(A/N: This is the first essay I'm posting, so review so that I can improve! Constructive criticism really appreciated. )

Cell phones: These useful objects modernize the existing world and are an efficient method for communication and research. The invention of cellular communication created a new age in the timeline of technology, setting the revolutionary clock forward by hours while bringing the previous world up in strides, making it almost ultramodern. How on earth, one would ask, could the invention of cell phones create such an amazing, yet drastic change in the world? Is it even possible?

Unfortunately, it is. As well as modernizing our contemporary world, these 'harmless' objects are indeed a major setback to the worlds increasing population and banks as they require a lot of money to create them; stalling and staling the flow of money to those who need it, as well as several other factors.

An unconscious body, a broken right headlight, a piece of dented metal lying askew accompanied by the occasional scratched tree, a blood-covered object on the ground, shattered shiny glass, and flashes of light: a picture seen all too often on every busy street in the world.

A fine example of your typical vehicle accident, flooded with police cars and pictures being taken by forensic investigators and restorative experts, the crime scene including crushed mirror glass, the victimized busybody, and furthermore, they include the same culprit, the chief reason behind the entire gory situation, the main distraction yet also one of the most helpful and entertaining modes of universal communication: cell phones.

These inanimate objects can cause a lot more harm than you think it can, leading to my perception that if, for one day, the use of cell phones (with the exceptions of emergencies) was banned while driving, then the world would be a happier and better place.