Chapter 3: Death Sentence

"But Dad!" Alena cried looking at her Father .

"No arguing. My decision is final." He replied deadly calm.

"You can't do this! What about my perfect summer? MY PIANO! Please Father!" She pleaded giving him the best puppy-dog face she could manage.

"Yes I can, and I already did." He said in his deep voice.

"B-but the..the piano." Alena whined close to tears.

"I'll send you a keyboard." He replied reasonably.

"Oh, a keyboard." Alena repeated weakly.

"Now, I suggest you go upstairs pack, and sleep. You're getting up at 6am tomorrow." He told her opening up a newspaper. She stood there opening her mouth but not finding any words to say. She eventually gave a defeated sigh, nothing was going to change his mind.

"Yes sir" Alena mumbled, turning to walk up the stairs.

She knew better than to argue with her Father longer than he would allow. He was a very tall man with large shoulders and hands. His temper matched his size, a temper that bests Zeus himself. But then again, he took the whole being arrested thing kind of well. He even laughed when she had first come home, there I was having a melt down and he just stands there like it was one big joke. She thought bitterly reaching her room.

Even though he didn't care, he explained to her, that the police wouldn't let him hear the end of it until he sent her off somewhere. Some 'reform place for troubled teens' he laughed at the title too, life is so unfair sometimes.

When she had reached her room she simply flopped down onto her mattress. Then fell asleep, not bothering to take her shoes off.


"Mamma!" Kelly pleaded quietly. "You aren't serious? Right? Right?" She asked looking between her parents' stares.

"Dead serious." Her Father answered.

"But why! I already told you I hadn't done anything!" She raised her voice slightly in exasperation.

"How do you think it looks for me that my own daughter was arrested? Even if you hadn't done anything, I can't let it slide, how do you think that would make me look?" He answered curtly. The wording of that sentence immediately got on Kelly's nerves and her eye twitched for a second.

"Is that how it is? Care about how you look more than your own daughter!"

"That is just the way life is Kellial! Do you think I'd get promoted like that? I need to show that I am a leader and ready to take disciplinary actions!" He snapped back letting a bit of his accent loose as he said her full name.

Kelly grimaced but stayed silent; her father was right. She was lucky to get off with going to some 'reform camp' instead of a Juvenal Detention or having to pay a large fine. Even though she knew it was true she couldn't help but to look at her mother, pleading with her eyes.

"I'm sorry Kellial, but your Father is right." Her mother said apologetically. Kelly slumped her shoulders in defeat, she wasn't in the mood to argue with them. Scowling at the floor she tuned out her Father's voice as he explained her 'summer paradise'.

"...So you'll need to get up at six."

"Like, in the AM?" She asked.

Her Father gave her an annoyed look. "Yes, in the AM."

Peachy. Just damn peachy.