Her body was shaking. So badly that even her lips started to quiver. She bit them, hard, to stop the unceasing trembling.

"So? That's it?" she asked. Her glances showed nothing but deep, hurt sadness.

She felt her heart clench inside her chest, her heart strings strained to their limit.

"Yes," he simply muttered, taking a sip. He didn't even look up as he stared into the glass with the dark amber liquid.

She felt her knees go weak and simply yielded into the desire to fall. Her knees hit dirt and salty, hot tears streamed down her red cheeks.

"Why?" she wanted to know, desperately searching for eye contact. Her scars burned as his gaze landed on her wrist.

"Becauseā€¦" he swallowed, taking another sip, "I can't do this."

Each word seemed to rip the delicate, freshly healed wounds open. Each breath that drew from her lips seemed to take a piece of her soul with it.

She simply nodded. She knew what she did was wrong. He had every right to start hating her. She was nothing. It was nothing. Because just one cut and she would be out of here. This world. This hell.

He felt the alcohol burn his throat. Better let her leave now before he would cause her more problems. Because if she found out, if she found the empty bottles in his apartment, she would break down and never stop crying.

He eyed her bandaged wrist once more and took another sip. It was better this way. She was too unstable for this. He should go.

He drowned the rest of the amber liquid in one go and stood up. She still sat there, with cold, dead eyes and wet cheeks.

"It's too much for me," he said, voice low, threatened to be overtaken by sobs.

She watched him go; she didn't try to hold him back. Better he would leave now before he found out. Because if he found about the glistening blade in her cupboard, he would break down.

She sighed taking a sigh and then the slashed the blade through her flesh. If he only knew, maybe he could have stopped her. But he wasn't here and she didn't.

He took a big gulp, drowning the whole bottle in one go. It felt like he would throw up. If she only knew, maybe she could have stopped her. But she wasn't and he didn't.