Chapter 102A: Versus FELIA VI – Lucy/Shagetora Vs Diana (Perspective: None)

WHOOSH! - Diana's fist soared towards the Lucy android, which twisted her body to avoid the attack, a rush of wind from the thrust blew the android's long white hair.

Lucy pulled out a handle from her skirt pocket, and a blade of light manifested at the end of it, looking like a weapon from a certain sci-fi franchise. Lucy swung the light sword, Diana blocked it with one of her pile bunkers, and stamped one of her feet on the ground.

Lucy jumped backwards a moment before a large stalagmite rose from the ground. Light jet thrusters ignited under Lucy's feet and slowly lowered her descent back to the ground. "Your title of Liberator of Earth does you justice." Shagetora's voice spoke through Lucy.

"Of course, also this room is designed to give me the edge." Diana replied whilst slamming both of her hands against the ground. Numerous rock spikes hovered out of the ground and shot towards Lucy, whom started shooting at the rock barrage using the gun embedded in her hand, the two attacks cancelled each other out and created a dust screen.

Lucy quickly turned to thermal vision just to notice Diana rushing towards her. BANG! - Diana's pile bunker shot out its spike into Lucy, whom guarded with her arms, but the impact sent her soaring backwards and into one of the many rock pillars. Lucy quickly jumped into the air a moment before Diana's pile bunker could pierce her, the missed attack drilled through the large pillar, toppling it into a pile of stones. Lucy ignited her jets thrusters and shot a barrage of bullets at Diana from the air.

Diana manipulated the rocks from the broken pillar and had them act as a shield. At the same time she used several more of the rocks as footholds and jumped from rock to rock towards the hovering Lucy. Lucy turned off her thrusters as Diana shot towards her with her pile bunker at the ready, dodging the attack by the slightest of margins. But it was too soon to relax, Diana manipulated the earth directly below Lucy and shot numerous large spikes towards the android. Lucy's jet thrusters won't be able to alter her trajectory to avoid those, therefore... Shagetora calculated whilst seeing the scene through Lucy's eyes. Lucy created a second sword of light and slashed all the rock spikes with quick movements.

"Try slicing this!" Diana was right above Lucy, a large boulder hovering over her hand, Diana threw the large boulder towards Lucy. Shagetora knew that Lucy was unable to destroy the large boulder, as such the moment it was about to smash into Lucy, she kicked the boulder with one of her feet and used it as a stepping stone to help propel herself away from it. "How can you control that android so well?" Diana grunted in annoyance.

"When you have grandchildren it is important to be able to connect with them. I have never once lost when it comes to fighting games." Shagetora responded through Lucy whilst striking a pose with both swords of light.

"Hearing your voice coming from a female android is really disturbing." Diana's eye twitched as she looked down towards Lucy from on top of one of the stone pillars.

Bzt Bzt Bzt! - The sound of static feedback came out of Lucy's body for a moment before.

"Is this better?" The voice had changed from that of Shagetora's to one that closely resembled the android's visage, that of a teenage girl.

"Yes, much." Diana takes her glasses off her face and drops them on the floor. "But I think this enough for a warm up. Time to show you how I earned my moniker as the Liberator Of Earth." Diana stomps her foot on her fallen glasses as her eyes narrow on Lucy.

"Wait it couldn't be..." Lucy looked up at Diana in absolute horror, her fingers trembling.

"HMPH!" Diana smiled to herself momentarily.

"YOUR NOT REALLY A GLASSES GIRL!" Diana stumbled at Lucy's scream.

"That's what bothers you!" Diana retorted. She could not match Shagetora's pace, and like always they were both on completely different pages.


Ching! Ching! - Diana blocked both of Lucy's light swords with the pile bunker's on both her arms, with both arms blocked. "KNOW THAT YOU HAVE JUST MADE AN ENEMY OUT OF EVERY GLASSES LOVER!" Lucy shouted as her face was mere inches away from Diana's

"LIKE I CARE!" Diana yelled back while performing a somersault and smashing her heel into the top of Lucy's head. Lucy was sent soaring towards the ground, which formed numerous spikes, Lucy used her thrusters to stop her fall.

Bang! - A hole was punched through Lucy's back and into her stomach. Lucy turned to see Diana had jumped after her and pierced her body with her pile bunker's spike. Lucy gripped Diana's arm, pulling the pile bunker out from her body, she threw Diana towards the stone pillar. But Diana readjusted her body and kicked off the stone pillar back towards Lucy, whom used her thrusters to avoid in the nick of time. The spikes on the ground all shot out at Lucy from below, with the damage she had already taken, she was unable to do the nimble action of deflecting them like she did before. Lucy guarded the vital areas of her android body with her arms, and the stones smacked into her metallic body.

