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I bow as Edward enters the room, his eyes settling on the figure on the couch - Sir Antony.

"You can go now, Alfred." Edward says, sitting a little too close to Sir Antony.

"Yes, Sir." I reply, withdrawing from the room quickly.

Just as I shut the door, I spot Sir Antony's hand on Master Edward's thigh. Hm.

With the door now shut, I look around - there's no one around on the fifth floor in the middle of the day. With no thought whatsoever, I put my eye to the keyhole.

In the dim light of the fire, I see Master Edward being pinned under Sir Antony. I'm about to go into the room, when I hear what is unmistakably Master Edward groaning. I look again, they're grinding against each other with a desperate - almost animal-like - passion; as thought they don't know when they'll meet again under private circumstances again.

Master Edward is clearly in a relationship of some sort with Sir Antony of some sort Sir Antony, I think, and from the sounds they were making, they liked their relationship. It's not my place, I'm a footman - second footman at that - and I would be sacked should I say what I saw.

I pull away from the keyhole and walk away.

I shake my head - these aristocrats think they can get away with anything without anyone's knowledges. But servants always know their secrets.

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