The Monster Came

The monster came for her at night.

She knew it was there even though she couldn't see it through the heavy darkness. She knew it was watching her with black eyes, studying her still form. And she knew it wasn't going to leave until it got what it wanted.

Finally she sat up, her nerves getting the better of her. She wanted to run away, but she knew it would be pointless.

She could hear its breathing – heavy, labored pants that rumbled through its chest – right next to her ear. She resisted a shiver, swallowing hard. It was here.

She opened her mouth, gathering the courage to whisper, "What do you want?" through trembling lips.

The breathing continued, constant and steady. "You," its deep voice stated simply.

She already knew that, but still a lump seemed to form in her throat and her heart beat wildly.

"Why?" she whispered, almost choking on the words with fright for her life.

"Because you were the one that slayed my mother."

No. Instantly she knew it was all wrong. A mistake, a mistake that would cost her. Her sister, she knew, was the one this beast wanted.

She didn't say anything in response, just swallowed hard. The monster seemed to take this as a yes, as a confession that yes, she was the one that had killed the giant beast that this one called its mother.

The monster took her, not being able to see the difference – that he wasn't taking the slayer but the slayers twin – and whisked her through the window and into more darkness. The moon was shining, but couldn't make its way through the thick layer of ominous clouds blanketing the sky. With no light, the monster remained unseen.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked, wondering if it would be better if she didn't know.

"Somewhere far away," the beast's voice proclaimed from all around her, like an omnipresent being speaking to her instead of a beast craving revenge.

But she accepted that. Maybe her sister was to blame, and maybe she being taken unfairly, but she had gotten the chance to do something not many people ever do.

To save a life.