Shoujo ai-don't like don't read.

Alena was an aspiring singer, talented and a goody two shoes. Kelly was a hard core rebel, with dreams of being an artist. Both of them happen to end up stuck at a reform camp because of a big "mistake." They end up becoming roommates, the only problem is that they cannot stand to breath the same air. But they could possibly end up becoming friends and maybe even something more.

Alena walked down the cold sidewalk, her friend had basically kidnapped her into going to some party. Now she was stuck in the middle of no where without even a pair of shoes! But then again she should probably start from the beginning.

It was the last day of school before summer vacation. She had been looking forward to the start of her freedom from class work, this way it gave her three months worth of practicing her music. She had a love for singing ever since she was young. She could easily play any instrument but what she loved the most was her piano. It was a solid black color with polished gold pieces. Her father had renovated a room in the house for it. Her own piano room, thinking about laying her finger tips on it's white keys made her shiver. She picked up her pace as she practically skipped down the hall, eager to get a head start. But when she could see the doors in front of her, her exit, a girl her "friend" intercepted her.

"Well, hey there Miss Alena, where are you going in such a rush." A blonde girl, Casey, spoke to her in a thick southern accent, they where in Texas afterall.

"Oh, hey Casey, I just really want to get home that's all." she replied flatly trying to avoid any further conversation.

"Hmmm, we have other plans for tonight." The blond said with an evil smirk.

"No, I can-"

"NONSENSE! Terry honey? Get her and let's go." Casey cut her off waving over a very tall and very handsome jock. He had dark skin and bright brown eyes, Alena couldn't help but stare at him, especially at the white scar on his jaw line. But before she could take her thoughts any further on the matter she was lifted off her feet by strong arms, a literal kidnapping. The boy, Terry, lifted her over his back like a sack of potatoes, he had a very strong frame and toned muscles, mixed with his tan complexion the hold was oddly comforting-argh that's beside the point! She was being ripped away from her perfect start of vacation! Registering the thought she began to slam down onto the ripped boy's back, which wouldn't really be as effective because piano didn't exactly give you upper body strength. She flailed like a dead fish swinging around her legs, but it still did nothing except fly of her flipflops and backpack. Breathing heavily she finally gave it up, the only thing her fighting was doing was giving her a cardio work out, well that and a headache. She felt her body being tossed down, with a yelp she hit rough leather seats, they stung her arms from sitting out in the heat. Groaning she looked up at the great I'm in Casey Hampton's hot convertible, with her hot boyfriend, and a blasting head ache, whoopie, Summer is the greatest. She almost laughed at her own sarcasm before thinking back to her situation, she didn't even know where they happened to be taking her.

"Casey, you better hope I am dreaming, or you are going to find yourself in a VERY bad situation." She said in an icy voice.

"I'm afraid not sweetheart." The blond replied apologetically, looking back at her through her rearveiw mirrior.

Yes, sadly this blonde bimbo wasn't the cliche bitch of the school, with her hot bitchy boyfreind. The duo were the exact opposite, Casey was kind but very stubborn and always ended up getting her way, Terry was stern and mean looking but he is the sweetest person you could ever meet. And unfortunatley enough, the blonde bimbo just so happened to be her best; and only childhood friend, the bitch.

"So, What secret location are you pedophiles taking sweet little o' me?" Alena asked in a childish voice.

"Location: Johnny boys house, Secret: not so much." Casey replied not taking her eyes off the road.

"So you're ignoring my other comment?"

"I'm sick of every summer, you shut in the house playing your stupid piano, you are becoming an antisocial shut in and as your role model I will be taking you to the end of the year party."

"Yup, all role model's take there friends to parties at a random guy's house where people get drunk. And you still ignored my comment." Alena replied dryly with a roll of her eyes. Casey's only response was a quick glare. After a good five minutes her "friend" spoke again, this time in a slightly shy voice.

"Why can't you just act like a teenager?" She murmered.

"I don't want to be a teenager!" Alena whined

"You are 17, deal with it!" Casey replied raising her voice, speaking clearly trying her best to get her point across.

"Why can't you just leave me alone? I like being in denial!" Alena shouted.

"That is it, Terry! Deal with her!" OH no, I hate it when she does this...Terry who had been sitting quietly in the front seat craned his neck to look at her. His deep chocolate eyes bore down on her, his jaw was slightly set in a scowl-that Alena knew had no real intent behind it-Shifting nervously trying to ignore his gaze she finally gave up. "OK OK, I get it!" It wasn't that Terry made her feel uncomfortable it was just that it seemed like he could see through your very soul. The boy didn't need words, one look could tell you everything he was thinking, some times it was just infuriating. Casey shifted in her seat with a content smirk gracing her lips, the bitch.

Alena heard extremley loud music and Johnny Boy's Mansion came into view, kids were every where, it looked like the whole grade attended. But the noise! It was unbeleivable, music was blaring beer bottles smashed everywhere, kids hollowering, it was no surprise that Alena soon upon arriving heared sirens in the background. At that moment she knew for a fact that she was screwed.