Sinful King

Lights go off at the sound of my heart beating fast, so I find a need to pass out for the last.

Resounding voices yell calling for help, though only the silent rising storm has come to tell.

Were we in the old condemned house of insanity or the forest of unusual forms of vanity?

Telling bizarre secrets, hearing unforgivable lies, all these decrepit tales have never once defied.

All of these peculiar sounds, that have come for me near my ancient town's heart of crowns.

Unknowingly I wait for costly time is at stake, I don't wish to run, but if I don't I will be painfully stunned.

Directed by a trembling flame, I rush away from my wicked ways, wishing I could be saved.

My empire has collapsed, and I, a petrified king, run from the disaster my nation has given me.

Uselessly I run away from my immense fears, though they listen and soon they hear,

My footsteps, my tears, the shameful things that all have grown near.

They hear and I stop running knowing they are coming to execute me for what I have done.

I guess I couldn't keep running from my past, it found me and this will be my final act.

And when I looked up to see who had come to slay me for my severe crimes against this frail realm.

To my astonishment it was you with your arms wide open to save me from my forbidden land of hell.