So these characters are from another story I'm working on that's a lot more serious. I just wanted to write a short story, but didn't really want to make new characters... So this is the result of that, haha.

"I'm so fucking bored, can we please go do something?" Ace sighed and rolled over to bury his face in the couch.

"Yeah, let's go into town and get a drink." Leonard offered half-heartedly, an arm around Mia.

It was around 10:30pm, and the group was hanging out on the tour bus after a day off from performing. Ace was restless without alcohol as usual, and Leonard was just compromising. Ava, Beck, and Zack, however, were laughing and catching up after the many days of hard work.

Ace and Leonard left the group, borrowing Beck's truck. Mia stayed behind, but fell asleep quickly on the couch.

"Now what?" Asked Beck, a suspicious gleam in his eye.

"Truth or Dare!" chimed Avarielle, smiling devilishly at her boyfriend.

Zack feigned horror at this agreement, striking laughter from his twisted expression.

"Ava! Truth or Dare?" Beck asked teasingly.

"Ummmm, truth." Beck rolled his eyes, not surprised. Girls always start with truth.

"If I were really, really, and I mean really," he paused to laugh at Ava's raised eyebrows, "fat…" Ava giggled and closed her eyes, "would you still love me?"

She paused, smiling, "Really fat?"

"Disgustingly obese. Rolls under my armpits."

"Ew…" She put her head on her shoulder, laughing while imagining a fat version of her normally cute boyfriend.

"I would love you," she took a deep breathe and broke into more laughter at his goofy smile, "But I would have to start making you run with me or something. 'Cause that's not a pretty picture, Beck."

They all laughed as Beck pulled his face back to give himself a double chin, and proceeded to kiss her on the cheek…with tongue.

"Ewwww, Beck!" she squealed.

"Alright, your turn Ave," he continued.

She struggled to stop laughing, then asked, "Zacky, truth or dare?"

"Dare." He covered his face as if in fear.

"Be gentle Ava! Don't get his face, that shit is gorgeous!" cooed Beck.

"Yeah Ave, be nice. I'm pretty," he and Beck exchanged glances.

Ava laughed, secretly thrilled with their bromance. "Okay, Zacky…I dare you to take your shirt off, an-"

"Whoa, do it!" Beck begged, jokingly.

Avarielle hit him playfully, "I wasn't finished. Take your shirt off, put on a bra…and go flirt with the driver."

Zack's mouth gaped open, "What?" he practically screeched.

Beck began to inhale slow and dramatic, "Dooooo it man, fucking do it!"

"Come on Zacky, do it! You know you want to!"

"Oh fuck it, get me a bra, Ava!" He stood up and took his shirt off. Ava got one of her bras, specifically picking the "Hello Kitty" one, and strapped it on her friend. His shoulders were raised and tense. Despite the lack of masculinity in this activity, Ava couldn't help but admire his body a bit. He was skinny, but muscular, with tattoos (many done by her) wrapped around his smooth skin.

He posed tolerantly as Beck took a picture, then proceeded towards the front of the bus. He looked out the window hesitantly, seeing their driver, Revis, sitting in a lawn chair outside with a beer. Ava and Beck hurried to the door after he went through, hoping to hear what happens.

Zack approached Revis and tapped him on the shoulder with one finger. He got into character and began swinging his hips seductively as he walked around his chair to face him.

Revis just stared with his mouth agape. Zack leaned in towards the bearded man, and whispered, "Hey sugar-tits."

"Zack, what are you doing?!" Revis began looking around in an attempt to escape.

Zack placed a finger on the old man's rough lips and shook his head with a feminine air.

"Shhhh, call me Zoey…" he breathed.

Revis got up, pushing Zack away, with a reluctant touch.

"I've had too much to drink," he grumbled, heading for the Shoprite across the street.

Zack turned towards Ava and Beck in the window and raised his arms in triumph. They cheered, both shocked and humored.

He ripped off Ava's bra and threw it in Beck's face as he walked past, onto the bus.

They sat back down around the table, ready to continue. Zack didn't bother putting his shirt back on as he turned to Beck.

"Truth or Dare?"

The singer laughed and smiled devilishly. "Ima pick dare Zack. Bite me."

"I dare you to call your mother pretending to be a german prostitute named Jericho Styles."

Beck looked horrified, "What the fuck?"

Ava was laughing uncontrollably, "Do it, please!"

"I can't do that! She'll know it's me!"

"Hey! I had to seduce a forty-year-old man! Don't be a wuss, Jericho."

"Hell no. Chicken."

"Zacky, did we ever discuss chickens?"

"Why no, Ava, we didn't." They smiled at each other mischievously.

"I have a better one he can do."

"Oh, do you?" Beck was getting uncomfortable.

"I do. Beck has to call his father pretending to be a german prostitute named Jericho Styles."

Zack burst out with laughter as Beck began to protest yet again.

"Come on Ava, that's the same fucking dare! My dad will kill me!"

"If you love me, you'll do this for me!" She pursed her lips and widened her dewy, green eyes.

"I hate you." He was smiling.

"I know," she smiled back.

Zack handed him his cell phone, "Put it on speaker."

Beck gave him a mock-glare and took the phone. He hit *69 and called his father.

The phone rang for a minute before a tired-sounding man answered.

"Yello? Dis is Jericho Styles? Remembar me? We fucked in my homelaund last yar!" Zack snorted and covered his mouth, "Jake? Yello?" The phone went dead.

Everyone burst into wild laughter.

"Oh god, he knew it was me!"

"No," Ava let a chuckle slip, "he had no clue, don't worry."

"Ava you're in trouble now. I dare you to get naked!" Beck gave his best Kira laugh, but Ava was not amused.

"Too fucking bad, I pick truth." She folded her arms.

"Ava," groaned Zack, "That's no fun!"

"Yeah, we both had to seduce men!" Beck smiled at a new idea, "I dare you to wake Mia up by kissing her!"

Ava looked disgusted, "No! That's so creepy!"

"Come on, please? If you chicken, we'll just pick a different girl. And she'll be elderly." Beck grinned at his disgruntled girlfriend.

"Wow, guys, that's mean." She got up and approached Mia, who was fast asleep. Ava looked back at the eager boys behind her.

"Do it." Stated Beck, his eyes raping the two girls.

"Yes, Ava, do it," Zacky giggled like a little kid.

She sighed and turned towards her friend. She shut her eyes tightly and gave her a peck on the lips. Ava ran away on her hands and knees, to hide behind Beck.

"That was pathetic, she didn't even wake up."

Ava glared, seeking revenge, "Truth or dare?" she asked, practically spitting venom.

"Dare of course."

"Kiss Zacky."

Beck seemed to fly back and Zack recoiled, "Nooooo!"

"You're out of chickens, asshole, kiss that bitch's lips!"

"Oh my god, don't do it Beck." Zack had lost enough masculinity already.

Beck couldn't resist making Zack uncomfortable, and smiled seductively.

"Come here angel-lips."

Zack's eyes widened and he put his hands up, "B-Beck?"

Beck lunged forward and pulled his friend's face towards his. At first he kissed with random escapes of laughter. He relished Zack's reluctance and horror. But Zacky held on to him. Beck's hands moved away from Zack's face and onto his bare, firm back. Their lips latched on to one another, feeling the motions of the kiss. Beck felt Zacky give in and relax in this embrace.

Ava stared.