"Get up, dear." The same woman from the night was standing next to Thom's bed. She was wearing a nightgown, and the dark blue light from the window indicated to him that is was very early morning.
"We've got some things to go over." She said. "Come down for breakfast first. We'll tell you all you need to know." She left the room.
He sat up in bed. The pain was still there, but it wasn't as severe as before. Inching his way off of the bed, he cringed as the wound on his back stretched underneath the bandage.

Grasping the wooden wall with his hands, he slowly made his way out and into the hall. It was a long hallway, with a thick blue carpet running the length of it. There were several rooms in the hall, which ended with a downward staircase.
Fumbling down the way, he saw several painted portraits of a family on the wall. A woman with red hair, a tall bald man with a sandy beard, holding a baby.

He heard voices coming from downstairs, and he hurried down the hall and stairs.
He reached the landing, and was shocked to find himself in a very large open tavern. There was a bar, a fireplace, chairs, with pelts and deer heads lining the walls. It was a very cozy place.
Behind the bar was a door to another room, from which the voices were coming. He hobbled over behind it, and entered the room. It was a kitchen, with a large table in the middle. Several people were sitting at it, who all turned their heads toward him when he walked in.

There was the red haired woman, next to an old man with thick white hair. Beside him was a young man with black hair and a goatee. He had been speaking French to the old man before Thom walked in.
"Maggie," said the woman with red hair. She stood up and shook his hand.
"Douglas," said the older man, who didn't bother any gestures of introduction.
Thom expected the other man to speak, but he merely stared at him. "That's Pierre," said Maggie. "Doesn't speak English, you see."
"Oh. Thomas Bane. Pleased to meet you." He replied.

"I'm sure you're right distressed about all this... Douglas found you out in the woods a few nights ago. Soaked in blood, nasty cut on the backside, all 'lone. Brought you back here."
"Where exactly is 'here?'" Thom asked.
Douglas spoke up: "Blackwood."
"Y-yes. Blackwood, Maine. Small hunting village." Maggie added.
"You said you found me alone in the woods?" Thom asked. "I was nearly killed by a wolf. Must've seen me as fair game, or something. I struck the thing down, but what about its body?"
"You must be struck with a case of amnesia, boy. All I saw was a sorry looking man in a pool of blood." Douglas sarcastically said.
Pierre started laughing, and after a stern glance from Maggie, left the room. "What's he doing here?" Thom asked.
"We'd do well to ask the same question. The fool arrived a few weeks ago, hasn't left since. We run an Inn, you see. There's the upstairs rooms, the parlor, and the basement, which has quite a few cots and hammocks. He was staying in your room, butwWe thought you'd do best with our finest room to recover, so he was moved to the basement." Said Maggie.

"Well, I'm in all of your debts." Thom said. "Any idea of how long it will take me to recover?"
"Month. I wouldn't recommend traveling if I were you, Thomas. By the time you're all fixed Father Winter'll be here and you'll have no way of gettin' far." Chuckled Douglas.
Thom sighed. "So you're saying I'm stuck?" Neither Maggie or Douglas answered him, though they exchanged looks.
"Don't matter. To be honest, I'd say you're right about the amnesia thing, Douglas. I've got no memories from before the woods. Woke up by myself, passed out with a wolf next to me."
Maggie's eyes widened. "You... You don't remember anything?" She asked.

"It's all blank." Replied Thom. Maggie quickly stood up and left the room.
Thom turned his back to Douglas, who was staring intently at him. "Maggie's a little superstitious, is all." He said. "Nothing to worry about. You're welcome here, so long as you pitch in." He put on reading glasses and turned to his newspaper.
"Superstitious about what, if I can ask...?" Thom said.
Douglas slowly raised his head from his newspaper and looked at him. "Legends. Nothing but legends is what she's afraid of."
"What kind?"

Irritated, Douglas looked up again. "The kind that doesn't need to be talked about." And with that, he got up and walked out of the room to sit in the parlor, in front of the fireplace.
Thom went back upstairs, finding a book to read in one of the rooms labeled 'Lounge.' He was well within a classic fairytale about a damsel in distress, when he heard a door burst open in the parlor. He heard some shouting, and then footsteps coming down the hallway to where he was.
In walked Maggie, who was very angry. "The Mayor wants to meet with you. Get your coat on."