Eventually Lucy landed back onto the solid ground and scanned the area for Diana. But she was no where to be seen. "Tell me Shagetora Lindo," Diana's voice echoed throughout the entire room. "Do you think you're the only one who can fight with dolls?" Suddenly numerous parts of the ground expanded and took on several humanoid shapes.

"Golems, huh?" Lucy scanned the area with her eyes. "But your pile of stones is no match for Lucy, Diana-kun. Activate full range view!" Several small flying machines shot out of Lucy's body and hovered around her from multiple directions. Shagetora had switched his view from first person through Lucy, to third person, a natural choice to cover Lucy's blind spots against all the golems.

With a light sword in each hand, Lucy braced herself for the army of golems, a few quiet moments elapsed as they created an encirclement, before charging. Lucy dodged a stone fist before severing the attacking golem's arm, she then swiped and cleaved it in half at the waist area. Several golems jumped into the air about to pile on Lucy, whom used her thrusters to increase her acceleration along the ground, dodging the attack. A large rock shot towards her, Lucy sliced vertically with her light sword, splitting the rock into symmetrical halves. Another golem charged towards Lucy from behind, but she slashed it without turning around. She dived to one side as a new golem tried to flying tackle her, a second golem followed suit, Lucy jumped onto the golem's back, and used it as a stepping stone to jump into the centre of a group of golems. Holding a blade in each hand she span around like a top, bisecting all the golems surrounding her. Her golems may have numbers, but that's all they have. They are slow and predictable. Because Diana-kun is controlling so many of them she can only give them basic orders. Shagetora analysed whilst Lucy sliced another diving golem. But it doesn't change the fact that I have no idea where she's hiding. Lucy suddenly used her thrusters and shot back into the air, Shagetora switched the viewpoint back to first person as he gazed through Lucy's eyes from above. When he noticed a silhouette hidden in the shadow of one of the stone pillars. Lucy soared towards it from the sky, the golems started throwing each other towards Lucy as she continued towards Diana's hiding spot. Lucy dodged every flying golem with just the right amount of movement before reaching Diana and slicing at her hiding silhouette.

However what fell down wasn't Diana, but a golem that was shaped like her. "NO!" It was a trap. Suddenly the ground moved like quicksand and dragged Lucy's body into its depths. Sinking her legs within moments, the golems all charged towards the trapped Lucy and dived on top of her unmoving body.

"No choice...Limiter release!" Lucy shouted, a large pillar of light shot up into the air and the large pile of golems were blasted around the room. Lucy's hand shot out from her arm, with a chain still connecting the two parts together. Lucy grabbed hold of one of the stone pillars, and pulled herself out of the sink hole. Static electricity buzzed from every part of her body, she was forced to undo the limiter and the damage she had taken from the golems and all of Diana's other attacks was piling up. This is bad, Just releasing the limiter for that breath moment has lowered Lucy's capacity by thirty percent. I've got to hurry and lure Diana-kun out of hiding. Shagetora thought to himself, as the golems began to reform themselves and started towards Lucy again. Their movements were as slow as before. Based on the golems' speed it will be a few moments before they are upon me. I should use this moment to draw Diana-kun out. Shagetora thought to himself. Lucy raised her arm into the air, and numerous large ripples shot out covering the entire area, this technology was a special type of radar based on a bat's sonar. But the results were unexpected. I can't find her!? Did Diana-kun leave the area entirely? But as if to answer his question, one of the golems shot towards Lucy with a speed unlike all the other golems. This action took Shagetora by complete surprise and he was unable to manoeuvre Lucy to dodge. The rocks on the golem all crumbled revealing Diana underneath. I see, hide a tree within a forest, she disguised herself as one of the golems. She even created that decoy. I already knew it, but my ex-secretary has got one hell of a head on those shoulders!

With numerous thrusts of her fists and pile bunkers, Lucy's body was pierced numerous times by the spikes. All Shagetora could do was to try and control Lucy to try and minimise the damage to any of the core areas. Eventually Shagetora recovered from his opening and Lucy used her light swords to deflect the pile bunker spikes. But with every step Lucy took back, Diana took another step forward, until she was backed against another stone pillar. Diana thrust again with her pile bunker, Lucy jumped into the air a moment before it could pierce her core, and Diana's powerful thrust lodged itself into the thick stone. This is my chance! Shagetora thought to himself as Lucy kicked off a large rock that was protruding out of the pillar, tightening her grip on her light sword.

"DAMN IT!" Diana cursed as she tried to pull herself from the rock, but her Pile Bunker was jammed into it. I don't have time to remove my pile bunker, no choice then. Diana made a swift and excessive decision. "URRGGHHHAAAA!" She yelped in agony as blood shot out. Diana, now free, jumped directly backwards, dodging Lucy's blade by inches.

