Chapter 107: Battles Between The Battles II – The Man Loved By The Moon (Perspective: None)

"Its been so long since I felt your warmth." A man whispered as he looked up to the night sky. His limbs were spread out on the ground, tears slowly flowed down from his tranquil white eyes. His long white hair blew in the wind. "How many hours? How many days? How many months? How many years? How many decades? How many centuries? How many millenniums? How many eternities?" The tears continued to flow as the man smiled to himself. "I lost count, but my longing kept me going. My wish for us to be reunited, has finally been granted." The man's eyes were directed at the moon hovering in the sky, yet he spoke like he was talking to his lover. "I am sorry for leaving you alone for so long. But now that I am here you will never be lonely again." The man's wings lightly fluttered, the once bright white angelic wings were currently a murky grey. Numerous belts with talismans attached to them wrapped around his wings, causing them to dangle lifelessly.

"Please, will you let me hear your voice? Just a peep, even a whisper." The man's tears flowed uncontrollably. "PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU, IT WAS MY FAULT FOR LEAVING YOU. BUT I WAS NOT GIVEN THE CHOICE." The man's shoulders shook uncontrollably as he released his sincere emotions. "BELIEVE ME! I NEVER WANTED TO PART FROM YOU! PLEASE GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE! THIS TIME WE WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER!" The man wiped his eyes as he continued weakly. "I will do anything, just please answer me..."

"So this is where you were hiding. I finally tracked you down." A second voice called out to the crying man.

"Shhhh." The winged man hushed whilst holding a finger to his lips, not moving his eyes away from the moon for a moment. The new presence was not important, the winged man had only one goal at that moment. "Please be silent, I won't hear her voice over your noise."

"I see that you still have not re-established your link, that's fortunate. I'm here to send you back where you belong, Moonlight Kaleido." The second man declared whilst pointing his scythe at the winged man.

The winged man, Moonlight, finally acknowledged the second man's presence and turned his eyes to him. "A Thanatos?" Moonlight stated whilst looking at the second man, Tartarus' physical features. "Do you intend to separate us again?" Moonlight rose to his feet slowly, he glared at Tartarus through his long white bangs. "How come you Reapers cannot leave us alone!? I just want to be with my beloved, why must you all get in our way!"

BANG – As if to answer Moonlight's angry scream a large lightning struck the ground, the flash of light illuminated a large pile of reaper corpses behind Moonlight in the far distance.

"I don't even need to ask if you were behind that, right?" Tartarus asked, his eyes narrowing in anger.

Moonlight tilted his head to the side like he didn't have a care in the world. "I could not hear over their noise, so I brought about silence." Tartarus felt a bead of sweat run down the back of his neck. The man before him was a calamity that cared nothing for life. If humans had a tally point distribution system for their affection, Moonlight used all of his on the moon. His everything centred around the moon, which left no love for anyone or anything else. And his weird obsession meant he was as emotionally unpredictable.

"I presume you have no intention of walking away silently, then like them, I shall remove your noise." Moonlight stretched out his hand and a large light orb formed, the orb shot numerous light arrows at Tartarus.

Tartarus swung his scythe and released a ice wave, the two attacks collided and the area was filled with steam.

Ching! Ching! - Tartarus guarded by instinct as Moonlight slashed with a light sword in his hand. Tartarus ducked as Moonlight spun his body, trying to slam Tartarus with his restrained wings.

"Thanatos Reaper Technique: Photon Options!" Tartarus activated his family's birthright power and ten Photon Options grew out of his back. Tartarus shot the lasers, Moonlight used his light sword and deflected every attack. Tartarus charged and slashed with his scythe in the opening, Moonlight kicked the underside of Tartarus' scythe altering the trajectory over his head.

"GURGHHH!" Moonlight kicked off the ground and ran his elbow into Tartarus' gut, the force sent him flying backwards. Tartarus used his scythe to stop his momentum.

I can't believe how strong he is. And this is when his connection to the moon is cut. I dread to imagine what kind of monster he is at full power. Tartarus gritted his teeth as he glared at his opponent. "I shouldn't hold back." He whispered to himself. A dark mist gathered around Tartarus' hand, and a green book manifested over his hand.

Moonlight looked on with his eyes opening slightly wider. "The Thanatos' Grimoire? That will be troublesome." He stated half heartedly.

"Thanatos' Grimoire open!" At Tartarus' order the book shot open and a large dark pillar fired into the sky.

"Ge he he he!" A large robed skeleton manifested within the dark pillar. Its very presence and aura emanated death.

"A nostalgic sight. I remember one of the men who imprisoned me in that abyss used that grimoire." Moonlight looked like he was trying to withhold his animosity.

"Then just like my ancestors before me, I shall defeat you." Tartarus declared whilst signalling the Grimoire Skeleton with his hand. The Grimoire Skeleton soared through the air faster than lightning.

CHING! - The Grimoire Skeleton's scythe and Moonlight's light sword met. Moonlight's feet skid backwards from the recoil of blocking a scythe that was over ten metres.

"Ge he he he!" The Grimoire Skeleton's dark aura formed numerous spikes that shot towards Moonlight from every angle. Moonlight watched on as the incarnate of death's aura enclosed on him, when suddenly...A single talisman fell from the belt restraining Moonlight's wings.

Tears and a smile suddenly emerged on Moonlight's face. "I hear her..." Suddenly Moonlight's body flashed before he disappeared, the Grimoire Skeleton's death spikes pierce into the ground, which decayed on contact.

