The light in her was dying.

She could feel it seeping through her pores, draining out of her. The black loomed over her, pressing in at all sides, finding its way into her body as she resisted, struggling to get away, thrashing when she knew she couldn't do anything to stop it. It overwhelmed her, pouring into her the instant she hesitated to keep her guard together. All she could do was stare, stare into the blackness and stay still, knowing wasting her energy would be pointless.

The black overtook her, clouding her mind and hugging her soul, the light in her eyes escaping with each second. She could almost feel it leave in a light breath, like the sigh in the wind that carries a bird's last song at the end of summer.

She collapsed, sinking to a ground she couldn't see. She was limp, not even having the strength to close her eyes for the last time. Instead, she stared as the darkness crept into the last corners of her being, waiting until every glimpse of light vanished from sight and dreading the moment when she realized she was alone.

"Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift cover by Julia Sheer 10.20.12