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"So this is what you spend your time doing, huh?" He says from behind you.

You turn around to face your cousin, whose standing in baggy jeans and a big t-shirt.

You eye him up for a moment before focussing on boxing the shadows threating to overtake your mind.

"Rude, aren't you?" Henry says, standing next to you. You shiver, not from the cold - from something else.

You grunt in response, still fighting shadows.

"Didn't mummy teach her darling son any manners?"

Ignore him, you say to yourself.

"She would be shocked about what you get up to, wouldn't she?"

At that, you grab him by the shoulders and slam him against the wall. A cold winter ripples through his inky black hair and your brown hair.

"What do you know?" You hiss into the face of your cousin.

"I know that you vandalize bus shelters, terrorise old women and..." He lists, looking at you with his bright blue eyes.

You smirk, "Is that all?"

"That's just the tip of the iceberg, isn't it?"

You shrug, still holding him by his shoulders.

He puts his face close to yours and whispers, right in your ear, "You're gay, aren't you?"

You slam him repeatedly against the wall until there's blood trickling down his thin arms. You stop.

"I. Am. Not. Gay." You hiss in his face, punctuating each word with another slam against the brick wall.

"Oh, ok," He says, wincing slightly, "Then you won't respond to this then, will you?"

He leans forward and captures your lips in his warm ones. Your hands go slack, releasing him. You don't respond for a second and then you respond, your tongue eagerly probing into his mouth.

After a few minutes, you pull away, leaving a breathless Henry.

He grins, "You're gay alright."

"Whatever." You say, walking down the alley towards the brightly lit main road.

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