Chapter 112A: Beginning Of A New Chapter – Father And Son (Perspective: Ren)

"Ah, I feel alive again." I state as I walk out the shower room whilst drying my hair with a towel. I was depressed after having just received a phone call from Elizabeth saying that Reno had been injured and she had to return to the Underworld for a while. She promised that she would be back in a few weeks, but I wanted to spend the last few days of summer vacation going on dates with her. I had her promise me a date as soon as she returns. Hurry up and come back Elizabeth.

The sound of our front door opening snaps me out of my melancholy. "Welcome back, Dad." I call out.

"Yes, I'm back." He says with a light smile whilst slowly removing his coat.

"You're really late tonight, even by your standards." I lightly tease.

Dad makes a sigh whilst massaging his right shoulder with his left hand. "Yeah, unfortunately with all this bad press with the second Cannibalistic Ripper, I'm having to work around the clock. The police are being placed under heavy scrutiny right now."

In case it wasn't immediately obvious, my dad, Reito Kirei is a police detective. He was also one of the people credited for catching the original Cannibalistic Ripper, Kiri Sasu. I wonder if our family has some kind of fate with that scumbag. He was caught and executed as a result of my dad, then when he came back as a Human Anomaly, Ley and I killed him again.

"There are conspiracy theories that the second Cannibalistic Ripper and the original are one and the same." Dad narrows his eyes. "Some fool actually went and dug up Kiri Sasu's grave and found it empty. The obvious conclusion would be that someone had removed his corpse before hand, but some people are now saying that he is still alive."

"What!?" I'm not shocked that Kiri Sasu's grave was empty. I knew that some time after he died he aligned with Enigma. But the fact there was someone messed up enough to actually dig up a grave, this world is full of sickos.

"And now the press is saying that the police and Kiri Sasu made some kind of under the table deal, that his execution was a farce. And as one of the people that captured him, I'm even under investigation myself. Its just one migraine after another." Dad places his hand on his forehead.

"I'm sorry." I wish I could help clear the suspicion on Dad, but to do so would mean having to reveal the truth about Human Anomalies. I lament that I cannot ease Dad's burden.

"Why are you apologising, Ren." Dad pats my shoulder and smiles. "This kind of crap just comes with the territory." Dad's smile slowly turns to a sad face. "If anyone needs to apologise, it's me. Because of work I cannot spend much time with you, your mother, or Sakura."

Yes, Dad's job always keeps him busy. There was a time my relationship with him became strained as a result, we have since made amends though. Yuichi, who had stuck his nose into my family business, had personally seen to that.

"Don't worry about it, your job is important, we all understand that." I reassure, "When things calm down again, lets go fishing again."

Dad smiles again, "I'll hold you to that." he replies. "Anyway, how are things going with your girlfriend. Because of my schedule I've still yet to meet her. Um, Elizabeth, was it?"

"That's right, and very well. Unfortunately, she's had to go abroad for a few weeks, a relative of hers is not doing too well."

"I see, I'm sorry to hear about that." Dad states before smiling wryly, "Listen Ren, don't turn out like me, make sure to treasure your relationship."

"You're too hard on yourself, Dad. But Elizabeth is my world, so I can promise you I will." I nod.

"Man, my boy has really grown up, this is the bliss of being a father. Oh, but if you could bring Sakura and Yuichi together that would be even greater still." My dad, like a lot of people, is fond of Yuichi. Helping us to mend our relationship played no small part in this.

"I'll see what I can do." I answer vaguely.

Dad gives me another smile and pat on the shoulder whilst walking past me and into the shower room. I soon hear the sound of flowing water.

That rumour about Kiri Sasu being the second Cannibalistic Ripper. I was heavily injured at the time so I never confirmed his death. Could he really still be alive?

The feeling of my phone vibrating against my leg drags me out of my thoughts. I open my new messages.

From Yuichi

Hey Ren, I'm back. So when is my welcome back party scheduled, have you reserved a five star restaurant by any chance? If you're taking suggestions, I want to eat some Chinese food.

But less importantly, do you know what's wrong with Yuna? My mum said she has been depressed since you guys came back from your vacation.

"Why is the reason for Yuna's depression less important than your welcome back party?" I face palm, I know he is probably actually just embarrassed to say it straight out, but did he have to specifically word it like that? I sigh whilst I summarise all the events we experienced with the Inquisition in my text.

And FYI, I am not planning him a welcome back party.

Chapter 112B: Beginning Of A New Chapter – The World's Number One Big Brother

After receiving a reply back from Ren regarding the likely reason for Yuna's current state and escaping the initial shock of my welcome back party being cancelled, I march to Yuna's room with mixed emotions and powerful strides.

"I'm coming in, Yuna." I declare before opening the door. I immediately spot Yuna lying face down on her bed, her face shoved into her pillow and light sobs coming out.

"Yuna..." I whisper quietly.

"Please...Leave me alone..." She cries with a weak voice. I ignore her plea and walk over to her bed. I forcefully turn her around and pull the pillow out of her arms. "What are you...!" I wrap my arms around her before she can finish her sentence and hold her tight. "Onii-chan..."

"I heard from Ren, you went through something awful whilst I was in the Underworld." Yes, a girl Yuna had befriended had died right in front of her eyes. "I'm sorry, I wasn't there the one time you really needed me."