Diana glared at Lucy whilst clutching herself in pain, her left arm had been left behind in the stone pillar. Yes, Diana had used her Pile Bunker and forcefully severed her own left arm to escape. "A woman should treat her body with more care, Diana-kun." Lucy/Shagetora lectured.

"It's a small price to pay, I can reattach it later anyway." Diana smiled as blood continued down the opening of where her left arm used to be. The adrenaline had numbed her pain as she stood tall again and glared at Lucy. Parts of the ground rose towards her and grafted itself on her left shoulder, the stone shaped itself into a blade. Diana swung her new left arm a few times before refocusing her attention on Lucy, her composed smile still on her face. "For the sake of our goals I will endure anything, and everything. Shagetora Lindo, I'll turn that android of yours into a pile of scrap!"

Diana charged and sliced with her new rock blade arm, Lucy dived to one side, and the same rock that jammed Diana's pile bunker was sliced at its base. Lucy jump to the side as the large stone pillar toppled down towards her. "How can you cut rock with rock, like that!?" Shagetora/Lucy asked.

"By applying the same principle for diamond's hardness. I just compress the molecular structure of the rock and it becomes unbreakable." Diana answered whilst placing her rock hand on the ground. Once she removed her hand from the ground, the blade had expanded several fold. Diana swung the large rock blade, that was over twenty metres long, in a large arc. Lucy ducked below the attack, and shot a barrage of bullets at Diana, whom shattered the extension to her blade, and stamped her foot on the ground, a large rock wall rose and blocked the bullets. Lucy instantly took to the sky and swooped down over the rock wall slashing with both light swords. Diana blocked both blades with her pile bunker and rock arm respectively. Whilst in the deadlock between their weapons, Diana's rock arm started coiling like a snake around Lucy's light blade and eventually around her arm.

"An arm for an arm, huh." Lucy stated whilst severing her own arm, before the rock could snake its way to her body. Lucy jumped backwards to create some distance. Diana's rock arm crushed Lucy's severed arm within its constriction, flattening the arm like a pancake before throwing it away. The rock arm quickly retook its original shape as Diana refocused her eyes to Lucy.

"It's only a matter of time before the rest of that android gets crushed, Shagetora Lindo." Diana smiled as she sunk her left leg into the stone floor below her, and when she kicked her leg, a large chunk of the ground shot towards Lucy, whom now only had a single arm and light sword to defend herself with. Lucy dived to one side, dodging the large chunk of earth. But next, numerous pebbles pelted into her body like a hail of bullets, each pierced through Lucy's metallic body. Static electricity escaped each hole in place of blood.

"Smash to pieces." Diana's voice was ice cold as three large stone javelins hovered around her, before racing towards Lucy, whom dived forward before any of the javelins could pierce her. However the onslaught did not stop, the ground below Lucy started to move towards Diana like a conveyor belt. Before Lucy could escape its pull she was already before Diana, whom stabbed Lucy with both her Pile bunker's spike, and her rock arm blade. Lucy started thrashing uncontrollably from the dual piercing, the controls shirt circuiting. Diana lifted the android's body as she manipulated her rock blade from within the android, destroying Lucy from within. "You called this thing your ultra secret project. Yet it got destroyed so easily. How underwhelming."

"Well, it's still a prototype, But I've now got plenty of data to help improve the second model." Lucy's voice had switched back to Shagetora's, "But it still has one final trick." Lucy suddenly grabbed Diana's right shoulder. "Such things are an absolute must for all ultra secret technology. It would be bad if Lucy was to fall into FELIA's hands after all, therefore..."

At Shagetora's words, Diana's confident smile disappeared.

"Wait it can't be! Your planning to have it self destruct!" As if responding to Diana's fright Lucy's eyes blinked red numerous times along with a loud beeping noise. Before...

"CURSE YOU DAMN FOSSIL!" Diana's scream resounded.

BOOM! - A large explosion spread throughout the wide room.

After the blast and dust cleared, what remained was a large pile of rocks all piled on top of where Lucy and Diana previously stood. But suddenly the rocks blew apart from underneath, and a woman's silhouette emerged. With pained laboured breaths, Diana staggered out from within the cluster of stone. Her body was battered and bloody and after she escaped the rock tomb she was buried under, she fell onto her knees whilst clutching her body.

"Damn him...he fights...dirty..." Diana grunted in agony. "If I didn't...cover myself in soul...would have been...obliterated...GURGHH!" Diana puked blood out of her mouth. Even though she had blocked the blast, the amount of damage she took from it was enormous.

