she always met up. Except, Adam wasn't there, at the exact time he usually was. The minute bell rang and Autumn sighed. She shuffled her feet towards Ms. Montalbano's class.

The bell rang as she got in her seat. "Okay, class. We have a test today, so set up your scantron for it. Name, Date, Period, and Subject. Subject could be astronomy or science." Ms. Montalbano passed out the tests. "Tests are out, it should be absolutely silent. You may now begin."

Autumn focused and put her mind off of Adam. She finished the test not soon after and started drawing in her journal. The bell rang and it was time to go home. She ran excitedly out the door to go home with Adam, but he was occupied. With Megan Puglisi. Autumn looked down and gave a sad smile.

She slowly walked home and stared into the vast sky. There were two kids laughing together. She smiled as she recognized them.

"Hey, Jake, Luke."

"Hi Autumn," They called in unison.

"What're you up to, kids?" Autumn placed her backpack on the porch.

"Playing soccer. Wanna join?"

"Ha ha ha, sure, why not?" She jogged over to them as they argued whose team Autumn would join. "Boys, boys. I'll go against both of you. Solved, okay?" Autumn gave a sweet smile and the boys couldn't help but smile back. They played and the longer they played, the more intense it got. They got so sucked into the game that the kicks started getting more powerful, and farther, too. Soon it got kicked into the street. Luke was about to go for it when Autumn told him that she would get it. She looked both ways before crossing the street and smiled when she got the ball.

"Autumn, Watch out!" Luke and Jake screamed.

Autumn looked to her right, and there was nothing. "Are you guys joking with me?"

"No, the other side!"

She then looked to her left and her eyes widened. She was in shock and she couldn't move. Or do anything. That is, until it was too late.