"Onii-chan..." Yuna's body trembles in my arms. "That man...he killed her...he killed Sicily-chan..." Yuna returns my embrace as she cries her eyes out. "And Ichiyu...he...he..." Yuna released all her feelings, she turns her head up and looks directly into my eyes as tears continue down her face. Just seeing her like this feels like someone is biting into my heart. "I'm scared...I feel that...Ichiyu will never be the same again...I couldn't help him...he lost control and all I did was run...just remembering his sorrow...I can't take it..."

"..." I silently stroke her head whilst continuing to hold her in my arms.

"We already lost Sicily-chan...I can't stand the thought of losing Ichiyu too...And not just him...Onii-chan, you and Ren-senpai are constantly fighting life and death battles...This incident has just hammered it home...If it happened once, it could happen again...I don't want to lose anyone ever again!" Yuna screams.

Her fears are well founded, I haven't mentioned this since I returned, but last time it was just luck that I managed to come out alive. Mars had the perfect opportunity to kill me, if he had decided to use it, I wouldn't be here right now. I don't know if it is some kind of disposition from becoming a Human Anomaly, or fighting so many life and death battle, but somewhere along the line, I lost my fear of dying. Of course, I'm not saying I want to die or anything like that, but the primal fear that every human should have, I've lost it. But if I were to die, then the entire world would grieve. Thus even if I lost my fear of death, the thought of those left behind scares me, that's why I will use it as a replacement survival fuel.

"Yuna, you should know that death can never take the beauty incarnate that is I." I lift her face and look directly at her. "I swear on my beauty, I won't let anyone else die!"


"Not only that, Ichiyu is a clone of me right? In that case, you don't have to worry about him." I smile fearlessly, "He is cut from the same cloth as me. For as long as it isn't lost, it can be regained, and if Ichiyu cannot regain it himself, then you can just beat it into him. You can worry about all the dark hypothetical scenarios you want, but as long as I exist, I will turn them all into happy endings."

"ONII-CHAN!" Yuna shouts tearfully as the grip of her embrace strengthens. I just hold her in silence as she releases everything.

Well, there's no doubt about it. Brother of the year goes to me. I smile to myself.

I continue to embrace Yuna until her tears stop. Eventually she calms down and I sit by her side on her bed.

"Are you feeling better now?" I ask.

"Yes, sorry Onii-chan." she nods.

"I'm glad to hear it, in that case I can move onto the second item on the agenda without reservation." I pull Yuna's arm and adjust our position so her body is suspended on my lap and I hold her in place.

"Eh? Onii-chan!?" Yuna has a shocked look in her eyes.

"Ren also told me how you forcefully tagged along with them when they went to attack the Inquisition, even though you were told to stay put. You selfishness put both them and yourself in even more danger." Despite my anger I smile at Yuna, who's expression takes one of fear.

"Wait, this position, you don't mean you're going to..." Yuna shivers. "Even though you were so cool just before, now you do this!"

"No excuses!" I silence her, "Since Mum and Dad cannot know the truth, your punishment falls on my shoulders. So I'll engrave into your body to never do something so stupid ever again." I raise my hand in preparation to strike Yuna's bottom.

The night ended with Yuna crying for a different reason. But I must harden my heart, the brother of the year, doesn't let his little sister's crimes go unpunished.

Chapter 112C: Beginning Of A New Chapter – Enigma's Intentions (Perspective: None)

"Stella, this new Cannibalistic Ripper, I need you to investigate their identity." Shuren stated. "It was us that took in that psycho, when he resurrected. If he is actually still alive and gone back to his old ways, it is for us to deal with him."

"I understand, Shuren-sama. If Kiri Sasu is still alive, I will kill him with my own hands." Stella replied, "That man was a loose canon from the offset, I should have ended him from the start." After this brief exchange Stella left in a stream of light. Shuren looked up to the dark sky in deep thought.

Excluding Ark, whom was a Birth Anomaly from the very start. Kiri Sasu was the only member of Enigma that I didn't revive with the Voynich-Caduceus. But he is unmistakably a Faux Human Anomaly. But if it wasn't me, and it wasn't a reaper, just how did Kiri Sasu become an Anomaly in the first place? With one final look at the stars Shuren teleported away in a blaze of flames, the mystery of Kiri Sasu still at the forefront of his thoughts.

Chapter 112D: Beginning Of A New Chapter – The Candle That Is Running Out Of Wax (Perspective: None)

"Our god has graced me with one final opportunity." A young man with a pale complexion, snow white hair, and red eyes stated as he looked at the blood on his hand. "I don't have much time left, this will be my last chance." The man's eyes were solemn, but a smile was on his face. "Even if I won't live to enjoy it, Fia, I will grant your...No, our dream. It's ironic that of all the people in the world, the perfect vessel is one of them. But for the sake of our comrades, that have sacrificed so much, and in your memory, I shall open the door to our utopia. I, Illumi, accept this final mission."

Chapter 112E: Beginning Of A New Chapter – The Observer (Perspective: None)

Fiction smiled as it watched the event unfold from afar. "I wonder how this will play out." It spread its arms wide. "The next stage is set, don't disappoint me."

Author Notes

Okay, this somewhat deals with the aftermath of the arc previous to the FELIA arc. Yuna expressing her fears of losing somebody else like Sicily, and Yuichi being a big brother, at least for a moment anyway. Truth be told I'm hoping this arc won't be too long, it certainly won't be as long as the FELIA arc anyway. But this time there are no reapers, so hopefully I can use this time to give other characters some spotlight.