"I swear...I shall...kill him..." Her body was weak, but her glare was as strong as ever. Diana tried to exert what remained of her strength and pushed herself back to her feet, but...

BANG! - A single gunshot echoed.

"What..." Diana moved her one remaining hand to her abdomen and looked at the blood that now covered it. Diana fell back down to the ground face first.

"I told you didn't I Diana-kun..." Diana turned her head to the elderly voice. It was a voice she recognised. A look of shock was painted on her face as she looked on at her assailant, "There is no way I would just twiddle my thumbs whilst my grandson is in danger." And sitting there on a hovering chair, with numerous cords attached to his body, was Shagetora Lindo in the flesh. His body was littered in bandages and he looked like he was sporting a fever with large beads of sweat coating his body. The man who should have been confined to a hospital bed was right there in FELIA's base.

"The android...wasn't your trump card..." Diana had been completely fooled. She had believed that Shagetora was still in the hospital and let her guard down at the last second. "As expected of shrewd..."

"I hope you are not going to say it was dirty of me for shooting you from behind, not after you literally stabbed me in the back during the party." Shagetora lowered his gun, it had taken all his remaining strength just to pull the trigger. Escaping the hospital, controlling Lucy, whilst at the same time scaling the Tower Of Babel, whilst still in critical condition himself. But by doing the unexpected he had carved his road to victory. Such was the greatness for one of the very few people that Yuichi admired.

"Ha ha ha..." Diana laughed as a smile returned to her face. "You are really tenacious, President..."

"Such things are a necessity for a Beautiful Gentleman..." Shagetora shook his head. "No, for a grandfather. Diana-kun I can forgive you for stabbing me," Shagetora smiled a moment before his eyes turned serious, "But my family is off limits. Yuichi is the apple of my eye, and the only man who can surpass me, I will not let his reputation be dirtied by the likes of terrorists."

"The love between my love for him...the same?...I wonder..." With those final words Diana fell unconscious in a puddle of blood.

Chapter 102A: Versus FELIA VI – Reason To Return Diana Edition (Perspective: None)

Diana was unlike other souls that were sent to the Underworld. Diana could barely remember anything about her life when she was still alive.

She only had snippets of memories, and all of them took place inside a single room. She was always bound to her bed, the slightest amount of exercise would result in deadly repercussions on her body. The only thing of comfort was a single boy, who looked to be a little older than her, maybe around eight or nine years old. The boy would sit by her bedside, he would keep her company, read her stories and smile towards her. For Diana, that boy's smile was her light, but she also felt that she was a shackle on the boy's life. To spend time with her, he refused to play with other children. The boy's kindness gave Diana not only comfort, but also guilt.

The terrible memory that always surfaced within Diana was the argument she had with the boy. She had thought to set him free from her shackles, but this ended badly with both parties debating and the boy leaving in anger and Diana in tears. This was also the last time Diana ever saw the boy, the hours passed, then days. The extra strain piled onto Diana's weak sickly body, before it eventually accepted death's embrace.

In her final moments of life Diana whispered, "Jack...where are you? I'm sorry Jack...Please come...back...please..." Her light of life extinguished as tears rolled down her young anguished face.

This was Diana's greatest regret, she died not ever having been able to apologise to the boy. She died before they could reconcile. But what was even worse...

She could not even remember his face. She could not recall his voice. What colour were his eyes? Was his hair short or long? What was her relationship to him? Was he her friend? Was he her brother? She couldn't even recall his full name. The only thing she could remember was that she loved him and she called him "Jack".

How could she forget the boy that meant the world to her? This guilt triggered Diana's desire to seek out the boy, she would find him, she would remember him, and she would reconcile with him. However Diana had searched every corner of the Underworld to no avail, this meant only one thing: Jack was still in the living world.

After entering the Underworld, Diana was freed from her illness, the disease that plagued her mortal body died with her. Diana decided to put her rejuvenated existence to good use and return to the living world, where she spent time with Jack.

No one would stop her, not the barriers, not Hades, not any force in the Underworld. No matter what she had to resort to, no matter who she would betray, no matter if her hands were drenched in blood, she would succeed. In place of her forgotten memories was her strong burning desire.

Jack...I'm coming back...then we shall be together...forever...

Author Notes

Well not the best fight I've ever written. I kind of wanted to write an opponent that wasn't obscenely powerful, but actually used her head when she fights. Although she still ended up making errors, like getting caught in the stone pillar. But she was on top for most of the fight I guess so it worked. Probably a bit anti-climatic as endings go for my fights, but hey can't have it all.

By the way, just a minor spoiler but I think I should tell you all this to see if you can put it together. After reading this chapter try reading chapter 76B and see if you can piece what I'm trying to hint together.