At the Cline house, Terry Cline was on the computer, checking her e – mail. She saw there wasn't much so she logged out. She saw a headline on the computer, and one headline said 'MANILOW PLAYING IN MILWAUKEE.'

"Sounds like fun. Maybe I should get tickets for myself and Jeremy," she said to herself.

She opened the article.

Article read:

"Barry Manilow and friends are going to be playing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the next couple of weeks on the dates of February 7 – 10 starting at 8 PM," Terry read the beginning of the article.

She saw the name of the place was at the auditorium of Jefferson High School, but she knew that Tony and Sara did not go to that high school. Yes, she and Jeremy knew where Jefferson High was.

"Starting price on tickets will be running at $10," the article went on.

It made Terry wonder who else would be performing with Barry Manilow since the article had the word 'friends.' She did know Barry Manilow had a new CD out not too long ago but she thought it was a good idea to go and get it when she went grocery shopping today. She thought she would go and call the 1 – 800 number the article mentioned later today so she could get two tickets for herself and Jeremy. She would mention this to Jeremy later today after he came home from the sheriff's office and see what he thought of the idea.

She knew she couldn't wait any longer so she picked up the phone and called Jeremy at the sheriff's office.

"Sheriff's office," Terry heard Karen say.

"Hello. Is Jeremy in?" Terry asked.

"Who is this?" Karen asked.

"His wife, Terry," Terry replied.

"One minute," Karen said and put the phone down.

"Jeremy, you have time for a phone call?" Karen asked.

"Business or personal?" he asked.

"Personal. It's your wife," Karen told him.

"I guess so. I wonder what she wants. Last time she called she wanted to get permission on getting her hair done," Jeremy said.

"I don't know. She didn't tell me," Karen said.

Karen thought she would stick around and see what his wife wanted.

"Hi, Terry," Jeremy said.

"Hi, Jeremy. Mind if I ask something?" Terry asked.

"What? The last time you asked me something it was about your hair," Jeremy said.

"It's not about my hair this time," Terry said.

"What is it this time?" Jeremy asked.

"It's about getting concert tickets in the upcoming two weeks," Terry said.

"Who's playing? Is it in our area?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, it's in our area, Jeremy. I thought I could get two tickets for the two of us. I saw this online article and it said Barry Manilow is coming to Milwaukee with some friends of his but didn't mention the names of his. I thought I should get tickets for us. You know Tony and Sara are old enough to stay home alone," Terry said.

"What days is he coming to town?" Jeremy wanted to know.

"February seventh to the tenth," Terry replied.

"I guess it's all right. Go ahead and call in for tickets. Where is he performing?" Jeremy asked.

"Jefferson High auditorium," Terry answered.

"I know where it is," Jeremy said.

"So do I."

Karen was by the phone the time but she couldn't catch the words Terry was saying to Sheriff Cline. So it told her that Terry was asking for tickets to a concert. Karen knew who Barry Manilow was but she had met him a few times but never got the chance to have a conversation with him. She was born the year he got started on his career. She met him because her brother was friends with him.

After watching Sheriff Cline hang up the phone, Karen said, "So you're going to a concert?"

"It looks that way. Terry happens to be a fan of Barry Manilow. I really don't care for him."

"I've met him a few times. I met him because my older brother is friends with the guy."

"Really? You never told me this before. How did your brother meet someone famous like him?" Sheriff Cline asked.

"He met him when he was going to start a job singing Elvis Presley in Las Vegas when he was eighteen so that's how. He has been friends with Barry for almost thirty years now," Karen answered.

"Interesting. Would your brother be part of this tour in the next couple weeks?" Sheriff Cline asked her.

"I think so. I think he mentioned it," Karen said.

"Oh. So we'll see him on stage then?"

"I think so. I might be at the show since he invited me to come along," Karen told him.

"Come and sit with me and Terry and point your brother out to us," Jeremy said.

"I don't know if we will be sitting together," Karen told him.

At the house, Terry got on the phone and called the 1 – 800 number and ordered two tickets for the concert on the ninth of that month for 8 PM. The concert was supposed to run for two to three hours.

After calling for the tickets, Terry got the car keys and locked the front door of the house and drove off to Wal – Mart to do some grocery shopping for a while.