I feel I am grammatically incorrect
I don't obey the laws of capital letters
Which leaves little green lines under most of my words
Which are nice until the sky plots against me
The stars above my head threaten to corrupt me
Colors bug me
Especially red and green
Especially when their right beside each other
Reminding me of Christmas
Oh tacky Ex- mass
Am I at loss to what I believe
Or is it forcing its way through my mind
An unindicted piece of time
A fall off the unbalanced tight rope
Will leave your brains scrambled like spaghetti
But what does that have to do with anything?
If were talking of Italy, I'd rather have a cow zone
Oh god, I'm hopelessly lost in the twilight zone


That time in late evening
Between the sun and the moon
There's no other way to describe it
The way it has swoon
The hearts of many women
Drawling pictures in the sky
hopelessly lost on one or the other guy
the sun is to bright it burns my eyes
I distance myself in darkness
Because I'm drawn to an evil side
But my heart is in the right place
Some were in a tower were the princes refuses to go
Sleeping next to the dragon
Burning like melted snow
Oh crap that imp stole my hat
I guess I'll buy a new one when I have the money
The only other person in the room with me
Is a guy who is obsessed with shoes
My friend has an obsession with him
And I have an obsession with everyone
I want to be in someone else's mind
Because my own is delude with the ink I spilled on my shirt
I'm use to righting music
So this poem is probably dirt