Chapter 78A: A Pleasant Day In The Pandemonium Home – A Soldier's Anxiety

I am a soldier whom has wandered many battlefields.

Once again I shall enter the danger zone.

Three props make up my complete arsenal. A tape measure in my left hand, a notepad in my right, and a pen between my lips.

My live or die operation commences.

For the sake of my beauty (and curiosity).

I open the door, the final defensive line, and walk into the darkness of no man's land aka Alicia's bedroom.

Chapter 78B: A Pleasant Day In The Pandemonium Home – Crime And Punishment (Perspective: Alicia)

"Ummm!" I wriggle lightly in my bed trying to get warm. Light foot steps tread across the floor, but my drowsiness wins against my curiosity and I keep my eyes closed. I feel my back being held up right but again I pay it no heed.

Next I feel something tightening around my chest, the uncomfortable feeling finally rises me and I slowly open my eyes and through my blurry vision see: Yuichi, with a frozen expression, measuring my chest. My eyes open wide and Yuichi begins to sweat.

"Anything to say in your defence?" I ask as I feel my eye twitch.

"I shall not tarnish my beauty with excuses," he replies confidently whilst brushing his bangs out of his eyes.

"I see,"

"URHHHAAHHH!" With swift movements I grab the tape measure and curl it around Yuichi's throat. "Glory...To...My...Beauty..." He says between constrictions before collapsing.

"Yuichi-niisama!" Lilicia suddenly bolts into my room and runs to the fallen Yuichi's side and… "Breath please, Nii-sama!" She shouts before taking a deep breath and placing her lips over his. My shoulder twitches at the sight.

"Lilicia, he's a Human Anomaly, he's not going to die via strangulation."

"Eh?" Lilicia stops just as she is about to pump his heart.

Yuichi lies lifelessly on the floor whilst raising his arm and gives a thumbs up. "Thanks for the treat!" He exclaims. "URGH!" I kick his head and this time he truly is unconscious.

"Even though you've finally admitted your feelings you still lack assertiveness." Lilicia teases.

"Drop it." I lower my shoulders in a sense of defeat, as Lilicia places Yuichi's head on her lap. I think I'm losing my dignity as the elder sister. I fall face first back onto my bed, I'm too tired to argue. "Stupid...Yuichi..." I whisper to myself as the night takes my conscientiousness.

Chapter 78C: A Pleasant Day In The Pandemonium Home – Insecure Heart

"It looks like you had a rough night, Yuichi-kun," Father says with a wryly smile.

"I was in heaven, then hell, and back to heaven again." It was a night filled with ups and downs.

After waking up, Father (in-law), Mother (in-law), Alicia, Lilicia-chan, and I, are enjoying some morning tea. All beautiful people must drink tea, the British tell us so, so it must be true. I'm sitting on the sofa between Alicia and Lilicia-chan, a flower in each hand. Father and Mother are seated on another sofa directly opposite from us. Wolfy has gone for a walk around the mansion's garden. He said something about wanting to know the layout so he can secure the perimeter. He truly is a good guard dog.

I have pretty much recovered from my exhaustion after my fight with Disturb. It's really upsetting that I couldn't go on the trip with Ren and the others, but there is plenty of sightseeing to do in the Underworld too.

"It seems you took my advice too literally." Father chuckles to himself, "When I said: "To find out her three sizes by yourself." I meant to actually ask Alicia for the details, not attack her with a tape measure in the night."

"You were the root cause!" Alicia stands up like lightning and glares daggers at Father, who simply drinks his tea elegantly.

"Nii-sama," Lilicia-chan tugs at my shirt and looks up at me with puppy dog eyes. "Were you only interested in Onee-sama's three sizes?"

"NO WAY!" I strongly reject, "I was planning on hitting your room afterwards."

"Then I'm glad." Lilicia-chan shows me her angelic smile.

"URGGH!" Alicia's elbow slams into my gut.

"You were planning on making Lilicia your second victim!" She screams at me.

"Oh my oh my," Mother chuckles elegantly with a smile, "Are you planning on targeting me as well?"

Targeting my Father-in-law's wife. I would never dare do anything that would cause Father to hate me.

"Yuichi-kun," Father places his cup down on the table.

Is this the part where he tells me not to lay a hand on his wife?

"Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, are the days we try to create new heirs. Every other day we sleep in separate rooms, so then is your chance."

Nope, he's given me the go ahead. This is why I respect you so much Father. I guts pose whilst nodding my head. "I shall not disappoint you." I reply. "GUUHHH!" And get punched again for my trouble.

"Is Mother going to steal Yuichi-niisama?" Lilicia-chan is looking at me in a pre-tear state.

"No, no matter what happens I will always love Lilicia-chan." I pat her adorable head.

"Hmph, you really are doting on Lilicia." Alicia turns her head in dissatisfaction.

Well, there is no way I can let that one go. I quickly get to my feet in preparation for my next action.

