I'm so glad I finished NaNoWrimo! I've been working nonstop this November. I'm gradually getting a few views so I'm pretty glad. I'll be continuing the story though because I want to get it off my chest.

I'm trying to improve my prose. I know that for every story a rookie author writes, it's either going to have a bad plot but great prose, or great plot but bad prose. Personally, I think I'm one of those great-plot-but-bad-prose people. My prose can be too direct, especially at action scenes (it's hard trying to find new words so you don't keep repeating 'run' or 'stab').

Anyway, I have to thank Katsurou for getting me into this. If you're reading this, I hope you post your story on soon! (I failed a little bit because I didn't reach 50,000 words. Oh well.)


Lucky heaved the cumbersome rucksack on his back. Within two seconds he tumbled to the ground.

Ace facepalmed. "Idiot. We're not bringing that much."

Lucky looked at him like he was crazy. "Hey, I didn't pack all of this in! Tiki stuffed this all in one go!"

There was a knock on the door as Rukia came inside, bringing nothing more than a brown drawstring bag on her back. "Hey, you ready to go?"

"No, because apparently Tiki was worried we weren't going to have enough supplies." Ace sighed.

Rukia rolled her eyes. "Well, that's Tiki for you."

"Hey, Rukia," Lucky steadily stood up, yanking the rucksack off the ground. "Did you say goodbye yet?"

"Yeah." Rukia had a hint of sadness in her tone. "They're waiting for us outside."

"Hey, that reminds me, how're we going to Mistral? Isn't it far away?" Lucky asked.

"It is." Ace realized. "I didn't think of that problem."

"Don't be worrywarts, Bella told me that they'd give us a ride on Rooster Ride." Rukia picked up a toothbrush on the floor. "And what's this doing here?"

"That's mine." Lucky blandly pointed as Rukia flung it at him with disgust.

"Here they are!" Tiki exclaimed.

The whole circus lined up beside the warehouse doors, some sniffing. Xavier was standing near the entryway of Rooster Ride, along with a placid Bella beside him. As the trio came out of the doors the performers whistled and cheered. Rukia smiled.

"Aah, so you two are the ones who exorcised my son from my body." Xavier chuckled at Lucky and Ace. "I give you my thanks."

"No problem, grandpa." Lucky grinned as Ace politely nodded his head. Xavier then turned his head to Rukia.

"Rukia, even though I haven't truly seen you for the past seven years you've grown much." His smile gave much warmth. "Kahone ought to be proud."

"Thanks." Rukia smiled back. She noticed Bella beside him. "Oh and Bella, how's the bruise?"

"Still hatin' you." Bella snarkily replied. Rukia jokingly scoffed. "I see you're still as snobby as ever."

"Okay, before we go inside does anybody have any goodbyes?" Xavier asked.

"I think we're good." Ace replied.

"No, we're NOT!" Tiki raced towards Rukia and tightly clasped her hands around her. "Why do you have to leave?! Why?!"

"Tiki, calm down!" Rukia managed to say despite her whole body being compressed.

"Oh, fine." Tiki sniffed, letting go. "It just won't be the same without you, bossing me around and calling me a pushover."

"But you are." Lucky interjected.

"Don't ruin this moment!" Tiki comically exasperated as Rukia smirked. "Don't worry. I'll come and visit."

The trio stepped into the majestic train as they waved, the circus cheering and clapping. As Lucky finally stepped inside the stairway door began to shut, ascending upwards in an arc. Ace sensed something shifty was going on.

"Hey," he blurted out as the door reached up to his knee. "Who's driving this thing?"

"Oh, I'd expected that question sooner." Xavier scratched his head awkwardly. "No one is. It's on auto-pilot."

The three widened their eyes.

"Wait, you can't do that!" Rukia yelled. "This is a death trap! What if we crash?!"

"I'm sorry dear, I would've gone in there to drive it by my body is still exhausted." Xavier shrugged, as the door was halfway to closing. "I had no choice but to opt the auto-pilot button."

"And don't worry about it crashing." Bella mischievously winked. "It's really unlikely that you'd die first because of that."

"Why you…!" Ace kicked the door to try and stop it from moving, although his efforts fruited nothing. Rukia gritted her teeth. "I'll seriously hound you to an early grave if I meet you again!"

"Why're you two so scared?" Lucky bluntly asked, as though ramming into a ten-storey building wasn't at the forefront of his thoughts. "I think we'll be fine."

"Of course you do." Rukia sarcastically rolled her eyes. The door was now an inch from closing as nonsensical ramblings could be heard from inside.

Xavier chuckled. "Farewell, Rukia. May you always be part of my family."

Rooster Ride blared out a prolonged hoot, as its wheels started to turn, propelling itself to one set destination; Mistral City, Haven of Lost Souls.

an ABSOLUTE EXCUSE to wallpaper your sight (just hear me say sweet nothings)

Chapter 17, Jet, Rooster Ride!

"Where are my peanuts?"

Rukia looked up at an irritated Ace, who probably suspected her of the crime. "I'm sorry, I thought you said something else."

