Teddy bear

Today mommy is going to buy me a teddy bear. She said he will help me sleep.

Mommy hugs me as we get to the toy store and we walk into the soft relief.

I was scared to buy a teddy bear; I didn't know what to do. There were so many choices of bears in the store, all the way from black, white, and blue.

Mommy held my hand as we crept down the aisle, children laughing and screaming all around. A train whistles, and drums go boom, I hug my mommy's leg.

"Don't worry she says, pick a bear, he will protect you in your sleep. Everyone knows that a teddy bear grows. Only to serve and protect!"

Mommy and I walked we walked and we walked, down the aisle and rows. Music played and songs were sang, mommy hummed along.

Those teddy bears marching with the knights of old fighting dragons and winning the war. Teddy bears are the knights of lore, the protectors of children's dreams.

We came to a stop and I looked straight up. There at the top of the shelf. A teddy bear caught my attention with ease, he was fluffy and brown and softer than soft. With a wooden sword in one hand I saw my knight and said to mommy, "I want him with me."

We got home that night and mommy opened the box, handing me teddy bear, helmet and sword. I hugged him tight, soft and light and carried him into the kitchen. He sat in a chair nose in the air as mommy fed us our dinner.

Later that night mommy said sleep tight, tucked me in with my knight. She blew me a kiss and smiled in the dim light before closing the door.

I took a deep breath, and hugged my teddy almost to death. And fell asleep smelling his soft clean fur.

I dreamt of my teddy sword in hand, shield in the air and full of life, protecting me from mosters at night.