"Eh?" Alicia lets out a surprised voice as I grip her wrist and pull her towards myself. "Umm!" Before she can let out another word I seal her lips with my own. Her body tenses in my arms, but she makes no attempt to escape. Or rather, once her mind had caught up with the situation she seems to be getting into it. I slowly separate our lips, a smile naturally forms on my face. Alicia diverts her eyes, her face dyed crimson.

I turn to Father and Mother whom are holding up signs that came from who knows where. Father's reads: 9.5 and Mother's: 7.8. Such a harsh assessment, Mother.

Mother stands from the sofa and paces back and forth, this is her exalted lecture mode. Recently I've learned just how much insight I can get by listening to her words. "Yuichi-kun, your strong approach was good, but there was a severe lack in tongue action. When you're being forceful with a girl you should lay all your desires bare. Assault her mouth with everything you have." Mother explains, I open my eyes in amazement to her perfect critique. "Dear, if you would please."

At Mother's urging, Father grips Mother's wrist and pulls her onto his lap. He then devours her mouth, that's all I can call it, such intensity. After separating their lips, Mother turns her head towards me, her breathing is extremely ragged. "Do" She says through her deep breaths. "By going all out you weaken a girl's resistance to nothing. This in turn makes things easy for round two. Remember this: Round one: Aggressive. Round two: Passionate. Oh and Alicia this works the other way around too, so don't feel afraid to go on the offensive."

As expected of such an experienced pair, their knowledge is nothing to be sniffed at.

Alicia is glaring at her parents in disgust, however Lilicia-chan looks as if she has stars in her eyes.

"Mother, you're amazing, I want to be able to do things like that with Nii-sama." She says excitedly.

"Hm, well Lilicia in your case, I think you are better sticking to using your cuteness." Mother explains. "If you try something mature like this you'll just get the tables turned on you, well I suppose that can be fun in its own way." Mother nods to herself.

"My...cuteness…" Lilicia-chan looks somewhat sad and hangs her head.

"Lilicia, you shouldn't follow anything that Mother and Father say." Alicia scolds.

"That's easy for you to say, Onee-sama. You just need to act like your tsundere self and Yuichi-niisama will take care of the rest. He'll desire you, for just being you! I need to appeal for his affection!" Lilicia-chan shouts in anger, "Not only that, you get to live in the living world and can see Yuichi-niisama whenever you wish. I only get to see him when he visits or if something is happening! You get to go to school with him, have lunch with him, talk with him, flirt with him. My number of chances can be counted on a single hand!" Lilicia-chan lets free all her frustrations as tears cascade down her eyes.

"Lilicia..." Alicia looks shocked at her little sister's outburst. Father and Mother are watching silently, almost as if to tell me this is my problem to solve.

Lilicia-chan, you were that envious of Alicia. I thought I was giving Lilicia-chan plenty of affection. From what Lilicia-chan said, she made it sound like I don't desire her, but that couldn't be furthest from the truth. When she smiles at me, I find it hard to resist hugging her. When she encourages and talks to me I cannot help but pat her head. Wait! A sudden realisation hits me. When she smiles, when she talks to me? Every time I do anything with Lilicia-chan, it's always triggered by her actions. She is acting cute = I gotta hug her. Could it be that when Lilicia-chan is doing these actions she is actually appealing to me? Have I ever once been affectionate with her at my own initiative? I think back through all the times I've interacted with her. No, not a single time. With this in mind there is something I've got to ask her.

"Lilicia-chan," She turns to me with a tearful face. "Have you always just been acting cute so I would spoil you?" Yes, I thought Lilicia-chan was just being herself and she was just naturally cute. But whilst this isn't entirely wrong, she is putting on a bit of an act to get what she wants. And I've been taking the bait hook line and sinker, not that I personally have a problem with this but…

Lilicia-chan slowly nods her head. I thought so.

Even though I've been doing everything she desires, somewhere in her heart Lilicia-chan is thinking: "He is only spoiling me because I'm asking him to." Her own advances created insecurity within her. I look at Mother still sitting on Father's lap and get a sudden idea.

"Lilicia-chan, come here." I beckon her whilst patting my lap.

"Eh?" Lilicia-chan is taken aback by my action, but I'm not going to take any refusal. So I gently take her hand and guide her onto my lap. "Nii...sama..." Lilicia-chan fidgets slightly but she doesn't try escaping.

I wrap my arms around her and pull her close as I whisper in her ear. "I treasure you Lilicia-chan."


"In Alicia's case she has a very strong personality and if she hates something she'll say it. But Lilicia-chan is both kind and meek, therefore I thought naturally I should never do something she hates and held myself back. I never thought that consideration would hurt you though. So now, I'm just going to do exactly as I wish without holding back."

"Yes...Nii-sama…" Lilicia-chan continues crying, although now her tears meaning has changed.

"I really like being able to feel your warmth, and it's comfortable cuddling you. So Lilicia-chan, from now on, when we're together, the only place you may sit is my lap, understand?"