Sob sob sob – Tartarus turned towards the crying sound. Moonlight was weeping as he looked at the moon. A look of relief spread across his face as he stretched his arms wide open, like he was praising a god. "Finally...Even though it is just a last...I can hear your...beautiful voice...Thank you..." At these words Tartarus' eyes shot wide open.

This is bad, although weak, he has regained a connection to the moon! Tartarus quickly controlled the Grimoire Skeleton and had it launch a large dark orb at Moonlight.

"Too...Noisy..." Moonlight's happy feelings were quickly replaced with a quiet anger as he turned his attention back to Tartarus and the Grimoire Skeleton, his eyes filled with malice. "Moon Walk!" Suddenly Moonlight disappeared from view and reappeared right in front of Tartarus.

"URGGHH!" Tartarus yelped in pain as Moonlight's light clad palm smashed into his heart. Blood shot out of Tartarus' mouth as he flew backwards. Not good! Now that he can use that Moon Walk he can instantly transport himself to any area the moon can see. Which means he can flee from here at any moment. I can't let him escape. Tartarus, mid flight, quickly turned all his Photon Options towards Moonlight and shot their lasers in quick succession.

"Moon Shadow." Suddenly over a hundred clones of Moonlight spawned from nothingness. For every clone shot with a laser, two new Moonlight clones spawned.

Damn! Even with my extra eyes, I can't differentiate the clones from the original! He became this much of a monster with just a weak connection. If I don't finish him here both the living world and Underworld will be in danger!

"Ge he he he!" At Tartarus' direction the Grimoire Skeleton began releasing a dense dark aura, that suddenly expanded in every direction with the Grimoire Skeleton at the epicentre. The entire area was covered in the dark mist. The Moonlight clones all disappeared on contact with the dark mist.

"GURRGHHH!" Tartarus coughed blood and cradled his chest, the mist of death had also engulfed him. Even with my resistance, it still damages me this much. But with this, not even Moonlight... Tartarus' thoughts were suddenly cut off.

"Moon Sanctuary." A beam of light shot down from the sky and surrounded the original Moonlight, the light released repelled the dark aura of death, providing him a safe zone within the deadly mist.

"His connection is strong enough to block the Thanatos Grimoire's attack!" Tartarus shouted in shock.

"Luna Ray." A large light beam shot from within the light column, it shot a hole right through the Grimoire Skeleton and scattered the mist.

"Ge he he he!" The Grimoire Skeleton fell to the ground. It wasn't destroyed and the hole was quickly rejuvenating, but the attack was powerful enough to ground it.

The light from the Moon Sanctuary slowly dissipated and revealed the unharmed Moonlight staring into the sky. "I wish to hear her voice..." He turned his gaze back to Tartarus with disinterest. "Fighting you is a waste of time..."

"Are you going to flee, Moonlight?" Tartarus gritted his teeth.

Moonlight turned his sight back to the moon and said, "She alone cannot currently supply me with enough power to use it. So I will use my own to compensate." Moonlight clapped both his hands together and light covered his body. The light suddenly shot into the sky, no, to be more precise towards the moon.

"Wait! Is he going to!? Damn to think he could use his own power in place of the moon's! I was careless!" Tartarus shot laser after laser from his Photon Options, but none of them could penetrate the large ray of light shooting towards the moon.

Moonlight started reciting in prayer as glitter sparkled around his body. "Oh my precious from up above, please reciprocate my love. Bless our pitiful souls with your divine grace, and put all sinners in their place. I beg you, release your almighty radiance, and grant the fallen one final seance." Moonlight opened his eyes and shouted. "Moon Judgement!" Suddenly the large light beam from Moonlight disappeared, but then the pillar of light fell from the sky and engulfed the numerous reaper corpses in the distance. Within the light the reaper corpses started to transform, they grew fur, they went down on all fours, they doubled in size, and they returned to life.

"The power that gave birth to the legend of humans turning to werewolves on a full moon. He really used it!" Tartarus gritted his teeth in anger as his deceased compatriots turned into werewolves before his eyes. That power uses Luna energy to force an evolution on the soul remnants within a dead body, and turns them into werewolves. Fortunately it is only effective on the dead, so the living are unaffected. But just one of those monsters is a walking disaster, and he's created this many.

As the light faded all the dead reapers, now turned to werewolves, set their eyes on Tartarus and howled at the moon. Moonlight fell onto one knee and took several laboured breaths, the last move having taken out most of his stamina. "I have a lot of catching up to do with my beloved. So I shall leave you with our children and take my leave." Moonlight rose back to his feet, turned his back to Tartarus and... "Moonwalk." He disappeared.

"DAMN IT!" Tartarus cursed. He is able to move anywhere the moon casts its light, he could be at the other end of the Underworld by now.

"AWWWOOOAAARRR!" The werewolves charged towards Tartarus.

"And he's left me the worst present possible!" Tartarus tightened his grip on his scythe so tight blood flowed out. I want to chase Moonlight, but I can't just let these things be either. With that being his final thoughts Tartarus charged at the numerous werewolves, his battle far from over.

Author Notes

Well definitely not my best chapter. I definitely need to re-write that chant for Moon Judgement, I get the feeling it doesn't make proper sense, my goal in the chant was to make it allude to the attack's effect. Hence that part about granting the fallen one final seance, but not sure whether it gets the right impression across. This is why I'm not a poet.

Moonlight demonstrated some of his powers, a lot of his techniques require using the Moon as some kind of medium. His wings also act as a receiver for the moon's Luna energy, this also means that when in top form he can fight pretty much endlessly. Well despite his power, Moonlight is probably not fit to be a Arc Main Antagonist. His goals and motivations is just to pitiful for that. But I do have some ideas about him for future arcs, still need to brush them up a bit though.