"What the hell could've I said besides 'peanuts'?!" Ace wanted to know. But all he received was a mocking chortle by Rukia. "What the hell did I say, French maid?"

"Nothing." Rukia tried to hide the irony in her tone. "Maybe Lucky has it."

"The last time I checked he was tryin' to get into the cockpit." Ace sighed.

Rukia now exploded into sheer ruckus. "You did it AGAIN!"

Ace looked at her like she was a mental case. Rolling his eyes he began walking down the aisle of burgundy vinyl seats. "Lucky, where are you?"

"Over here." Said a woozy voice. Ace found him in a corner of the train with his eyes wobbling and a large bump sprouting on his head.

"What did you do now?"

Lucky's mouth gaped open. "I thought if I head-butted the door… then I could've gone in."

"Idiot." Ace helped a quavering Lucky on a seat. "Just stay there and look outside the window."

"But the window's boring."

"Suck it up. We'll be arriving in twenty minutes."

Lucky groaned with dismay as Ace strolled away. He wasn't the type of person to sit down and wait for something to happen. No, he was the type of person who went and made things happen.

Ace began searching the compartments at the upper sides of the train. It was unusual, really, since the train itself resembled the contents of an airplane.

"There's nothing here…" Ace figured Rukia, who was still the main suspect, secretly stashed his packet of peanuts inside.

"Just sit down and relax." Rukia called out to him as she turned a TV on with the remote. "Don't worry about your peanuts."

She quietly snorted at the mention of it again as she flicked through the channels, which were either golf or some corny soap opera where someone has to die.

Finally she stopped at a news program featuring an incident at Mistral City. Interested, Rukia upped the volume.

"We are here to report a shocking happening involving the Mayor of Mistral City." Said the reporter. "Yesterday, he was shot twice in his bedroom at 9:00 PM. The first shot was at his upper right chest while the second shot was said to have grazed him in the left shoulder, the suspect presumably aiming for his heart."

"The police are still examining the area for any evidence, especially regarding the prime intention of the suspect. For now, the Mayor is in hospital recovering."

"I'm Naomi Goph-"

The TV suddenly switched off leaving Rukia wondering 'who dunnit'. She figured that Ace must've gnawed on the wires or something because he still suspected her of stealing his peanuts.

This time she didn't laugh.

"We're going to Mistral City where the Mayor has been attacked?" She narrowed her eyes. "Something is going on…"

"You… you can say that again…"

Rukia noticed the droning voice as she stood up and walked to the front of the train where a pale Lucky sat.

"Lucky?" She thought he looked… unwell. "Are you okay? Because from the looks of it I'm pretty sure we need a mop afterwards."

"I don't usually get this sick… unless I'm on an-" Lucky's cheeks inflated like a pufferfish. Rukia raised an eyebrow in concern. "Okay, Lucky, whatever you do, don't puke in here. Xavier will kill us!"

"Okay, I've checked all the compartments for my peanuts but to no avail." Ace walked over to them in frustration. "Someone fess' up now or I will seriously explode!"

He glanced over to Lucky. "And what the hell are you doing?!"

"He's about to barf." Rukia explained. "We need a plastic bag."

"MMFH!" Lucky crossed his arms into an X shape. "MmfmFMFH!"

Ace furrowed his eyebrows. "What the hell are you saying?"

Lucky rolled his eyes as he pointed to the window above him. Baffled with the strange alien language Lucky was saying, the two looked outside.

And there was the sky.

We connect like magnets.

We disconnect with matching magnets.

No matter what,

We'll have an eternal compass to find our special magnet.

Let's begin with North.

"Holy crap!"

Rukia sat on the nearest seat, eyes wide with shock. Ace, however, kept staring outside the window as though the whole scenery was a drawing taped on the window.

It was no drawing, though. Otherwise it wouldn't have moved.

"What the..?!" Rukia clasped her hands on the arms of the seats. "Why are we in the air?!"

"And how come we didn't feel a thing?!" Ace plonked both of his hands on the window. "Take offs aren't usually that quiet!"

"I… I kinda have a theory…" Lucky gulped as the two looked at him, expecting a decent answer. "When I was trying to get in so I could drive it, I saw a shiny button on the ceiling."

"I thought it would open the door but instead it clicked and did nothing."

Ace looked at him. "Then you didn't head-butt the door."

Lucky nodded. "I lied. But my head does hurt."

"Great, just great!" Rukia sarcastically yelled. "Because you pushed a red button we're now astray in the air with no idea how to drive it!"

"It wasn't red." Lucky corrected.

"It was a figure of speech, like a cliché." Rukia explained, sighing.

"Although you have to give credit to the old man." Ace shrugged, already calm. "I mean, he did name this train 'Rooster Ride'."

"Yes, but roosters don't fly."

"So what? I meant he named it after birds in general. Which the majority of them do fly."

"Yes, but your statement was ambiguous."

"I thought you were smart enough to understand." Ace remarked.

Rukia sneered, hands on hips.

"You better watch your mouth otherwise I'll kick you in the 'peanuts'."

END of Chapter