"Yes, Nii-sama." She smiles angelically. I turn her head overlap our lips, unlike with Alicia our intimacy is much more tame. A sweet feeling flows through my body after our lips part I continue holding her in an embrace. I hold her not because she wants to be held, but because I want to. Because I want the world to know this girl belongs to me.

"I'm sorry we don't get to see each other so often. But when my mansion is complete, I'll naturally be spending both more time in the Underworld, and with you. Secondly, Lilicia-chan, age wise your a third year middle schooler right?"


"Father, when Lilicia-chan is old enough, please enrol her in our high school." I request.

"Consider it done, I was planning on doing that anyway." Father replies with a thumbs up.

"Spending my third year with Lilicia-chan," I smile as I stroke her head, "I'm already looking forward to it."

"Me too," Lilicia-chan smiles so brightly the previous waterworks almost feel like an illusion.

Alicia, whom was silent until now, sits back beside me, moves my right arm around her shoulder and snuggles up by placing her head on my shoulder. With her face still dyed bright red she says, "Don't forget, I'm your main wife." Alicia's embarrassed face is also adorable.

"Master," A voice snaps me out of my stupor. I turn to it's source and see Wolfy sitting upright on the floor.

When did he get there, is Wolfy training to be a ninja dog? I picture Wolfy wearing a ninja headband, for some reason he looks really cool. I think I'll buy him a headband as a present.

"A carriage has moved to just outside the main gate." Wolfy reports.

"Oh, that must be LindoTech's President. Come to think of it our meeting is this morning." Father says in deep thought. "Display Kuro-kun and Sebastian." Upon orders two display screens showing Kuro-san and Sebastian-san appear in front of Father. This is a special communication that can be used when on the mansion's premises. It is voice activated by the word: Display followed by a person's name. "It appears LindoTech's President has arrived, please direct him to the tea room."

""Yes Sir."" They both reply before the display screens close.

"Father, when you say LindoTech, do you mean THAT LindoTech?" Alicia asks. I, on the other hand have no idea who or what they are referring to.

"The very same. The number one corporation in Underworld weapon design. They also have their own private army. I have a meeting with their president about negotiating an exclusive contract for their state of the art products." Father replies.

"Why would you need them?" Lilicia-chan asks in concern. An Underworld noble ordering large amounts of weapons cannot be good, Lilicia-chan must feel the same way.

Father suddenly wears one of the most serious faces I've ever seen. "It's preparation in case of the worst case scenario."

"Worst case scenario?" I ask.Just what is happening behind the scenes?

"Cocytus and Disturb were both given power to oppose Hades-sama by another one of the Tri-gods. In this case Zeus."

Zeus? Well that's a name I'm familiar with. If memory serves in Greek Mythology he was Hades-sama's brother.

"Zeus was trying to cripple the Underworld by using the Thanatos coup to his advantage. The friction between Hades-sama and Zeus is at an all time high right now."

So a god was backing that scumbag. I guess that makes Zeus the god of scumbags.

"But if you start mass purchasing weapons wouldn't Zeus-sama's side see us as preparing for war, and that itself becomes the incentive to start one?" Alicia queries in worry.

"That is indeed a concern. However, although this was the spark in me making my decision. I need the armaments for another reason as well."

"What reason?" I ask.

Father sits there silently for a few moments before shaking his head and saying, "No. Don't worry about it." Then his usual smile returns. "By the way Yuichi-kun, it seems the President wanted to meet you especially. He said the two of you have a deep connection, so I'm curious how you got to know him."

"I'm sorry? I don't recall knowing any weapon manufacturer."

"Really? He seemed to know a lot about you. Maybe you met him without knowing who he was, I think I got his card here." Father scurries through his pockets before pulling out a business card, which he hands to Mother, whom passes it to Lilicia-chan, whom passes it to me.

I read the details of the card aloud. "LindoTech Arms Manufacturing Company. Reap souls, faster than popping cherries." That's a very catchy slogan. As I turn over the card the door suddenly opens with Kuro-san and Sebastian-san at the door.

"Master, LindoTech's President has arrived." As the two part making space for the old man behind them my eyes are beyond shocked.

LindoTech, why didn't I consider this before? I'm in the Underworld it wasn't too far fetched a reality.

"A pleasure to meet you, Alexander Pandemonium-sama, and long time no see, Yuichi, my boy. You've really grown big haven't you? Your handsome face has really matured." The elegant old man shows me a beautiful smile as tears escape my eyes.

There is no doubt about it.

"GRANDPA!" Yes, the man before us is none other than Shagetora Lindo, my mother's deceased father, and my biological grandfather.

Author Notes

And this chapter highlights the reason why I suck at writing romance, well I've given it a go. And with this, the Father, The Son, and The Grandfather Perverted Trinity is whole. We meet the influence who inspired Yuichi onto the path of narcissism.