Chapter 79A: Reunion Of Grandfather And Grandchild – Beautiful Gentleman

"Ho ho," Grandpa says with a grand smile on his face, his eyes are on Lilicia-chan. "I knew you were engaged to Alicia-sama, but it seems you got both sisters. As to be expected of my grandson." Grandpa gives me a thumbs up as Lilicia-chan moves around nervously, but even though she is nervous she makes no deny to Gramp's claim.

"I'm a first class Beautiful Gentleman now, Grandpa."

"Oh? Does that mean you have mastered that?"

"Yeah," I smile fearlessly.

"In that case I will have you show me. Alexander-sama can I trouble you to borrow your piano." Gramps asks whilst pointing at the grand piano in the corner of the room.

"Please by all means."

"Sorry, Lilicia-chan I need to get up." Lilicia-chan slowly moves off my lap allowing me to stand up and walk into an open area. Good this much space should be fine.

"Are you ready Yuichi? Show me how much you've improved since we parted." Gramps says before banging the piano keys, a fast exciting melody fills the room.

It's time to unleash my years of secret training. Mum forbade me from doing this after Gramps passed away, but I still continued in secret. And now it shall be unveiled in front of everyone's eyes.

I slowly nod my head following the rhythm. All you good kids at home feel free to sing and dance along.

Gramps and my voice overlap as we sing the beautiful gentleman's anthem:

"With our tackle rising high, we go fishing for bites." Whilst singing I dance along to the lyrics. Spinning my hips in a 360 motion.

"Bite bite, bite bite bite." I leave the backing vocal to gramps as I stick two fingers in my mouth and move my head up and down.

"Coating our tool with rubber is a must."

"Unto their secret cave we doth thrust." With every 360 hip movement I give a forward thrust of my pelvis.

"Bite bite, bite bite bite."

"Our reason is just."

"The gentleman's virtue is lust." I do a worm dance on the floor.

"Bite bite, bite bite bite."

"Brothels are our second home

Feeding the women that are alone.

Moving up and down on a bed

When morning comes we have fled." I perform splits whilst doing a handstand.

"With our tackle rising high, we go fishing for bites.

Bite bite, bite bite bite

Coating our tool with rubber is a must

unto their secret cave we doth thrust." Now this is where things get difficult, I ad lib the most sexiest movements I can think of as this part is the free style.

Bite bite, bite bite bite

Our reason is just.

The gentleman's virtue is lust.

The gentleman's virtue is lust.

The gentleman's virtue is luuuusssssttttt~~." I raise both arms high whilst arching my back as far as it can go.

My performance is met with a standing ovation by everyone present bar Alicia. She is looking at me with a very angry expression. Could this be?

"Do you want to learn the Beautiful Gentleman's Dance, Alicia?" Yes, no doubt about it. Alicia must be jealous that I got so much of a spotlight just now.

"I'd rather dance the hempen jig." She says with a scoff. I've never heard of that dance though, I'll look it up later.

"Yuichi-niisama, that was truly impressive. I've fallen in love with you all over again." Lilicia-chan chimes whilst hugging onto me. I pat her head lovingly. One can never have too much love.

"Yuichi-kun, you have to teach me that elegant dance too." Father says. I nod my head. Father also fits the bill for a Beautiful Gentleman so this anthem would suit him to the tee.

"Your claims ring true Yuichi, that performance was truly that of a First Class Beautiful Gentleman." A tear escapes Gramp's eye as he pats my shoulder with a slightly lonely smile. "Yuichi, you have surpassed me. I have nothing further to teach you."

"No Gramps, compared to you I am still a novice." I still have a lot more to learn from you.

"Don't worry my boy. From now on, I shall watch you from the sidelines. Become a Beautiful Gentleman like no other."

"YES GRANDFATHER!" I salute whilst watching Grandpa walk to the door with a content smile.

"What do you think you are doing, President!?"

"OW!" A woman with a harisen whacks Gramps on the head as she glares down at him through her glasses, that shine in the light.

She is an extremely tall woman with short brown hair in a bob cut. A dark pair of glasses resting on the ridge of her nose and her eyes give a cold cool vibe. She is dressed in man's suit but even that isn't enough to hide all her femininity.

"We came here for important business, not for you and your grandson's skit." The woman pushes her glasses back making them shine again.

"Now now Diana-kun, its been so long. Can't this old man have some pleasure once in a while."

A vain mark seems to be forming on the woman's head, "You 'pleasured' your way to power and you dare say that!"

"Pleasure to power? What does she mean Gramps?"

"Hm...Yuichi there is only one way for a Beautiful Gentleman to amass power from nothing. Do you know how this is?"

I shake my head.

"He has to sleep his way there." Gramps gives me another thumbs up. In other words by sleeping with a load of influential women he rose in power.

"Grandpa, you're amazing!" I hold Gramp's hands with both of my own. "OWWW!" I fall to my knees and hold my head whilst staring back, the woman's harisen found its way into Alicia's hands and she's glaring at me with such intensity.

Could this be?

"Forgive me Alicia, but it is too early to retire for the night." Yep that glare was definitely one of passion.

