All I ever heard from you was "I'm sorry"
Sorry for not giving what you felt was important
Felt I needed to know more about your past
You said what you saw in the mirror was broken

I saw fragments of light reflecting off your shattered pieces
Casting vibrant colors far more beautiful than it would have if it was whole
But all you did was scatter them across the sky like shrapnel
You took my rise leaving only the sunsets over the shore line
Left me in the dark of your shadow hanging over me
My vision is not ready to adjust to this

And when you walked away for the final time
You were still very much present with what you left behind
I never understood the emptiness I felt watching you leave
As you recede off into the distance becoming another day gone by
The way unexplained beauty lingers long after it has left
I think back only of the final moments spent basking under your glow

There is an unsatisfied hunger stirring in my gut
With most things of unexplained beauty
I always felt so empty when you left
I never told you how I truly felt