Day by day, boredom grew

Hour by hour, imaginations flew

Mind, captivated by boredom

Mind, hostages in its own kingdom

Day by day, boredom grew

Hour by hour, imaginations flew

Bored of doing the right,

Shall I kill myself tonight?

A/N: Been a long time since I've written a poem (because of procrastination, XD!), about two years I believe, and I'm glad I haven't lost my touch.

This poem was heavily inspired by Death Note and I was planning to upload this in but decided against it since it doesn't really have anime characters in it, so I just decided to post it here in my Fictionpress account.

And if you guys noticed, I repeated the first 2 lines of the 1st and 2nd stanzas because I want it to be somewhat repetitive and thus the title- boredom, because repetition is simply boring. I want to show the boredom that the narrator is experiencing and thus he/she is depressed because of the routinary events that he/she kept on doing. He/She wanted to do something unexpected and wrong- thus she contemplates suicide to end this so called depression.

I actually did this for my English assignment, which was to create a 4-lined poem with 2 stanzas, so I apologize if it's too short… so yeah!

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