"OWWWWW!" Or not.

A few minutes of Alicia's harsh lecturing later.

"My name is Diana Tsuchi. I am this perverted President's secretary." If she's Gramp's secretary does that mean..."And before you ask, no I am not sleeping with him." This woman needs to have more love for the stereotypes. A female secretary that isn't sleeping with her boss, what's the world coming to? Next they'll be saying getting run over by a truck doesn't lead to being transported to a fantasy world. Oh, actually I found that one out first hand.

After our little introduction Father, Gramps, and Diana-san leave the room to discuss private business we are all sitting back down around the table. Lilicia-chan has taken my lap as her seat again, I thought it was kind of cute how during my dance Lilicia-chan remained standing, she took the idea of my lap being her only seat too seriously. But it warms my heart none the less. Alicia's eye twitched slightly from the scene. Even though she has accepted Lilicia-chan as being my lover, she still has tinges of jealousy. I promise I'll love you tenderly later, Alicia.

"Oh by the way Alicia, Yuichi-kun," Mother-in-law calls, "We've received a request from the Pandemonium Reaper Elementary School. They want you to visit them today and give their pupils an inside account of being an active Reaper."

"What? At such short notice?" Alicia retorts. True telling us on the day is cutting it close.

"Actually we received this request before that trouble with Disturb and Cocytus. With how things were we neglected to mention to you that we accepted their request."

"You accepted before consulting us!" Alicia stands and bangs her hand on the table.

"Sorry..." Mother says with a tense smile. "It's only for the morning, and after that you can go on a date around the territory. Yuichi-kun, you haven't had chance to sight see in the Underworld yet have you?"

True, every time I'm here I've been busy, so some free time to look around doesn't sound too bad.

"Stop trying to sidestep the issue, Mother!" Alicia doesn't let up.

"Relax Alicia, I'm a black belt at winging things, so what's the problem?" I decide to lend Mother my assistance, mainly because I cannot deny I'm excited about the promise of a date with Alicia afterwards. For that I will swim every mountain and climb every sea, or something like that.

"Kuh!" I yelp as Lilicia-chan pinches my thigh and turns to face me whilst pouting.

"I'm going too." She declares.

Lilicia-chan showing such a cute expression at such a close range my method of counter-attack is obvious.

""Umm"" I plant my lips over hers and embrace the sensation. Lilicia-chan opened her eyes wide for a moment before closing them and enjoying our mutual bliss.

When we separate I feel like I'm being watched by the incarnation of death. "Yuichi..." Alicia is glaring at me with blood lust. "Why have you kissed Lilicia more times than you have me!?" A natural jealousy, now to come up with some BS to get out of this.

"Every time for me is the first time, Alicia. The number does not matter to me. But I suppose if you wish for me to balance the frequency scales..." I wrap my arm around Alicia and pull her close. Our eyes looking into each other, our faces mere centimetres apart. The best escape is by giving them what they truly desire. "Then that is a problem with a very easy fix." With their mother as the soul witness I scatter my unwavering affection on to the two sisters.

"Alicia...Lilicia-chan...I love you both." With my honest words the two smile angelically and nod.

""We know."" They reply.

A blissful moment, a blissful minute, a blissful hour. Regardless of the elapsed time, the ecstasy never fades.

Chapter 79B: Reunion Of Grandfather And Grandchild – Another Underworld Movement (Perspective: None)

Inside of Alexander's private luxury office sat Alexander himself, Shagetora whom sat opposite him, and Diana whom stood silently behind her boss.

"So Shagetora-san what do you think of my proposal?" Alexander asks.

"As the President of LindoTech I believe it would be our best interest to agree to your arrangement." Shagetora lowers his head in thought.

"Is something the matter?" Alexander didn't miss the hint of discontent within Shagetora.

"Are they the reason why you are trying to buy weapons?"

Alexander narrows his eyes at Shagetora's question.

"But even so I don't think you need this many arms." Shagetora interrogates. "So why?"

Alexander lowers his head and closes his eyes for a moment before saying. "Because Liberation have joined forces with Forsaken, Edo, and Isekai."

"WHAT?" Shagetora exclaims, Diana swallows her breath whilst gazing with a grave expression. "Is that true?"

"It's been confirmed." Alexander nods before his eyes harden and gaze into Shagetora's own. "This time I have no intention of dragging my children or my son-in-law into this mess!"

It went without saying that Alexander blamed himself for dragging his precious family into the Thanatos' Coup incident. His youngest daughter was kidnapped, and his eldest daughter and his new son were savagely beaten. Because of his own lack of power and his obligations as the head of the Pandemonium family he was forced to drag them into the battle. But deep in his mind. I am their Father. It's my role to protect them.

"I see," Shagetora takes a sip of his tea before laying down his cup. "I shall do everything in my power to help."

Without Yuichi's knowledge the gears of fate within the Underworld are turning.

Chapter 79C: Reunion Of Grandfather And Grandchild – The Liberator Of Thunder (Perspective: None)

Mortars rained down changing the field into a barren waste. The explosions mingled with human screams. The flames engulfed the night sky. Bodies and limbs were thrown around and wilted like dead leaves. The destroyed once beautiful landscape took its retribution by absorbing blood of the fallen.

