"What did you do?!"

"I sent the messaging crows." The man said. "They'll receive the letter in about two days."

The other figure sighed. "Mephisto, you know better than to let kids do the Reaper's work! They aren't capable enough to catch those ghosts!"

"Tch." The man scoffed. "You underestimate humans, Racex."

Mephisto, Reaper of Hell's Gates and Trusted Subordinate of the Lord

"But still! Have you forgotten that the original Reapers are dead?!" The figure exclaimed.

Racex of the Wind, Reaper of Hell's Prison

"I'm aware." Mephisto replied. "And while on Earth they seem to have made a living. They had children, Racex." Mephisto beamed. "Chosen ones!"

"No." Racex countered. "The children are no more than Artificial Reapers. Such people are to be left alone."

"But plenty of them cannot get a decent living." Mephisto argued. "From the moment they were born they've had the ability to see ghosts."

"But…" Racex looked at him with desperation. Deep down he knew it couldn't be undone. Besides, he was right.

For once.

"The Lord won't be happy with this." Racex sighed at his friend.

"I know." Mephisto gripped tightly on his scythe, his words matching his morose face. "All too well."

"Here, doggy." Lucky coaxed as he tiptoed. "Come out wherever you arrreee."

Lucky stood there waiting for the dog to come clean. "Aww, and I thought it'd work." He pushed his 3-D glasses up. "I have to tame it before it attacks anymore people."

Lucky, Ghostbuster (from the small town of Iwazaru)

Disappointed, he swung his butterfly net on his shoulder. "It all happened so suddenly. I got lost, there was a sleeping dog in front of me and then it suddenly started attacking me!"

He traipsed among the alleyways. The smell of garbage and the groggy stink of hangovers (along with someone's beef casserole leftovers) wafted around the place. "It was lucky that I escaped him. He already clawed on my arm. Baka dog!"

He kicked a nearby stone. "Sorry Satori. You're gonna have to wait for a while." He looked up to the sky and grinned. "But I'll catch 100 souls. Just you wait!"

"You're not welcome here, pup."

The young man looked up at the bartender. "What?"

"I don't like outlaws like you frequenting around my bar." The man scornfully replied. "Now get out of here."

"Woah, watcha talking about?!" A nearby man whispered to the bartender. "He's Casanova Ace, an infamous bounty hunter here!"

"Exactly," The bartender's face darkened. "Why he shouldn't be here."

The bounty hunter took a sip from his mug. "Listen, old man, I don't want trouble here. I'm no criminal so I won't attract bounty hunters."

Casanova 'Cleanup Hitter' Ace, Bounty Hunter

"And as for criminals?"

"They're too chicken to track me."

"I don't believe you." The bartender sneered. "You're still a bad influence, pup."

"Don't call me pup, old man." Ace retorted.

"Don't call me old man, pup." The bartender pushed his face close to Ace. "You're messing with the wrong person today."


"Maybe dogs don't like me." Lucky said to himself. "Maybe it's because they think I'll catch them with my net."

"But I wouldn't." He thought out loud, a habit he could never get rid of. "Because this is for catching ghosts."

"There he is!"

"!" Lucky looked behind him as a squad of bounty hunters suddenly appeared out of nowhere. "Huh?"

"We've got you now, Steeley 'Octo' Sumi!" The bounty hunters yelled. "Your head is ours!"

"What?" Lucky said in confusion. "Who's that?"

"Is he suffering from amnesia?!" One of the bounty hunters said. "Maybe he's the wrong guy!"

"No way!" said another. "Look here!" He handed a wanted poster to him. "He's worth 14,000 krones and he looks exactly like him!"

"Not to mention he's unarmed." A bounty hunter smirked. "He just has a butterfly net."

All eyes were on Lucky.

"Huh?" Lucky stared at them with puzzlement. "Who? What? Where?"

The bounty hunters grinned and pulled out their guns. "LET'S GET HIM!"

"AAHH!" Lucky screamed as he made a run for it as over twenty bounty hunters chased after him.

As the latter ran away, a figure peered from behind the wall with red eyes, tongue lolling out of its mouth and drooling for the smell of souls.

"Geez," Ace scratched his head as he stood in front of the bar. "That guy's got issues. Although, I didn't really pay earlier because I'm short on money." He rummaged through his pockets. "I only have sixteen krones left."

He swung his bat over his shoulder as strangers gave him seedy looks. It seemed as though they thought he was out of the ordinary, with the propeller cap, the casual clothes and not to mention the weighty metal bat he was carrying.

Hah, social injustice.

"I've got to go find a new bounty." Ace ambled on the pathways. "An easy one."

He looked around for any newsagents near the block. They always carry the latest bounties and Ace had been so complacent about his allowance that he didn't stack up on any useless pieces of paper.

"I'm pretty sure there's one at the other side of this block." He put his hands in his pockets and looked around for another way, noticing a gaping alley. "I guess that's a shortcut."

He walked right in, oblivious to the fact that a pair of red eyes was watching his every move. Soon he arrived at a junction- either he go left or right.

"Great." Ace muttered. "So which way do I go now?"


He turned around casually. "Huh?"