So, that's us?

By Alanna Harris.

"So how are we doing" I asked with earnest as I walked into the room, carrying a tray off coffee.

"Fine, fine, we are having a few speed issues, but other than that we are fine." replied the captain, hunched over a monitor like a blabbering baboon.

"Speed issues? What's wrong with the speed, I hadn't felt any turbulence for quite some time, so I had assumed everything was fine?" the smile had washed of my face.

"Nothing overly interesting it's just that this trip is taking so long that the crew and passengers are starting to get antsy. 23 people have already died in the dome."

"Oh yes, I know I was at the funerals," I walked over to the captains right side and watched the monitors with him, "I had attempted to console the family members but what can we do. There is no cure for old age. They looked so heart broken when the medical crew hoisted the dark coffins into the engine room, it doesn't matter where you are; death always brings a family to their knees."


"So this little blip on the screen, that's us right? I asked the man beside me, Bloody Mayans it's entirely their fault.

"Yes, that's us, and way over there, that red blip to the far starboard side of the monitor that is our destination." He sipped his coffee.

"Where is earth? Oh, I miss my blue little planet with its trees and mountains and oceans and wild life."

"Earth has been long since lost on our radar; we have been traveling for 20 years, and for the last ten Earth has been gone."

"Gone, what do you mean gone?"

"It's just gone, come on now Amy, you can't be getting all sentimental on us now. Keep a steady head be logical, if you can"

"If I can, I can be logical, I just don't want to."

"Maybe you should leave then, we will be entering the scarlet nebula, go do your job, console people get everyone in the done in their houses and ready for impact."


"If you weren't my father id smack you right now, be logical…ha, I know you miss Earth too"

"20 years is a long time to live in once place without being able to go outside, I do miss the rivers, the grass," he smiled "your mother and I would go down to the lake with you and our dog"

"Ya, I miss that too" I remembered the lake, the smell of the water on the wet stone during the summers day.

"How long until impact?"

"Three hours, you can see the scarlet system just their through the windshield"

"Wow, its beautiful, history in the making the first humans to ever see the scarlet system with our own eyes."

"Excuse me this is your guider speaking, if everyone could take a look out the left hand side of the ship and you will be able to see the scarlet system, then we have three hours until impact the turbulence will be intense everyone should start grabbing what you need and stepping down for a 4 hour trek through the outer start constellations, thank you and enjoy your trip" I turned off the microphone.

"well, I love you pa, I should get back to work, enjoy your coffee."

"umb voo new"


"Sorry, I love you too" he smiled.