Intermittent machine gunfire created sparks like small fireworks. There was no time for remorse as a single large man dressed in camouflage clothes charged through the mayhem. Guns in either hand, no bullet wasted, an enemy's end came with each pull of the trigger. The more he killed, the more he stood out. Machine guns took aim and shot with overkill momentum, a whole army they faced, but all was diverted onto one.

The man hit the floor and continued ending lives, but as if heaven had decided to give its judgement a mortar exploded and flung the man's body along the ground.

Blood flowed out of the holes where his arm and leg once were. The explosions continued, the man's life slowly slipped away. As he closed his eyes one thought passed through his mind. I hate these horrible noises.

Slowly through blurred vision the man roused from his slumber. He felt a shaking warmth in his hand. "Mao..." He said quietly.

"You were having another nightmare, Anzio. Your body was shaking so much." A teenage girl worried. She was dressed in a dark hoodie skirt one piece with rabbit ears dangling loose from the hood. She had shortish blond hair with braids dyed red on either side of her head. "You were recalling how you died, weren't you?"

"Semper Fi," Anzio answered, he had a habit of using these words as a form of acknowledgement. "The terrors of battle have been carved into my very soul. But I'm okay now, Mao." He smiled as he freed his hand from her. In that instance, the trembling between the two switched, Mao was calm as Anzio shook.

"An...zio..." Mao called as she once again tried to take Anzio's hand.

"Please don't..." Anzio refused the salvation that could end his trembling. "I don't want to be a cause for you to suffer."

Mao withdrew her hand in rejection and felt a sharp tinge in her heart. Her weakness forced Anzio's hand.

Anzio would frequently suffer from his nightmares of battle, but he found safety and sanctity by holding Mao. Mao however was the opposite, she felt fear from being held by any man, including Anzio. Because of these unique circumstances one of them is forced to suffer. However regardless they would always both suffer. One from their personal trauma, the other from the guilt. There was only one solution to escape the joint suffering, one of them would have to overcome their trauma.

Soon Anzio's trembling ceased and he wiped away the sweat on his face. Mao tightly gripped the hem of her dress and asked. "Anzio, have you ever thought that your trembling could be stopped by holding another girl?"

"I'd rather tremble than hold a girl other than you."

"So only I will do."

"Semper Fi." Mao found herself smiling lightly at Anzio's answer.

"You are aware that I myself am constantly sleeping with the other Elemental Liberators aren't you? So even if you are unfaithful to me, I wouldn't have the right to criticise you." Mao's queries seemed to be filled with guilt. In her mind she was cheating on Anzio, therefore if he in turn did the same to her she felt the guilt would wash away.

Anzio turned on his heels, hiding his face from Mao.

"Semper Fi, Mao is loved by all the Elemental Liberators, no, by all of Liberation. It is only natural that someone as great as you has many different people." Anzio stated.

"Anzio, that is a bad habit." Mao smiled whilst orbiting around Anzio so they are face to face again. "You try to use logic to hide your real feelings. Isn't what you really want to say something like: You belong to me?"

"..." Anzio stood in silence a moment before nodding his head and saying, "Semper Fi."

"I see. I don't know if this will help but. It's true I love quite a few people. But among those people exists only one man. Does this lighten your load? Even just a little?"

"Semper Fi."

Mao stood on her tiptoes and reached her hand for Anzio's cheek. Upon contact her body trembled, but she still held his cheek.

"Once I heal my trauma, I am yours for eternity." These words were the strongest declaration she could make, her truest feelings. "So please, help me, and wait for me." Despite her questions and confessions to push Anzio away the conclusion was always set in stone. She wants to be beside this man, and no trauma was going to stop her from doing so.

A strong smile spread across Anzio's face and his usually hardened eyes softened. "Semper Fi."

Having finished their personal business, the duo had moved on to business business.

"There is a meeting with all the leaders of FELIA. Anzio, please go in my place. Your words are my words." Mao ordered.

"Are you sure? The other leaders may look down upon Liberation if I act as your representative." Anzio gave his opinion.

"They'll look down upon us a lot more if they see me like this." Mao gave a self ridiculing smile. Before her face turned serious. "Anzio, can I count on you?"

"Semper Fi." Anzio got on one knee and bowed his head. "Your loyal servant shall complete this task."

"I'm counting on you. My Liberator of Thunder, the divine lightning, Anzio Caveatis-Porcina."

Chapter 79D: Reunion Of Grandfather And Grandchild – Birth Of Liberation (Perspective: None)

Within the world there are those whom are winners and those whom are losers. If the Human Anomalies, whom returned to the living world, are the few winners; then the masses of human souls brought to the Underworld are the losers.

But when numerous losers gather as one, they can become winners. Together the fire in the depths of their souls light the torches of Liberation.

Those losers whom previously only had the choice of living in the Underworld, or having their memories and souls cleansed for reincarnation were given a third choice. To fight for their freedom.

Under the name and banner of Liberation, they fight to attain their one goal. Their way back into the world of the living.

Author Notes

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