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She stood in the middle of the bustling crowd. It was like getting lost and not being able to save yourself. It was powerful and unchanging.

A man banged into her, but she paid no heed - why would humans bother her? She was a cold-blooded killer, one that heard the pulsing of the humans veins in their necks, as they continued with their normal lives, unaware that she was a vampire.

She was hungry, hungry for fresh, human blood. It had been three days since she last fed - on an old man in the country who didn't seem to mind dying.

It took all her self-restraint not to feed on of these feeble humans in broad daylight.

She slinked away into an alleyway and ready to go. She breathed deeply and thought of herself splitting into particles and travelling as fast as light to her homeland.

She was gone from the alley in less than a second. She was aware of her body, but at the same time she wasn't.

Her long black hair swished as she re-materialized at her destination. Her grey eyes flicked over the small field where she had come to, looking for food.

She spotted a young human building a wall and ran silently behind him. She gracefully placed her delicate hands against his shoulders. He started in surprise.

Gently, she brought her lips to the pulsing vein that called to her and sunk her fangs in.

Immediately, two trickles of red, red blood sprung to the surface. She swallowed it, licking with her pink tongue to encourage more to leak out.

After twenty minutes, she released her strong grip on him. She watched as he sunk to the grass beneath them. No, he wasn't dead, although he would wake up dazed and confused. The two pinpricks where she had sucked life-giving blood out, were fading already. In an hour, they would have to vanished altogether.

She felt invigorated after her meal. She felt as though nothing could get away from her, she was that fast.

She looked at the receding daylight. The sun was setting, casting the sky into a mirage of oranges and reds. It was time to go.

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